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04-11-2014 06:45 PM
Charlie W I have one of each and could go on for hours, about all aspects but I'll answer your specific questions, bearing in mind these are my experiences with my two dogs, so maybe dog-specific rather than breed specific differences..


I don't think there's much in it, both are whip-smart, but the GSD is snappier (no pun intended) in her response to commands. They are both obedient, but the GSD does it because she wants to, the dobe does it because he has to!


I take the dogs horse riding with me and both of them are wickedly fit, but the dobie beats the GSD hands down when it comes to stamina. For every mile the horse does, the GSD does 2 and the dobie does 5. He covers the ground hour after hour and never tires..ever. He's phenomenal to watch in motion..


Some interesting differences here, I'll start by the similarities between the two, they are both friendly and well socialized, although the GSD in particular is not really bothered about attention from strangers. Neither of them are noisy, barking dogs.

The way they guard is quite different though, and I have to disagree with this..

Originally Posted by Gwenhwyfair View Post
Aesthetically Dobies loose the intimidation factor if the ears aren't cropped, tail docked
Believe me, they don't, Red isn't cropped or docked, but what people see is a big, powerful, confident dog..

Now, if Norah the GSD is outside alone and anyone turns up, she'll bark if she doesn't know them. If she barks we all check, because she never barks at nothing. Once we're there, she "hands over to us"

If Red is outside, he will sometimes bark, if he knows the person they just come on through and get licked.. If he doesn't know them it gets interesting, he seems to be able to "read" people, it amazes us anew every time, and he never gets it wrong. We live in the country and get some odd callers now and then.. Some will get barked at, then he changes, wags his tail and puts them at ease..For example the mail delivery people, or recently a work colleague who had never been here before, or this very morning the telephone repair guy..
If he doesn't like the person, he will stand back from the gate a few feet. He won't bark, he won't move, he stares at them and maybe growls a little, but not much. The whole stance seems to say "I am not in the least bit intimidated by you and you'd better stay right where you are or turn around, do not try to open the gate!"...and believe me, people don't..It's almost eerie how obvious this normally boisterous, friendly dog can make it when he doesn't like the look of a stranger. We are normally alerted to this happening by a voice shouting "hello" nervously!
I don't think he would ever bite someone, but when an impressive dog like him stands and stares, I don't think he'll ever be put in that position because nobody would get close to him..
Unlike the GSD though, Red sometimes barks at birds and cars with trailers, so we don't always look when we hear him!

Also, the GSD is more of a one person dog, but the dobe is more needy of general attention, he will lean on us , just to be close and have contact.

As I said, this might just be my two dogs, but interesting differences...
04-11-2014 05:00 PM
petite In my experience in a veterinary setting, GSDs, even for their possible health problems are nothing compared to the unfortunate health issues Dobies can have. Not in severity nor in frequency. From heart issues to neurology complications to spinal abnormalities. They are great dogs but the heath risks keep me from considering them.

On a less relevant note, their coats give me hives on occasion!
04-09-2014 07:59 PM
AKIRA3 They do shed...just differently than GSD.
They do have a certain scent to them. GSD's don't
Many skin problems as opposed to GSD.
Ours was as tune to us as the GSD is now.
I would hate to make the decision of which one...
I'd probably take both!
if your going to crop the ears, dealing with that was a pain, not to mention expensive.
04-09-2014 07:19 PM
LeoRose I thought you had decided on a Euro-line Dobe. That's what you said on DT, anyway. I do hope that you will do your homework, whichever breed you decide on, and don't fall for some of the misinformation out there (especially about Euro-line Dobes), and go with a good, ethical breeder or rescue.

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04-09-2014 06:20 PM
TigervTeMar GSDude how did you find training malamutes? I was going to get one but decided on a GS.
04-09-2014 06:09 PM
Originally Posted by Nigel View Post
Not sure if its the case for all Dobermans, but the 2 I've met did not like cold weather, unlike most shepherds, who seem to enjoy it. Like I said, I don't know what the breed is like dealing with the cold as a whole, but depending on your location and activities, might be something to consider.
That is correct. Police and military prefer GSDs because their all weather resistance. However, in most parts of the US, under normal conditions a Dobermans will be fine.

Referring to the OP: I think it boils down to the individual dog and breeder. If you find a breeder with dogs you like, go for it, regardless of breed. Although many will buy a puppy only from pictures and have it shipped, I prefer to see both parents in person, see the kennel, check their pedigrees, etc.
04-09-2014 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by Nigel View Post
Not sure if its the case for all Dobermans, but the 2 I've met did not like cold weather, unlike most shepherds, who seem to enjoy it. Like I said, I don't know what the breed is like dealing with the cold as a whole, but depending on your location and activities, might be something to consider.
This is definitely true. I have a Dobie and a GSD. In the winter my GSD loves to play in the snow, but my dobie will just go outside and do his business then come back in. He HATES the cold.

Also coloring makes a huge difference. Fawn and blue dobie's have a lot of inherent skin problems. Mine is a red, but his father was fawn and he still has minor issues. Dobie's also want to be touching their owners a lot. Mine will sit down and back up until he is touching you. If you scoot back a couple inches he will back up more until he is touching you again. Its quite funny really. He will also sit next to me and lean into me. My GSD on the other hand likes to be close to me, but she is perfectly happy to go lay down in another room, or at least on the other side of the same room. She doesn't have to be up against me all the time. If I get up and walk to another part of the house, she will get up and follow up, but she isn't up against me all the time.

Maybe the biggest factor is shedding. Dobie has very little and GSD....well we all know what their shedding is like.
04-09-2014 09:02 AM
Originally Posted by GSDUDE View Post
Ok, I have owned trained tons of dogs from all kinds. malamutes to Pomeranians.
I live in a huge house. I wanna buy a new dog i narrowed to a dobbie and a gsd which should i get and why? I have the time to take care of them. Please state the difference in terms of INTELLIGENCE, STAMINA, PROTECTIVE INSTINCTS.
And any other info. Any help from owners of both or people who know is appreciated. Thank you.
I have had the pleasure of knowing 5 Dobermans in my life, 4 of which I am still actively around and they are all friends with my GSD and Dalmatian, I love the breed and I will have one at some point in my life probably as my next dog.

Dobermans are smart dogs but IMO they are slightly more difficult to train than the GSD.

All of the Dobermans I know how a lot more stamina and energy than my GSD.

As for protective instincts, my GSD guards his yard and he has protected me before but all of the Dobermans that I know are excellent watch/guard dogs and IMO they are much more intimidating. I have dog sat 2 Dobermans at my house at different times and they treated my yard/house as if it was their property right away and they were always on patrol.

Now, the Dobermans that I know have all had health issues, 3 of them had/have skin issues, one has Wobblers and the other one had Parvo occasionaly has loose stools and has a weaker immune system.

Also Dobermans WHINE and it's the most annoying thing I have ever heard in my life, they also can have a high pitch bark that is equally as annoying.

So when it comes down to it, IMO the GSD is smarter, easier to train and less annoying vocally but the Doberman is a better watch dog, has more energy and more stamina and they shed less.
04-06-2014 03:47 PM
Wetdog --------" I wanna buy a new dog i narrowed to a dobbie and a gsd which should i get and why? I have the time to take care of them. Please state the difference in terms of INTELLIGENCE, STAMINA, PROTECTIVE INSTINCTS."---------

No difference. And I have had many of both breeds. Grooming is easier with Dobes, especially during shedding season.
04-06-2014 11:49 AM
dogfaeries Love love love Dobes! I've had several, and also worked with Dobe Rescue for many years. I'd have another in a heartbeat, if I didn't already have 2 intact female GSDs and an intact male GSD. There's no adding a male or a female Dobe into that mix.

My experience has been that they are very into their owners. Always sitting on your feet, or leaning on your leg, or cramming themselves into a chair with you. Always wanting to be touching you. They will be on your furniture.

Extremely goofy. As a puppy, my Dobe Tessa got a marrow bone stuck on her toes, stole bars of soap out of the bathroom, and would stand in the bathtub with my son if I didn't shut the bathroom door. They have a quirky thing that they do, that we refer to as the "helicopter", where they will twirl in one direction, and then change course and twirl the other way. It's pretty funny. I remember Tessa was terribly destructive as a puppy. Once she grew up, she became a model citizen.

Not a fan of rain, or the cold. Minimal shedding. There are health problems in the breed (cardiomyopathy, wobblers, von willebrands). Average life span is about 9-10 years, but I had two Dobes that lived to be 14 years old.

When I took my first Dobe through obedience classes, my trainer told me "With Goldens you pattern, with GSDs you train, with Dobes you negotiate". She was right on that one. I remember being in class one night, and we were working on "down". After about the 4th time I asked for a down, I could see the wheels turning in her head. She threw herself on the ground, flipped upside down with her feet in the air. She was quite pleased with herself. After all, she was technically down, LOL. I have to say though, that clicker or marker training was made for this breed. She loved that clicker so much.

I find Dobes to be much more intimidating to the general public than GSDs.
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