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DharmasMom 12-26-2012 12:08 AM

Aurora/Naperville, IL. 9mo old black GSD--CL posting!!
A friend of mine on FB sent me a link to this dog. Sounds like a nice dog but husbands a jerk. Is anybody out there that can help or refer them to a local rescue. I put him in urgent since I have no way of knowing how long they will attempt to find a home before they dump him.

9 mos. old black German shepherd (Naperville/ Aurora)

Date: 2012-12-25, 8:32PM CST[?] Looking for a good home for Shadow, full blood All black German Shepherd. He is neutered with all of his shots/ vaccines current. He is also microchipped and has completed puppy training classes. He is energetic, lively and very obedient. He is also crate trained. He absolutely loves to go on walks, play ball/ fetch, play with other dogs and go swimming. He shows no food aggression, listens to commands and enjoys challenges. We have been his only owners since he was 8 weeks old straight from the breeder in Texas. He has had some lameness in his legs (panosteitis) that have been on/ off since he was about 6 mos old, and isn't expected to go away until his bones stop growing. Very common in shepherds. Crate resting for a week is all it takes. We have files/ medical records for everything. We will continue to pay for his puppy insurance through Banfield Vet until he is 1 yr old.

He recently bit my husband's hands which is the reason we cannot keep him. The bite was more of a fearful reaction and in no way was it aggressive or dominate behavior based. My husband has just never liked the dog ( no specific reason) which has caused Shadow to be fearful of him. Shadow is great with our 3 kids ages 8, 4 and 6 mos and views me as pack leader -100% obedient and loyal. I have had many dogs before but this was my husbands first time with a dog - and taking on a powerful breed like the shepherd- is not working out. It is in everyone's best interest to find Shadow a loving and committed new home.

I am looking for a great new owners for my beloved pet. Preferably seasoned dog owners of strong breeds.
Serious inquiries only.

Please call or reply by email for more info : (630) 301-0457.

dazedtrucker 12-26-2012 12:16 AM

Someone needs to rehome a husband.... Just sayin'.

DharmasMom 12-26-2012 12:19 AM

I am a dork. It should be Illinois. Not in Indiana. Duh.

And dazed, I am with you. Stupid husband.

DharmasMom 12-26-2012 12:31 AM

I just emailed this woman to tell her to contact her breeder. If the dog came all the way from TX, I would imagine he is well bred and the breeder is reputable. Of course I am hoping.

I also emailed two Illinois rescues.

dazedtrucker 12-26-2012 12:35 AM

I know it's hard to deal with... I've just turned into such a hard.. (oops, bout suedo sweared)... :rolleyes: anyone gives my dogs any attitude, I show them the door. My seperated husband comes by time to time... he uttered the words "gd dogs" when they were happy to see him dropping off our son... the door shut so fast his head had to be spinning... :mad:

DharmasMom 12-26-2012 12:37 AM

HA! Good for you. I guess she probably has had the husband longer but why on earth would you want to be with someone who doesn't like dogs??

Mrs.K 12-26-2012 12:39 AM

Wow, why would anyone flag that kind of post. It's not like she's trying to sell the dog or is one of those irresponsible owners that's moving.

DharmasMom 12-26-2012 12:46 AM

Holy cow! When did it get flagged? I just looked at the thing a few minutes ago to start this thread so it had to have been done with in the last few minutes.

dazedtrucker 12-26-2012 12:52 AM

I got flagged once for just posting in pets if anyone was feeding a raw diet n my area and looking for good sources for meat. I have no idea why I got flagged, but just left it alone.. if you want a prostitute youre OK on CL though.... LOL!

DharmasMom 12-26-2012 01:01 AM

HAHAHA! True dat.

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