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Guardyan 08-18-2014 11:33 AM

Our club held its annual obedience trials this past weekend. We had a record number of German Shepherds entered in everything from utility to rally. One of the GSDs was the sire of our K litter, T-Rex v Kriegerhaus. He is owned and bred by Phyllis Dobbs from California.

On Saturday, T-Rex and Phyllis earned their Obedience Trial Championship. Only a handful of German Shepherds have earned the OTCH. T-Rex adds this achievement to an impressive list of titles in agility, obedience, herding, and tracking.

I would like to share my sincere congratulations with Phyllis Dobbs and T-Rex! What an awesome team! :)

Andaka 08-18-2014 11:59 AM

Way to go T-Rex! An OTCH is quite an achievement.

Shade 08-18-2014 12:01 PM

:congratulations: What a cool name :D

Lynn_P 08-18-2014 12:22 PM

Awesome!!! Quite the accomplishment.

MichaelE 08-18-2014 12:28 PM


Karla 08-18-2014 07:13 PM

I had the privilege of seeing them earn their OTCH! Huge congratulaions to a wonderful team!

In the past 5 years of competing, I have never seen so many German Shepherds! So, it was great to see so many!

Guardyan 08-18-2014 07:20 PM

Wasn't it awesome?! Just love to see sheps competing!

Been waiting for you to share your special brag all day Karla . . :)

carmspack 08-18-2014 07:33 PM

big congratulations to the breeder and the handler .

Karla 08-18-2014 07:45 PM

Guardyn, I'm sure you have some brags to share yourself!

Guardyan 08-18-2014 07:48 PM

Nothing as special as a utility leg or an OTCH. I'm so happy for you guys! :)

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