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07-24-2014 12:40 PM
Msmaria My trainer said they can easily pull 300 lbs! Never mind when your not expecting it. Thinking about E collar also. Dex is pretty good too but still need to work on a few things, like off leash hiking where he's a bully with certain dogs and chasing critters.
07-24-2014 10:06 AM
lyssa62 we went back to the prong -- no more issues...talked to one of my trainers and she said with the prey drive and our options for where to walk ...she may always need to be on a prong with those walks.

but oh man walking is back to being enjoyable...she's more relaxed and so am I. ALTHOUGH I am staying alert to her "triggers". The couple of times I saw where she "might" be tensing up ...I gave the pop correction BEFORE it happened and it's been smooth sailing again
07-12-2014 08:35 AM
Deno The solution is simple, sound and quick.

07-10-2014 11:07 PM
lyssa62 I'm still reading and taking notes and watching videos!!!!! I was THRILLED to find out our original walking trail is back open. We work on the distractions of people, bikes etc here ...much easier to deal with.
Yeah here's the thing...I am wondering IF and by IF I am 100% sure of it...although I am Certain Roxy does not mean to drag me ..she knows if she wants to bolt after something she can...I am still heavier than her ( obviously) ..but she is way stronger ( is that a word?) ... than I am. My daughter walked her with us tonight. My daughter has about 4 inches on me in height and about 50lbs on me. I know we were back to original walking ground but I am pretty sure roxy was sizing up the situation and she knows she can't drag my daughter as quick as she can me. Plus my daughter being younger might have quicker response time???? Just things I was kind of watching as I walked a little behind them to see what she does different. she keeps less slack with Roxy - which was hard for me not to tell her to ease up but she was doing so great that I just left it alone. She also lives with us so it's not real confusing that there is another person walking her. Erin goes once in awhile with me but I usually have control of the hand being still wrapped I let Erin take control of this walk. She doesn't mess around with her when they are walking. I saw Erin a couple of times walk into her to keep her from wandering. Maybe I need to take some lessons from her????

Anyhow we still have a nearly perfect dog ...we need to get over this hump of me being a pushover without me having to gain all my weight back.

Very seriously thinking about this E collar...I am now researching it. So keep these ideas and thoughts and helpful videos coming. I'm open to most suggestions! ...except that rabbit thing...I just can't do that!
07-10-2014 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by lalachka View Post
When my dog jerked me on a 6 ft I struggled to keep balance. And from her description, he didn't jerk me nearly like hers did.

The point is that the waist leash is not for these situations. You have better control with your hands than your waist. Whatever injury she got from holding it in her hands would be multiplied in intensity if it was on her waist.

Have you worn a waist leash before? I also thought it'd give better control. It doesn't. It's dangerous for many reasons.
i am not disagreeing with you. i am an engineer, the physics of the thing was interesting was all that i was saying.

I still think considering the protocol on crittering might make sense here
07-10-2014 04:02 PM
Leashes attached to the waist

Originally Posted by lyssa62 View Post
I am tempted to get a pair of horse blinders .... but I will do as you all suggest and get the prong back out. Have any of you used the leashes that attach around your waist? I have one of those I used to use...not sure if that would have made the situation last night better or worse. I guess I better put all the weight back on I lost
I have one and use it often when I keep Zeus at close heel. But I use it with a prong collar too.

We had a terrible problem with Zeus pulling, especially when it was me, Zeus and another family member he'd not seen in a while (he's a lover after all). He also liked to walk ahead of me a bit.

Cured it with the prong and by quickly changing directions while giving the heel command (fulligan for us, Dutch). I didn't care if I stepped on him or kneed him lightly when changing directions to the left. Soon enough he came to understand who was leading the walk...hint, it wasn't him.

I like the waist-fitted leash a lot. That and the prong collar and the occasional command to get back in heel allowed me to control the dog but keep hands free. I've got to have both to deploy the pepper spray or the pistol.

07-10-2014 01:59 PM
Chip18 Wow this has gotten crazy fast??

We have prongs E collars GL's and rabbits??

Yes the prong "can" work when "properly used". Clearly not the case here, anyone capable of using one...would not be having this problem. And could most likely train this dog without the use of one.

And dogs were taught to chase rabbits to the North (towards the mountains) and not South (towards the highway) or not at all... tool free.

I doubt the OP will find a solution to the problem hanging on the rack at a local pet store??

I prefer to try and out think my dogs..sometimes simple works maybe start here:

Just my 2 cents
07-10-2014 08:29 AM
dpc134 E collar
I walk my dog off leash in the woods everyday. She is very good at listening to me before she runs after something. For example, if she sees a deer off in the distance I will immediately tell her "no" and she looks away and keeps walking. I also sometimes will let her chase something, like a squirrel or chipmunk, because it is fun for her and she will most likely not catch it. But she always waits for me to give her the "ok" command before chasing it. I do this because she waits for my command before she is allowed or not allowed to chase. However, there was 1 day when I was walking her through a field and I happened to have her e-collar on as I was doing e-collar training that week and we spooked a deer that was bedded down only a few feet from us. My dog gave chase before I could react with a "no" prior to her chasing and so I hit her with the e-collar on a high level that floored her in her chase. Now she sees a deer and basically ignores them and still waits for my command "ok" to chase squirrels.
E-collar works great for timely corrections off leash.
Just my opinion and experience. Good luck.
07-10-2014 07:19 AM
Originally Posted by my boy diesel View Post
the point of the prong is to create discomfort by tightening around the neck but not to cause out and out pain
if you are using it to cause pain imo that is applying the tool incorrectly

which is why the need to train the dog so it is not causing itself pain

you want an obedient dog who will self correct
not a scared one cringing at the sound of the chain tightening

if fitted properly and trained correctly the point of it is not to be painful
I prefer to actively correct my dogs (if that's the method I'm using) and not rely on "self-corrections". I don't nag my dogs or let them constantly pinch the prong collar themselves.

Really a dog running full speed and hitting anything is going to hurt. Brick walls aren't designed to cause pain but if you run into one, it hurts. When my dogs are doing behaviors that put their safety and my safety at risk, I'm a lot less likely to analyze all the possible training methods and just make it clear they may not act like that. My dogs never shy away from a prong collar (to them, prong = fun training time and they all come running when they hear it) and I do not have to squelch their prey drive, they lure course and I send them after vermin in our yard. But when they're on a leash, bolting after something is never OK, I don't care what it is or how bad they want it.
07-09-2014 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by selzer View Post
I am thinking about the physics of a leash attached the waist, 30' long and the dog expodes, accelerating so that the velocity goes from 0 to somewhere up to 40mph, and then hitting the end of the leash -- definitely different than 6'. 6' the dog hasn't yet reached his stride.

I might read into the protocol from crittering if I had this problem.

When my dog jerked me on a 6 ft I struggled to keep balance. And from her description, he didn't jerk me nearly like hers did.

The point is that the waist leash is not for these situations. You have better control with your hands than your waist. Whatever injury she got from holding it in her hands would be multiplied in intensity if it was on her waist.

Have you worn a waist leash before? I also thought it'd give better control. It doesn't. It's dangerous for many reasons.
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