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06-08-2014 01:20 PM
dogfaeries Meant to post a photo of my heart dogs:


06-08-2014 01:03 PM
dogfaeries In my 36 years of dog ownership, I have had what I consider too be 2 "heart" dogs.

My Doberman Tessa was one. I got her when she was 8 weeks old and she was 14 when she died. Everyone loved her. She was an exceptional girl!

My current girl Sage (who just turned 4) is the other. OMG I love her so much and she is so connected to me. I often joke that you'll have to euthanize me when she's gone. I don't know what I'd do without her.
06-08-2014 12:46 PM
wolfy dog The connection was immediately when I saw him at 8 weeks old in a large litter. He was my teacher, the foundation of my dog training, a true Alpha dog in every sense of the word, my assistant in raising pups and foster dogs, helping me with clients' dogs and the best pet ever.
I have loved all my dogs but he, he was and will always be my heart dog; it was a small sight hound and he lived until he was 14 years. He could have handled DDog with only a look. I miss him every day.
06-08-2014 10:03 AM
Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
What is a heart dog?
JMO, I think a heart dog is a dog that you have an amazing bond with, a dog that you love very, very much and can't imagine not having in your life. A dog that you would love to spend eternity with. A dog that you would do anything for.

Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
How is he/she different from any other dog you've cared for?
I think some dogs are just "special." Sometimes you have a favorite amongst your dogs, maybe that dog gives you the most love or attention, maybe that dog reminds you of something or someone, maybe that dog just gets you.

Sinister is my heart dog. I was raised with dogs and I have successfully raised puppies and cared for other dogs but none of them look at me the way he does. He LOVES me, he worships me, I am his world, his favorite human, his favorite friend, he always wants to be near me and I want to always be around him. Even when he is unsure or nervous he still follows whatever command I give to him. He trusts me.

Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
What has your heart dog taught you?
Unconditional love, companionship, friendship, trust. He loves me regardless of what I look like or how much money I make or where we live. He loves me because I am me.

Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
When did your heart dog enter your life? Was it a low point in your life? Did your heart dog leave you at a high point in your life? Or is your heart dog still with you?
My heart dog entered my life 5 years ago and he is still with me. I was at a good point in my life at the time, I was in a new relationship, I had 2 cats and I had the money, time and room for a dog in my apartment. I knew exactly what I wanted, a black, male GSD. Then right after he turned 1 year old I broke up with my boyfriend and Sinister and I were living in our house together. I could not have lived there without him, he is the only reason I could stay in my house, he made me feel safe and made me feel like I wasn't alone.

Words cannot express my love for this dog. He is my best friend, my family, my guardian, my partner in crime, my child and my most prized possession. Next to my mother, he is the thing that I love most and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for him. His loss will destroy me.

Now Sin and I share our home with his little brother Draven and his 4 crazy cat sisters Chaos, Mayhem, Monster and Wicked.

Just because Sin is my heart dog does not mean that I do not love Draven, he is special in his own way and I very much love him and adore him.
06-07-2014 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
What is a heart dog? How is he/she different from any other dog you've cared for?

What has your heart dog taught you?

When did your heart dog enter your life? Was it a low point in your life? Did your heart dog leave you at a high point in your life? Or is your heart dog still with you?
I think a heart dog is a dog like a best friend, one you have an almost indescribable connection to, I am not really religious but it is the closest thing I've felt to what I could call spiritual. Xena is my heart dog, I never really expected or necessarily wanted her to be, but she is. I love Eko very, very much, not more or less than Xena, just different. It was a completely different experience even from the very beginning when I met her. We looked at each other and it was love at first sight, she was so shy and scared when I got her but she was never that way with me, not even when she first saw me. She has been the dog I've had the most struggles with, probably because she acts just like me :/

She's taught me a lot, definitely patience, letting little things go, because life is very short. When she was 7 months old I went through a while with her where I didn't know if we had much time together left because of her health, all of the stuff she did that used to frustrate me seemed like nothing, all that mattered was just spending time with her. She's taught me it's fun to let lose and get totally silly sometimes, like rolling around on the bed or throwing couch cushions and pillows at each other (seriously she throws them at me).

I wasn't really at a bad or good point in my life, I was doing ok. I just wanted to help Xena stay out of the shelter I didn't even know if I would keep her until I saw her. Crazy how things work out!

(I got a bit teary eyed typing about when she was sick, Xena was looking out the window and right on cue she looked at me, whined and licked my cheeks. Freaking LOVE this dog!)
06-07-2014 10:54 AM
middleofnowhere I dislike the term and the concept. (That's understating my thoughts and feelings about it.) Every dog I've had has been a "heart dog" in their own respect. Different ones have excelled in different ways, have brought different characteristics. There's not a one I wouldn't have again if it were possible.
06-07-2014 10:06 AM
Cara Fusinato I added this post over on the sheltie board --there are actually TWO of us over there with GSD's and Shelties. You would be amazed how many times they are talking about the same things as this board at the same time. For a post like this, I cross-posted over. The sheltie folk are now pondering this and really loving telling the tales of their special ones. Thanks OP. This is a really great question and the stories read like a Chicken Soup book.
06-06-2014 02:57 PM
lovemygirl What is a heart dog? How is he/she different from any other dog you've cared for?

To me, a heart dog is a soulmate dog. It's the dog you have a heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, connection with. Eva was my heart dog. I just knew. I didn't even want a dog when we adopted her, and yet within 24 hours I found myself sleeping next to her crate, waking up every hour on the hour to take her out (undiagnosed EPI), etc. It's hard to describe. It's just this deep, abiding connection, ya know?

What has your heart dog taught you?

Oh gosh. Everything. Eva taught me to have more patience with both animals {and their owners} and humans who were troubled by behavioral problems. She taught me the true, full meaning of devotion, respect, and love. She just...changed my world and my outlook. It's hard to put into words!

When did your heart dog enter your life? Was it a low point in your life? Did your heart dog leave you at a high point in your life? Or is your heart dog still with you?

Eva came into my life at an exceptionally low point. I'd just suffered three staggering, sudden losses. She left me at an average point in my life, I guess. Her leaving created a new low, though.
06-06-2014 02:33 PM
Juno1 I have a great story for this thread!
Growing up we always had GSD's. As us kids grew up, my parents still always had one.
My dad's last dog, Max, passed away at 11 and he didn't get another dog. In Feb of 2009 my brother committed suicide. My parents changed in an instant, and my dad lost his best friend, and his only son. About six months after my brother died, I felt like my dad needed something to fill his void, so I started looking for an older GSD for him. I came across an ad with no pic and called the gal. He was a 6 year old GSD who did not like men, and was quite aggressive, (so she said!). Something just told me that this was the dog for my dad. I contacted my dad and he in turn contacted the gal and made plans to meet at my parent's house. When Lucian jumped out of her vehicle, He ran immediately to my dad and the bond was instant. Lucian did not look back. My dad changed his name to Luke, and it was the best thing that has EVER happened to my dad. It brought the love back into his life, and it brought love into Luke's life. Luke is my dad's best friend. He has a spinal condition, and is not going to be around much longer, and it breaks my heart that my dad will go through the heart ache again...but for the time being, Luke saved my dad, and my dad saved Luke. His heart dog.
06-06-2014 01:44 PM
Cara Fusinato A heart dog has a connection to you like no other. It is not about being the perfect dog, desired dog, having a special obtaining story, or even being a healthy dog, it is about a soul to soul connection so deep it is unexplainable except to someone who has had a heart dog too. One may have many dogs in a lifetime but only one or maybe two heart dogs. There are heart dogs and there are other dogs. The other dogs may be far superior to the heart dogs in health, training, aptitude, intelligence, workability, etc. But that is no matter. They are not the One (with the capital O). Heart dogs are sent by the universe because your very soul needs them and they need you.

I have had 5 dogs and will be getting a 6th next month. Three are at the Bridge.

My first heart dog was a blue merle aussie. There was a time in life soon after that when some really bad stuff happened to me and I no longer wanted to live. I lived for that dog just like he lived for me. He taught me to love unconditionally, even myself and the world after bad things happened. I would not be OK today except for his soul carrying me through the darkest time of my life. The next two dogs were dogs that came for a reason. One was my husband's girl and one was a wonderful service dog and my constant companion. Not my heart dog, but my best friend and protector. Six weeks after my Aussie passed came another heart dog, my Shay here in the pic. My shepherd. Both my husband and I love him more than life, for all his flaws and his triumphs. Little Shay, my timid fearful boy, carried me through my Dad's cancer treatment and passing. He bore so much on his young shoulders. My soul depended on his strength and he was glad to give it. My little sheltie girl who came along last summer has taught me and loved me and challenged me. Not my heart dog but my bestie girlfriend, my sista, the 4-legged adult in the room. Soon I am to get another sheltie puppy to do a lot of training and activities with. We have miles to go and places to see, him and me. He is my freedom, my chance to roam the world with a companion and do things I want to do with a dog that I have not been able to do for years and years. Will he be my heart dog? We will see. Can we have two heart dogs living at the same time? Not sure that is possible. We have been lucky with two heart dogs and three great dogs so far.

While all dogs come to you for a reason, heart dogs come along as the universes's gift to your soul.
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