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NLH2154 02-06-2014 06:09 PM

Training research suggestions.
Ok everyone looking for some advice on training books to read up on for my boy Tyson.

First I want to say that I am not planning to jump straight into bite training. Until now I was working with a former Law Enforcement K9 handler to train Tyson but he had to relocate for work. I've not found anyone experienced nearby that can assist in person. I know there are many different methods but honestly the fundamentals are all the same.

OBEDIENCE: I am not new to obedience training. But I do not claim to be an expert either. Tyson has been trained well enough on the simple commands. Example; sit, stay, down, speak, heel. Where Tyson's obedience issue arises is when there is a prey object present. In his case it's a Kong ball. He completely ignores my wife as if she doesn't exist and he will only sit for me. I've never experienced a dog that focuses on the prey object quite like this before. He's focused to point the he almost killed himself once.

Protection: The person I had helping me with this area before believed in doing all training like this off lease. He said "Most attackers use guns now anyway. Is your lease long enough for your dog to reach someone at 25-35 feet? And if you can control the dog off lease that far away then there's no need for one up close."
Now Tyson has no problems biting or releasing when told to. However I am planning to step up his protection training once his obedience is at the level I need him at.

Any advice and research suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also I have looked into training clubs in my area and found none that don't want 1/3 of my yearly salary for membership.

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David Taggart 02-06-2014 06:51 PM


He's focused to point the he almost killed himself once.
That is vdry good in fact. It means that your dog is a true working dog. Make the ball your main tool in training and forget about the existence of prong. I'd recommend you to study NILIF principles:

He said "Most attackers use guns now
Your friend is correct. Just forget about it, an average street agressor simply wouldn't bother to approach you, but you may meet many wiked people walking as gangs and your dog should show confidence and be obedient not to attack. Barking makes many to retreat, anyway.
In order to succed in something much more serious than so called "PPD training" it would be better to be involved in a real sport. Look for Schutzhund club, visit not just one, but a few, become their member. Once developed in Germany, Schutzhund clubs are available almost in every country of the world. Read more about it:United Schutzhund Clubs of America
Schutzhund obedience could be trained in your local club.

NLH2154 02-06-2014 11:27 PM

I understand the threat that exists especially where I live. But it wasn't until I began working in law enforcement that I really put thought into it. I find myself talking to people in public that for the life of me I just can't remember where I met them before. But I may have been the only Officer they have ever spoken to. My concern, other than Tyson's development as a member of the family, is that if one subject that I can't recognize decides he wants to settle a score before I even realize he's holding a grudge. Tyson's can react and give me the second I need to react to the attack.

The reason I want to work his obedience more is, like you said, I don't want him to run down a jogger at the park or take down my neighbors gardner. I have seen two shepherds handled at once by my former partner, neither was on a leash, and he used seemingly random clicking noises or whistles he made with just his mouth. But then he's also handled shepherd for 30 years and had his 2 since they were born. I know that I won't be able to copy his methods completely. I just want something similar.

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onyx'girl 02-07-2014 09:28 AM

There are a couple books I'd recommend: Sheila Booths Purely Positive Training and Training in Drive
Michael Ellis video's are helpful. You can also rent video's from Bowwowflix for a low monthy fee. The library is quite extensive.
I enjoy the articles in K9Cop magazine, though not sure they would apply easily to your training.
If you do decide to train with an IPO club, consider learning the helper end of it....there is always a need for helpers and you may get a discount in membership if you are putting some time into working the dogs. Though of course that is another time commitment!

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