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Needhelp 11-09-2012 10:44 PM

Oakville, Ontario, Canada. F 2 Yrs. Need a home for my puppy...
I need to find a home for my puppy...

She's a great dog, she really is. It breaks my heart but I have a young family and a career and I just can't find the time that she deserves.

She has a great personality, though she's a bit of a putz and seems to think that she's still smaller than she is - knocks things over now and then! Lots of fun.

She's protective when I'm out walking with her.

She hasn't spent a lot of time with other dogs, the time she has spent hasn't been an issue but on leash around other dogs she gets a bit worked up. I don't believe it'a aggression, I think she just needs some quality socialization time. When other dogs have come up to her (them off leash, her on leash) we haven't had problems, but I'm not confident in her around small dogs. Bigger dogs I'm not worred, though she does need more social time.

Around the family she is great. At the tail end of the puppy phase (2 yrs) and showing signs of calming down.

She's a wonderful dog, she needs a home where she can get all the TLC that she truly deserves.

I'm in Oakville, Ontario.

If you're interested please let me know about you and your environment.

I can't stress enough that I'm not desperate to get rid of her. I love the little pup. I need to see her in a good home where she can get the time and attention she needs and deserves.

Shots etc. all up to date.

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