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07-02-2014 11:26 PM
Juliem24 I think I told this story before, but years ago (like 40...omg) my friend and I were on a de-tasseling crew. We went to the farmhouse to use the hose to get water, and a GSD came around the corner of that house without any warning whatsoever and jumped at my friends chest/throat . She threw her arm up for protection and he opened the inside of her arm from armpit to wrist. Farmer called the dog off, apologized, helped clean the wound took us in to the doc. Never crossed our minds to sue. That's why folks had farm dogs...for protection. We knew that, in fact, felt it was our fault for swinging the water cans as we walked. We figured it was our fault. Today? People are (almost) always the victim, no matter that they caused the problem to start with. There are a lot of lawyers who will take the cases. We were actually hitching our way cross country, and this happened in Indiana. By the time we got to Vermont, Annie was infected. We went to the Dartmouth U. Hospital ER, got care and paid $130 cash for that care. Those days are long gone, but we sure had fun.
07-02-2014 11:09 PM
Susan_GSD_mom Today my two have the awesome responsibility of protecting my sister and me against all the fearsome squirrels, rabbits and crows in the neighborhood!

Speaking of crows... There is a family of crows living in our area, which includes about 8 homes (ours included) with lots exceeding 1/2 acre apiece, and plenty of tall trees, which the crows love. I have read research about crows, that they can recognize the faces of individual humans, and actually react negatively to humans who have treated them badly. WELL.... of my two GSDs, Jade, the female, ignores the crows, even when the whole flock of them is on the ground poking around in a small stand of trees on our lot. Different story with Orick. I have seen him at least twice lunge right into the middle of them when they are on the ground, and they scramble into the air, screaming at him.

When I take Jade outside, not only does she ignore them, but they ignore her, whether they are on the ground or in the trees. Not so Orick--the minute he steps out the door, no matter where they are--they can be 2 or 3 backyards away, and they will start screaming at him. He has done his own research on crows--our Dr. Dog is also Prof. Dog!

07-02-2014 10:58 PM
Originally Posted by martemchik View Post
I'd like to see the actual court case write up. You should be able to look it up as most of that stuff is public record. If you know the last name it should be pretty easy.
It happened back in the late 70's--I wouldn't even begin to know where to look! I got the story from my friend John, who found the creep half into his folks' house. His father (or his insurance) had to pay like 2/3 of the medical costs, plus pain and suffering.

I liked the idea someone here had--teach the dog to drag them inside, lol.

As far as being the protector vs. the dog being the protector... I guess I have lived in areas where there were people bigger and stronger than my sisters and me, and having 100 lbs of growling canine at my side evened the odds in some bad situations. Our house was the only house in the neighborhood never burglarized, and I know it wasn't because of the 3 women and 2 kids living there.

07-02-2014 12:30 PM
pyratemom I would protect my dog no matter what. I do not expect her to protect me. I do expect her to bark and let me know there is something I need to check out. I would rather shoot a burglar than send my dog into something that may hurt her. All that being said, there have been times when my dog growled from a sitting position to warn a person that was suspicious acting not to come any closer to me. I told the guy, I didn't think he needed to come any closer and when he started to she stood up and barked her great deep GSD bark at him but stayed at my side the entire time. He didn't come any closer and then walked away. He was a smelly homeless guy on the bicycle path we were walking on. I do think he had some type of mental problem because he did act weird even though when I saw him coming I stepped off the path and put Raina in a sit to wait for him to pass.
07-02-2014 10:59 AM
Yoshi Oh wow, some of these stories are pretty shocking. It seems unfair to me because are not some breeds essentially bred to protect their families and territory and other animals? What's going to become of these breeds when the law is always putting them down? Will they die out or will their temperament/instinct just be bred out altogether?

Yeah, I always protected my late dog from the "baddies" too, especially the ganders and my mum's evil Chihuahua, although he could have just sat on it anyway! I don't think my late dog would have ever protected me, but for some reason he always boosted my confidence.
07-01-2014 12:30 PM
Merciel I feel pretty confident saying there's about a zero percent chance that my hypothetical dog (not my actual dogs, who are complete chickens and would go hide under the bed) would get in legal trouble for confronting a burglar in my home.

Likewise there's about a zero percent chance that my dogs would get in trouble for backing off someone who tried to attack me on the street.

I mean, it's entirely possible that the wrongdoer might try to sue me, but there's no way I'm losing that case, so whatever. I get frivolous lawsuits from delusional pro se litigants all the time already, what's one more.
07-01-2014 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by robk View Post
To me, asking my dogs to protect me would be like asking my wife or kids to protect me. That is just silly. I am the guardian and protector of those entrusted to me.

Exactly how I feel. The only thing I expect my dogs to do in the event of an intruder is to sound off an alarm. Everything else is up to me and/or my husband.

If someone continues to advance into my home with 5 dogs barking, they've made their intentions very clear.
07-01-2014 11:10 AM
robk I am not sure what the laws are where I live, however, I do not want my dogs protecting me. I will protect them. I would rather defend my self in court than try to defend my dogs.

To me, asking my dogs to protect me would be like asking my wife or kids to protect me. That is just silly. I am the guardian and protector of those entrusted to me.
07-01-2014 10:40 AM
martemchik I'd like to see the actual court case write up. You should be able to look it up as most of that stuff is public record. If you know the last name it should be pretty easy.
07-01-2014 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by Susan_GSD_mom View Post
Here's 2 actual experiences here in Michigan...

My 2 sisters and I shared a house, my one sister divorced with 2 kids. I was shopping. I had 1 GSD at the time. All of a sudden there was a racket on the front porch, and the dog ran to the door. A man was trying to take the front door off its hinges to get inside! The dog barked and snarled at the front door while my sisters called 911. As I was driving up into the driveway, the police had the guy in a headlock, dragging him to the police car. Later I asked what would have happened if my sisters had opened the door and let Brandy at him. He told us that we had better be prepared to drag the guy inside the house and swear that's where the dog got him, or we would be in trouble.

The other story--a friend of mine lived across from his father's house. The father and mother went on vacation for a week, and my friend was watching the house and caring for their chow while they were gone, letting the dog out several times a day, feeding him, etc. One morning my friend went over to let out the dog, and found a man stuck half in, half out of the house after he had pushed in an air conditioner, trying to get in. However, he was met by the chow, who chewed up his face pretty bad. My friend's father got sued by the creep, who won, and my friend's father had to pay out a huge amount for the damages done by the dog.

Michigan is not really a dog-friendly state.

Wow! You would think since the guy was stuck trying to get in that it would be evidence that he was in the wrong. Poor dog was just doing its job. Glad I don't live in Michigan. I think the Castle Doctrine or Stand your Ground would cover that in Florida or I could just shoot the guy for breaking in and save my dog the trouble.
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