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KathrynApril 01-28-2014 08:59 AM

Baby it's COLD outside!
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-15 degrees (Real feel -29). Only 30 mins of play but this is how me and Dinozzo looked after. Photos taken with just my camera phone.

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Rinegunner 01-28-2014 07:41 PM

I hate this cold. Doesnt seem to bother January much. Hes warmed up and ready and Im heading inside. Doesnt look like the cold bothers your little guy either. Very handsome.

Gretchen 01-28-2014 08:14 PM

Must be very cold, frost around your pup's eyes and your hair looks prematurely gray.
I've never been in cold like that.

lafalce 01-28-2014 08:23 PM

This winter is too much. I hate it.
It's gonna warm up to a balmy 20 degrees and then......more snow!!!!:(

KathrynApril 01-28-2014 08:23 PM

Yep he wasn't bothered by it at all.
I'm not sure why my bangs did that. My hair wasn't wet. I almost think the steam from my breath actually froze on my hair.

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Germanshepherdlova 01-28-2014 08:24 PM

You did better than me-I only lasted 15 min playing out in that cold today with my dogs. BTW, your pup is adorable!

KathrynApril 01-28-2014 08:33 PM

Thank you all :)

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Mishka&Milo 01-28-2014 08:35 PM

So cute! My husband and I have been out all day walking our girl in the snow! They love it so much

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Shaftell 01-29-2014 02:57 PM

Wow such a cute puppy! He's adorable

The Packman 01-29-2014 03:06 PM

It's so cold here in East Tennessee the cows are giving ice cream instead of milk.

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