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03-23-2014 12:11 PM
counter So good news! I was able to get my Kaze early. He's been here with me for 3 days now, instead of waiting until March 28th. Anyways, I've been feeding him 3-4 times a day to help put some weight on. I measured him yesterday, and great news: I am not an owner of an oversized dog (yet)! Kaze measured 26" and 86 lbs. He probably needs to put on 5-10 lbs to get those ribs to stop showing. But he's right in the middle of the breed standard for height (24-28") and once he fills out with meat and muscle, he will be slightly over the breed standard for weight. He's laying here next to me while I type this. I'm about to take all 4 dogs out for another daily 6-mile bikejoring adventure to help build that muscle mass, and then I'll take him with me on a 7.5-mile run this afternoon. He's named KamiKAZE for a reason! He's a whirlwind of energy who bounces off the walls all day long, no matter how much exercise I provide him. Crazy boy! I love him so much already. I'll post new pics once I take some.
03-18-2014 08:42 PM
A girl and her dog
Originally Posted by SunCzarina View Post
I had the over sized 130lb GSD who was always sick but never skittish.

Never bothered me much when people (always MEN) had to tell me they used to have one that was 150lbs or when they were 'in the military' the dogs were so much bigger. Doubtful but I'm not the jackass whisperer either so I'd just let it roll.
Exactly, the one-up game,
03-18-2014 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by Wetdog View Post
You'll never see THAT in a Clydesdale commercial................
Oh but that would be SUCH an entertaining commercial.
03-18-2014 12:56 PM
SunCzarina I had the over sized 130lb GSD who was always sick but never skittish.

Never bothered me much when people (always MEN) had to tell me they used to have one that was 150lbs or when they were 'in the military' the dogs were so much bigger. Doubtful but I'm not the jackass whisperer either so I'd just let it roll.
03-18-2014 11:24 AM
A girl and her dog Well, you're not the jacka$$ whisperer

I have a GSD/Wirehaired-some kind of terrier mix whose age I'm still a bit unsure of but is probably nearing 3 1/2 months now. He still has his puppy teeth and they're finally starting to look bigger than needles. He's either going to be very small for a GSD/mix or is only now reaching 3 months. The shelter said he was 10 weeks when I adopted him- that was 8 weeks ago. 10 weeks was a load of c**p. He was more likely closer to 4 weeks.

Anyhow, all of that to say that I've already gotten the "he's so tiny" and "I don't see any GS in him at all".... and that's from a person heavily involved in rescue for over 20 yrs. They haven't seen my dog in person and don't see how long his legs are and how he moves, even though he is very thin and his head looks small for his size. So, I get how you feel. It's confusing when people comment on our dogs' size. it can be unnerving.

My favorite comeback was the penis comment. LOL! Best ever! Here's one you might try when someone comments on how 'big' their GSD is- "Really? What is he mixed with?" Of course they'll guffaw and declare that he is purebred, and that's when you say "Oh, well many people are breeding for size over quality for ego purposes and it's a shame what it's doing to the overall health of the breed. I wanted one closer to the true working breed standard and that's what I have; couldn't be happier!"

Also- the person that explained that it all has more to do with their own ego than about your dog is totally correct! The comment has WAY more to do with their own need for validation. Their ego is driving them to own a "big" dog and they think the bigger the better that makes them look. It's stupid, really. And again, you can't talk to these types- you're not the jacka$$ whisperer.
03-17-2014 10:24 PM
Originally Posted by David Winners View Post
Put the dog in a down stay, take 2 steps forward and say shoulder

Now THAT looks like a useful "trick", much easier than trying to lift Z onto my shoulder. May have to work on that.
03-17-2014 02:02 PM
Personally, I would rather have a small dog that is incredibly intelligent and fearless than an oversize dog that sick all the time -- runs when he hears someone clap their hands and is afraid of his own shadow, but that's just me
Ya know, I would, too & I LOVE tall lean dogs. Of course I'd also rather have a large dog that's incredibly intelligent & fearless than a small/medium size dog that's sick all the time -- runs when he hears people clap their hands & is afraid of his own shadow. Despite the general dislike/opposition to over sized GSDs I suspect most members would agree.

For the record my big guy is extremely healthy, sound, stable, lean & fearless, as are the vast majority of the GSDs his breeder produces.

For that matter, while I sometimes get rude (& unsolicited) remarks about his size, most of the time I get tales of GSDs that are 'at least twice his size', including a CRPD k9! I don't argue. They might be bigger or not. Given a miracle they might even be twice his size, but so what. He is what he is (which is awesome, btw) & I love him madly.

The history of the breed included GSDs in a range of sizes, including those that are over sized. I respect people's preferences. It's nice if they respect mine but if not, c'est la vie. HOWEVER, misinformation (as opposed to preferences or opinions) rankles...Every now & then the devil on my shoulder urges me to do a tit for tat & meet inaccurate info with misinformation & common stereotypes of the sl & wl but my better nature wins out b/c the gen'l public doesn't deserve it, the board isn't well served by it & I know that good GSDs come in a range of sizes which include those from sl, wl & old fashioned lines. I won't diss good dogs just b/c some of their owners spread muck & dreck.
03-17-2014 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by counter View Post
Well, I wasn't sure his intention. And I didn't have time to engage in a long conversation about breed standards. I honestly don't think the majority of people (even GSD owners) know or understand what a breed standard is, and if I bring it up, then they'll probably think I'm some sort of breed snob, trying to "one up" them with my higher education level and their lack thereof.

Plus, I always let these things weigh heavy on my mind, and then come up with the best response hours after the incident. I got caught off guard.

Sent from Free App

Meh, I wouldn't let it bother me. I mean, if you didn't know what he meant by the comment, it happens all the time. Maybe next time you see him and he comments again, I'd just tell him to google the breed standard, then we'll talk.

I have had several times people have called my GSD a Rotty, outloud. I'm thinking, wow, no idea and these folks have a dog and can't tell the difference between a rotty and a GSD. It bothers me for like a nano second and figure I can have a better conversation with a person who knows what they are looking at and I just walk on.
03-17-2014 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by David Winners View Post
Put the dog in a down stay, take 2 steps forward and say shoulder

You'll never see THAT in a Clydesdale commercial................
03-17-2014 12:14 PM
Msmaria I think you just have to realize no matter what side of the fence your on, you may always hear comments about something, too big , too small, too black, not enough color. Ive heard my GSD is mixed with a great dane more than a few times, because hes soo big. Ive run into a guy with a smaller GSD who immediatly came up to us and said having a big GSD is plagued with problems and how his was much more stable, i told him good for you and really meant it. I dont care what others have to say about mine. I love him and Im okay with that, so it doesnt bother me. Too many other things to worry about
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