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stumper66 01-17-2014 09:01 PM

My King/German Shepherd

Here is my dog, Hurley. I estimate he's around 140 - 150 pounds. I think he's a king shepherd but am not sure. What do you guys think?

Stevenzachsmom 01-17-2014 09:06 PM

Was he a rescue? I don't know if he is a King Shepherd. He is very big and very handsome!

selzer 01-17-2014 09:19 PM

How come you don't know how much he weighs?

I would take that dog to the vet and weigh him. Then I would ask the vet to evaluate his condition with regards to his weight. If he is over-weight, then it will take a toll on his internal organs, and his joints, ultimately diminishing his quality of life and his lifespan.

JakodaCD OA 01-18-2014 07:48 AM

alot of dogs "look" heavier than they actually are..I agree , weigh him.

How tall is he at the shoulders?

My 32" at the shouldlers "mutant", weighed at the most 125lbs, and he was long and lean ..

Heavy weight is not good health wise unless they are in proportion

Donovan514 01-18-2014 07:52 AM

That dog does not look overweight whatsoever.

MichaelE 01-18-2014 09:03 AM

His head looks to be too small for the rest of him.

Saphire 01-18-2014 09:16 AM

He doesn't look like he weighs that much to me AND I do think he could afford to lose a few pounds IMO.

Kaimeju 01-18-2014 09:43 AM

He looks a lot like how my dog looked at 100 lbs. She is not a king but rather over standard height-wise. I would take him to the vet to assess his body condition. He does look overweight to me but it's hard to tell from photos.

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fredh 01-18-2014 09:46 AM

He looks like he could lose 25 pounds, I know cause my Jake just lost 20 pounds, (103 to 93)

103 Pounds (note the small head):

93 Pounds:

He looks and acts like a younger Dog. Now I ignore the Feeding Guide on the Food Bag. I Cut his daily intake from 4 to 2 cups a day and he has reached a healthy weight. Jake's Sire was a Big Dog weighed 115 to 120 pound range.

MustLoveGSDs 01-18-2014 09:50 AM

Overweight. The dog doesn't have a neck. Where did you get him from?

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