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Kyleigh 12-10-2012 09:08 PM

Kyleigh left Echo a present
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For those of you that give raw bones, you know just how much thought goes into EXACTLY where that bone has to go ... Kyleigh paced for a good 5 minutes before she laid it to rest ...

I wonder if it was a gift for Echo, as it's right under her cage! (pardon the mess under Echo's cage ... it was just cleaned on Saturday ... not like you'd know LOL)

Jag 12-10-2012 10:12 PM

Aww! My grey feeds the dogs...if yours does, too, then it may be a gift in return! :) Or maybe she just wants to lure the bird down to where she's easier to catch, LOL! :p My parrots make MUCH bigger messes in less time! :crazy:

Kyleigh 12-11-2012 08:59 AM

Yes, Echo does try to feed Kyleigh ... I take out all their food around 7:30 pm and then they are in their cages. Sometimes Echo doesn't eat all the food (I hide it in places all over her cage) and she'll call Kyleigh over and then tosses it out of the cage for Ky. Ky's in heaven when that happens!!!

I've been watching very closely, and there is a definite "change" in Kyleigh towards Echo. She's not so "intense."

For example, Echo has taken a couple of baths in her water bowl, and Kyleigh has simply laid there and watched her (with me in the sidelines ready to pounce!)

When Echo is at the top of her cage and calling Kyleigh, I simply stay in the chair beside Echo's cage and watch Kyleigh like a hawk ... looking for any change in body language. She's actually been around her cage now for about 2 weeks with no "intense" stares.

This certainly doesn't mean I'm going to let them out together EEK!!! But it does show me that Ky is FINALLY learning that the parrots are not a play toy, or something to be stalked, pounced on!

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