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hunterisgreat 06-03-2014 11:02 AM

My theoretical new sport
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For fun. Give your thoughts here.

Will be called "Schutzhund". There will be one title, called "Schutzhund". It will be a pass or fail exam, no scores conveyed unless failed (and then, only so one may know their weaknesses and address them). I'll start with the IPO3 routine, and modify those rules...

Protection Phase:
Search for the helper exercise will be done at the judges discretion. Blinds, bushes, buildings, vehicles, or whatever is available may be utilized. Judge will inform the handler at trial day what is to be searched and in what order.

Bark & hold will be against a flat wall. The decoy will have a hidden sleeve for his/her protection only. Over the course of the bark and hold the decoy will actively try and creep left or right down the wall, and the dog must actively move to block the escape. If the decoy is able to move 3 feet in either direction the exercise is marked as a failure.

During the bark and hold the decoy must throw a ball, toy, or steak away to see if the dog can be lured away from the helper. Breaking to get the toy or food is marked as a failure.

The decoy will rate the dogs intensity in the guarding from 1-10 for the judge. Intensity = intensity, not rhythmic barking. In other words, if the dog just sat there and intensely locked eyes while growling, this is sufficient. If the dog playfully and obediently barks like a metronome with no real intensity behind it, this is insufficient.

I'll record more here as it comes to me.

DobbyDad 06-03-2014 11:17 AM

Is there a bear attack portion?

hunterisgreat 06-03-2014 11:25 AM

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Originally Posted by DobbyDad (Post 5595682)
Is there a bear attack portion?

Bears are endangered... probably wouldn't be allowed lol

Liesje 06-05-2014 10:05 AM

Do you get extra credit if the dog has the decoy's arm before he can complete the toss? ;)

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