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04-29-2014 03:56 PM
martemchik See...I'm not calling your dog aggressive. I'm saying he has aggression. It's a normal thing, that shouldn't upset you, shouldn't get your riled up, shouldn't make you think any less of your dog or your ability as an owner. Our breed has aggression...and if you want to sit there and deny it, thinking you own some sort of lab or poodle...that makes you oblivious.

It's not a bad thing for your dog to have aggression. You just have to accept that there are dangerous situations at the dog park and unfortunately, our breed is more prone to either causing them or just plain getting blamed for them.

He's maturing, you don't know his genetics, there are a lot of questions about him right now. Again...not a terrible thing. But you just have to open your eyes to the fact that your dog has the ability to hurt other dogs and rough play today...leads to something happening tomorrow, especially if you don't have 100% recall (which is possible).

The only reason I'm telling you this is because I was just like you 2 years ago. I thought I had the sweetest most submissive GSD in the world that would never hurt any other dog because he loved to play so much and could get a bit too rough sometimes. I'm telling you, that switch flips super took me weeks to see it. It was play play play play, and then all of the sudden BAM! It's actually much easier to see it in the other dogs...their tails usually stop wagging, they start running away more and not really enjoying the game of chase.
04-29-2014 02:16 PM
wyoung2153 If you are going to continue to go to the dog park, fine, jsut make sure you put yourself in the situation where you have all the control. Be right with your dog 100% of the time and when he doesn't listen, leash and do OB, then repeat. That would be my only other suggestion.
04-29-2014 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by sabledog3 View Post
Wyoung, I'm frustrated because that's exactly what I am doing. And while that is all fine and good, that doesn't necessarily teach him to be less socially awkward. This is why he's going to daycare, there he can be corrected for not listening to the other dogs.

I think we are going to have to agree to disagree that a dog can perform a command 100 percent reliably every time

Thank you for your input
I would talk to those that do competitions of any kind, OB, Rally, ScH/IPO, working dogs of any kind: LE K9, military K9, SAR, etc.. or simply just research them. They don't have room to not listen 100% of the time. So I am not going to agree to disagree, because there's just too much evidence. I will, however, not argue with you, I digress..

Who is doing the correcting at doggy daycare?
04-29-2014 02:01 PM
katdog5911 Sounds to me that you have a decent understanding of your dog considering you haven't had him long. And you are trying to figure out the unknown by consulting a behaviorist. BUT my first concern is always MY DOG. Even if she is not the one at fault....she is the GSD and will get blamed. And if she plays a bit rough and it turns into something more serious....she is the GSD and will get blamed. My girl unfortunately is reactive to other dogs. She has never been in a fight or bitten another dog but that is only because I try very hard to avoid a situation where that could happen. She is not aggressive, she is reactive, but that could easily turn into aggression I think. She went to dog parks when she was younger...she was pinned and bullied by older dogs that were "just playing rough". I wish I could go back in parks would have been on my do not go there list.
I see a big difference in her behavior when she is with dogs that have knowledgable owners vs the average pet owner. Sadly, dog parks seem to have more of the latter.
If I had to do it all over I wouldn't worry so much about her playing with unknown dogs. I would stick to dogs I know for socialization.
04-29-2014 01:59 PM
Msmaria If your dog wants to play with another dog that doesn't want to play with him, go get him and distract him by playing ball, chase etc with him. If he goes back to the other dog, get him and take him home. He will learn.
04-29-2014 01:38 PM
sabledog3 Wyoung, I'm frustrated because that's exactly what I am doing. And while that is all fine and good, that doesn't necessarily teach him to be less socially awkward. This is why he's going to daycare, there he can be corrected for not listening to the other dogs.

I think we are going to have to agree to disagree that a dog can perform a command 100 percent reliably every time

Thank you for your input
04-29-2014 01:20 PM
wyoung2153 I too am one of the few that don't hate dog parks.. I have had luck with them and owners who give a hoot. However, people are going to get uncomfortable with a larger dog growling even when playing.. and while we know the difference they may not, as well as the other dog may just simply not tolerate it.

I'm lucky enough that Titan doesn't have a desire to interact with the other dogs at the park. That's not why we go. We go because it's much larger than my yard and he likes to sprint for his ball. He is oblivious to most other dogs and the only time he has responded to another dog is when they were trying to play and he didn't appreciate it. The owner didn't have control over his dog that kept poking at Titan to chase him and barking at him the whole way he went to get the ball and back, even nipping to play because that is something dogs do. While I knew he was playing, I still made the owner leash his dog while we were there because Titan had just about had it and I knew was going to turn into a fight if the dog kept at it, because every dog has a breaking point. Same concept for you.

Even if you know he's good and playing, the other dog just may not like it either then it turns into a huge fight and your dog would have been the instigator. Not to mention, here in certain parks (I stay away from) people have been known to take their guns to dog parks. I would hate to be in a situation where my dog was viewed as a threat and shot and killed.

At this point you have the control to change the situation. That may mean avoiding dog parks until you get everything 100% trained. Being almost 100% accurate is like saying he's 90% potty trained. He is or he isn't.

The reason people are saying you are oblivious is just because you asked for advice and everyone is pretty much saying the same thing and you are in denial. Your dog is not aggressive or "bad." Just needs to learn some manners, and more visits to the DP without you doing anything is certainly only going to escalate everything. You should be able to say with 100% confidence that you have control over your dog, but you can't. You can only say that about 90% of the time. What about the 10% That's a huge difference when it comes to dog fighting and obedience. It's the reason I am breaking from SAR, Titan has a 95% recall.. and that's not good enough for me because that could cause serious issue while we work..

Just take the advice people are giving you. You aren't a bad person, your dog isn't aggressive, YET, (it only takes one event) so pause for a while, get your dog into more training and then go back when he's 100% solid.
04-29-2014 01:07 PM
sabledog3 I know I sound defensive and I hate that, but I know the answer isn't that my dog is aggressive and I'm oblivious. I know it's always a risk going to the dog park, and that is one I'm obviously willing to take. As stated earlier,I have stopped taking him until I can figure this out. He still be going to daycare one per week for about 2 hrs. We were only going to the dog park on weekends. We also consistently work commands in distracting places, including come.

He probably just turned 2. I got him at about a year and a half. Recently neutered the month before I got him. He was a stray. I know
I he was not around other dogs for at least 5 months between the shelter and the rescue. Before that is unknown.
04-29-2014 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by sabledog3 View Post
I'm a little disturbed to be a new member of a forum where people call others oblivious...

1-no animal performs with 100 percent accuracy. Not even people.

2-my dog doesn't snap at other dogs or get after them out try to put them in their place. He does great with almost all dogs at the park, the only time he had trouble is when he wants to play rough and the other dog doesn't. What will happen is he paws at the other dog and they tell him no and he doesn't listen. He had been corrected by dogs before and he takes it fine, but don't dogs he just doesn't listen to. He had never been in or any part of a dog fight. Most people at the park love him and he has lots of friends there.

3- aggression means intent to do harm, wrestling and rough housing is not aggression.

He went to daycare today and did awesome.
Just so you know, not everyone hates dog parks here.
Like you, I take my dog to dog parks, beaches, doggie day camp. Up to now it works for us. Like yours he has many friends ( dog park small dogs and big dogs mixed together).
Some dogs and some people shouldn't go to dog parks though. If Dex becomes one of those, then I won't take him.

In regards to rough play, everyone knows him at the dog park so they don't have a problem with him playing with their small dog. Never the less, I don't allow him to get excited and trample any of them. We mostly play in the big dog corner. If anyone new would come and they are apprehensive of my dogs play, I respect that and immediately recall him. We're not perfect but I try to put the shoe on the other foot. I would never just allow my dog to pester another dog whether I feel like its play or not. Maybe 6 months from now, we won't do dog parks, who knows. But I agree, things could happen anywhere as Ive read on this forum, you can walk down the street with your dog on leash and be attacked by another dog.
04-29-2014 12:43 PM
wolfy dog It sounds like that only the others in the park have a problem then. If you ask for advice and people on the forum help you as best as they can, it is odd that in the end nothing seems to be wrong.
I see that often as a trainer. I point out what they need to do and then I get the famous, "Yes, buts...."
So, I you have a problem, get a trainer and listen with an open mind. Final answer.
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