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David Winners 04-13-2014 09:13 AM

Oklahoma Clubs
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Heading to Ft Sill in the next month. Just looking for clubs to check out when I get there. I'm interested in bitework. I'd love to find a PSA club. I'm interested in anyone doing good training though, IPO, PPD, whatever.

If anyone is curly training in the area, recommendations would be helpful.


David Winners

GSDAlphaMom 04-13-2014 11:02 AM

Khoi has a PSA club in Arlington, Tx. It's a 3 hour drive from Ft Sill so you might be able to visit occasionally. Khoi can probably tell you if there is anyone in your area.

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David Winners 04-13-2014 06:19 PM

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I am familiar with Khoi from another forum and will definitely be visiting. I would like to find a club more local for regular training though.

David Winners

readaboutdogs 04-13-2014 09:57 PM

Don't know of any clubs, but Mount Scott and Medicine Springs are great to take your dogs on a day trip!

readaboutdogs 04-13-2014 10:08 PM

Oops mean Medicine Park! Sulphur Spings or Sulphur, ok the Chickasaw Park is another scenic and great area to hike. Good day trips with your dogs if not familiar with Okla!

David Winners 04-14-2014 12:29 AM

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I was at Sill for basic, and visited mount Scott while I was there. I love the wife open nature there and will definitely take advantage of all the great hiking. Thanks for the tips!

David Winners

kbella999 04-14-2014 07:32 AM

vomlittlehaus 07-30-2014 11:38 AM

Just saw this thread. Are you near Tulsa?

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They do IPO (Schutzhund), also obedience training.

Andaka 07-30-2014 01:15 PM

Forum member "Kayos and Havoc" are stationed at Ft. Sill I believe. She may have some idea.

David Winners 07-30-2014 01:34 PM

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David Winners

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