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lauren43 08-27-2014 12:25 AM

K9-Unit at the fair-->left something to be desired
I know nothing about protection. I have gone to one IPO trial that's it. But I don't know, I just felt underwhelmed by the overall performance of this dog. What is everyone elses take?

trcy 08-27-2014 12:49 AM

IDK, this is a police dog doing protection. I think it's a bit different than doing a sport where they have to earn points. The dog was also close to the "suspect". The hard hits seen in IPO are done at a run. I'm also a novice though. ;)

Castlemaid 08-27-2014 12:52 AM

Pretty nice dog having some fun. :) For police work, this is a nicely trained dog - police won't bother to have that sharp, precise obedience - a lot of that is for show (as in IPO). Dog was focused on the handler, happy to perform, and under control at all times: A+

Protection - dog did what he was supposed to do: kept position while keeping an eye on the perp, reacted instantly when his handler was attacked, bit full and solid and held on even though the guy was trying to shake him off: A+

This not a dog trained to look good in competition - this dog has all the solid basics to do a job reliably. For the protection - the dog knew this was a training exercise, you can tell that he knew the person playing the bad guy, and knew there was no real threat. I think the dog did great, surrounded by little kids, working in close quarters, his focus was 100% on his task and on his handler.

When faced with a real street criminal and a real threat - you might just see a completely different dog emerge.

lauren43 08-27-2014 01:31 AM

Good to know. See I'm learning. I thought he bit high on the sleeve and to me the grip didn't look full, but I was suprized he hung on when the perp swung him around. I wish I got the whole thing. It was overly played out for the crowd(obvi it's supposed to be entertaining) so they had it as if it was radioed in, so I didn't record it. He missed the first bite but got back on really quickly...

I guess I just wish I knew more about it. I find it all fascinating both IPO and PSA...

MichaelE 08-27-2014 09:14 AM

Talk to your local K9 officer and ask if he has a schedule when he and his partner are doing demonstrations.

Lisl and I watch my neighbor and his dog (local K9 officer) demo quite a bit during the homecoming and fair season around here. We are always learning something from both of them.

robk 08-27-2014 09:32 AM

I remember going to these types of demonstrations when I was a kid. My dad was in the Air force and the Security Police would put these shows on during the air shows. I always enjoyed them.

This is a great looking dog who loves his work. I also think he would probably get the job done on the street if he was needed. That is what really matters. Can't really compare the performance to what we are used to seeing on the IPO field where precision is such a big deal.

MichaelE 08-27-2014 10:05 AM

I would just as soon have my dog perform well on the streets and not worry so much about what others at a dog show think.

Air show demonstrations of MWD's is how I was introduced to the GSD too. Wiesbaden, 1969.

middleofnowhere 08-27-2014 11:10 AM

Given the setting, I think it was great. The "ring" was small, the audience was young and close. The dog stayed focused and had a good time without any performance that would frighten the audience. In this setting, I don't think you would want incredible intensity or any more power exhibited.

Gwenhwyfair 08-28-2014 12:35 PM

I thought that was a nicely done demo. Dogs were happy and they do work on OB with them. :)

I also know, from LEO K9 handlers, there are some dogs they demo with and some they do not.....

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