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jsca 01-20-2014 06:01 PM

Coda, 15 weeks
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Hi, I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I'd share some new pictures of Coda. I'm still not sure of her mix, my best guess stands at German Shepherd/Dutch Shepherd/???. The spots on her paws totally throw me off. She's growing up so beautifully, and is a whopping 23lb. today. Here's some pics from the past month.

Gretchen 01-20-2014 09:36 PM

very cute, looks like she has lots of personality

Prima 01-22-2014 08:26 PM

Very cute but I see pit bull not dutchie.

DJEtzel 01-22-2014 08:43 PM

Adorable!! :)

rjstrotz 01-22-2014 08:58 PM

She is a beautiful girl. You can tell from her facial expression that she knows that she is special.

DJEtzel 01-22-2014 09:15 PM

Hey! I thought I recognized you from another forum and I was correct... welcome to the dark side! :)

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