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04-08-2014 10:48 AM
selzer I don't think it will be fear biting.

I think fear biting is more when you have your dog out and some kid runs up behind, and the dog is so startled that it nips or bites. Fear biters are generally fearful dogs.

But a dog that is tethered does know that it can't run, so if the dog has the options of fight or flight, many dogs (not fear biters), just dogs that would probably not be schutzhund material, would maintain a healthy distance, ie. avoid, and the tether prevents that option.

Some dogs when tethered act like they are guarding the object they are tethered to. Probably just again a response to an uncertain situation, where the option of avoiding the uncertainty is eliminated.

But how the kid was acting, going forward, and then backing up out of her reach, was just because the child was scared. The dog can smell that and understands that from the body language, or understands a strong negative emotion. The dog does not check the person's credentials to ensure they are 18 before they bite. And the dog may not be able to distinguish, scaredy kid from someone up to no good.

So, this is where protecting your dog comes in. It isn't so much fear biting, but these dogs can be territorial, they may have protection/guarding engrained in them, they do have teeth, and many do not have a very high threshold before they will use their teeth.

What the child did, is very like to teasing from the perspective of the dog, and when something is teased, it will get frustrated, and when something is frustrated, I think thresholds come down. And so we protect our dogs.

If a dog bit in the situation you described, I don't think I would label the dog a fear-biter. And if I ran the court system, the owner would get a pass and child's guardian would be seriously fined for doing something like that. Unfortunately, the court systems are not run by dog lovers or even dog savvy people, so if your dog bit in such a situation, you could be perfectly ok, or you could face serious sanctions and in some crazy places, your dog would be put down. And just about anywhere you could be sued -- whether they would win or not is a question, but a lot of homeowner's insurance companies, will just settle -- and they don't care why the dog bit. They will settle the claim, and then drop you. And your dog would have a bite history, and getting insurance while maintaining ownership of the dog will be very difficult, and maybe impossible. So, we protect our dogs.

If a dog is teased by children chronically, a dog may become less tolerant of children in general, but again, they do not necessarily turn into fear biters, they may turn into child biters. And so we protect our dogs.
04-08-2014 08:57 AM
firestorm I did talk to my husband and he does finally agree that I did do the right thing and it is wrong on the neighbors part. If the subject ever comes up when we are talking with the neighbors my husband will tell them not to go up to the dog if we are not out there with her. Finding and reading this forum has really opened my eyes on how I deal with my dog. I never really thought about protecting the dog from people. From now on I will have to have eagle eyes and be watch full like a hawk around here. When I am outside with her she not on her lead or in her dog run, she is by me. She is after all my companion and protector. How ever if I can not keep an eye on her and still want her to be outside I will use the lead or dog run. I will be more careful in the future , cause if she is on lead or in her dog run I don`t want my dog to feel trapped if she can`t get away from a situation like that in the future and decides that her only option is to nip/bite in fear. Though she does not show any signs of being a fear biter. I do not want her to become one. So, I think I have a handle on this now. My dog comes first. The neighbor will just have to except that he cannot do this period. It will not be tolerated. Thanks everyone, you guys and gals are a awesome bunch.
04-07-2014 08:44 PM
selzer When you live in a nice place where people respect boundaries, you might be able to tether your dog outside for some minutes so he can do what he needs to do while you are washing the breakfast dishes or getting ready for work.

Unfortunately, your neighbor is a jerk. Which means you do not live in a nice place where you can tether your dog outside for a few minutes while you take care of the breakfast dishes or get ready for work.

I am sorry that this is the case. Whether or not to start neighbor trouble is something that you and your husband need to decide on. Frankly, if it were me, the man would get a good piece of my mind, and if my husband didn't like it, I would have some sign language for him too.

Probably a good thing I am not married.

When we have shepherds, it is sometimes best to keep the neighbors happy or neutral. But it is not always possible. I think it is better to tell the man that you do not want him coming around your dog when you are not present. But, I don't think he will listen to you. And you can't count on it in any event.

Your choices are to put up a privacy fence, or to be out there whenever your dog is out there. It sucks, but it is what it is.
04-07-2014 06:33 PM
jafo220 It sounds like you're going in the right direction with this. You're right that you don't have to be belligerent with the guy but you don't want him mistaking your kindness for weakness either. Just be firm so he understands you mean business and are not kidding around. If he is any kind of good neighbor, he should understand without much trouble.

Making waves with neighbors is always touchy but some just don't get it either. It's what I'm going through with my neighbor and their two little dogs and teenage kids who let them out front off leash and crap in our side yard. I picked the stuff up and she came out one morning in her nightgown to tell me she was going to pick it up. I informed her it would be best if she kept her dogs in her own yard to potty. Then I get this long story about her new in-ground pool and how muddy her backyard was so she let them go out front. It was ok for me to track and smell her dogs poo in my house but not good for them to track mud into her house. Makes sense doesn't it? LOL! Needless to say, this neighbor didn't listen. It has subsided but not ended. So don't feel bad, your not alone in neighbor issues. It could be worse.
04-07-2014 06:15 PM
firestorm We do have a dog run. I think my DH would go ape if he came home and there was a six foot privacy fence up on both sides of the property. I would love to put up a fence like this. I will be happy if I can talk him into fencing a small area for our dog.
04-07-2014 06:07 PM
firestorm I do have those signs up. He even remarked on them. So I think he really knows why I put the signs up. He thinks they just do not apply to him. By me catching him in the act and saying something, hopefully he got the hint. I grew up in the country but moved to the city later on in life, never had a problem like this though, now I live back in the country. I like the country much better. I will keep an extra eye out for him in the future when outside or inside. He is just kinda weird. Even to this day I still walk my dog around the boundary of our yard. Did this when we first brought her home. If the dog knows pretty much where the boundaries are , then the neighbor should. He just don`t respect them. I always try to keep her out of neighbors yards. Cause I know I do not like it when there is a dog in my yard and garden and flower beds. I always try to respect other people.
04-07-2014 03:06 PM
huntergreen firestorm...thanks for that explanation of DH. a dog run would be good, but i still think a 6 foot privacy fence is needed. if dear wife and i disagreed on this, i have no doubt i would come home to a newly installed fence.
04-07-2014 01:42 PM
The Packman
Originally Posted by The Packman View Post
You left a K9 that could potentially bite someone unattended...your bad !
Originally Posted by firestorm View Post
...It is my yard, on two acres, she is my dog. We have a very long drive way. It is not like he can walk five feet and the dog is right there. Our house is a little less than half way into our property,(remember two acres) no reason why I would think some one would be outside.
After reading your above post I would like to amend my post.

You are correct !

In your OP you said the guy lives 'right next door.' I am from the City of Philadelphia and my DEF of right next door and yours are different.

For about a buck a piece you can get Keep Out / No Trespassing signs. I suggest you buy a BUNCH of them and put them up all over. It probably won't help but if anything ever happens you'll have them in your defense.
04-07-2014 01:28 PM
Blanketback All's well that ends well, right? You're very welcome!

I will say that weed whacking around chain link is a huge frustration, because it breaks the cord every time it hits it. If you can put something under the fence line, even if it's just some gardening weed barrier cloth and topped with mulch, or flat rocks, anything lol - you'll be happier. Your rose hedge sounds wonderful! I put in cedars on the side where the jerk lives, and lilacs on the side where the nice-but-nosy children live. They're nice, but I don't appreciate the kids yelling "woof woof" all the time to get my dogs going, lol. Kids, what can you do?
04-07-2014 01:16 PM
firestorm I like fences to, much easier when you have a dog. I think I might try to put up a living hedge. Roses I think, they are beautiful and they have thorns. People don`t like thorns. I think my DH would agree to that. Plus it would be pretty, the ever blooming ones. I could also put one on the very front of our property. Just to bad you have to go to extremes in this day in age. But I still will try to put up a fenced area by her dog run. Probably around 25x25 area, give or take a few feet. I think I can talk him into doing that if I can find some used chain link fence and agree to weed whack around the fence. It is not that big of an area and that is where she goes to the bathroom any ways. That is her potty spot. I think it might work because our grand kids still play in that area even though we told them a dozen times not to play there. I am beginning to believe there is hope now. I am glad I found this forum. You made me to think of different ways to handle this. That don`t seem would cause a problem. On top of that who would not want to beautify their property. I feel better now. Thank you for making me think.
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