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raysmom 01-25-2014 12:37 AM

SYRACUSE, IN: Female B&T Girl
I also posted this in the "Lost & Found" section, but if the owner is not found - and so far the finder has had no success in finding the owner - this dog will need a new home or rescue!

This was sent to me by a rescue friend of mine in IN. Someone found a female GSD this past Tuesday, 1/21/14 in the Syracuse, IN area, which is between South Bend and Angola in the northeastern part of the state.

Here is her photo and the information I was given. I do not have any other information about the dog or the person who found her. Please call the number in the post if you know who this girl belongs to or if you'd like to give her a home!
Report this image

"I found her Tuesday morning in Syracuse IN. She was cold hungry and needed a bath. I gave her what she needed but unfortunately I can not give her the long term... home she needs. I have tried everything to find her owner. If you can give her a good place to stay forever please call me. 8643232754"

raysmom 01-25-2014 11:09 AM

I received word that this dog has been placed - not sure if in a home or rescue - but she has found a place to go. :)

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