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MrsFergione 12-11-2013 03:46 PM

Rina - 7 months
Rina is 7 months old today :)

Working on wait

Her new harness. You can purchase velcro tabs for the sides for like $2 so I got these just to be comical.

During obedience at the schutzhund club a week or two ago

Playing in the snow

BellaLuna 12-11-2013 04:07 PM

Happy 7 month Rina, such a cutie pie. 12-11-2013 09:41 PM

she is lookin good! love the stay picture from far away :)

MrsFergione 12-12-2013 08:02 AM

It's crazy how quick she caught on! I hadn't really worked much on that until I realized she is very close to being able to get her Canine Good Citizen, we've only been working on wait with distance for maybe two weeks and I can already walk all the way across my yard or halfway down my road! I'm impressed :)

MrsFergione 12-17-2013 10:36 AM

Photos from training Saturday. She finally made a noise during protection! She's always so focused that she's silent lol

matt86 12-17-2013 11:01 AM

Beautiful pup!

LUV4MAJOR 12-17-2013 11:10 AM

great pics!

KathrynApril 12-17-2013 11:12 AM

Lovely dog. And omg that harness is awesome! :)

MrsFergione 12-17-2013 12:21 PM

I love it haha she's really lanky right now and the cheap one I bought until she fills in what just sliding allll over her ribs so I finally went ahead and got a good one and it fits great. And you can get a bunch of different velcro tapes for the sides so of course I had some fun with that :P

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