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03-01-2014 01:13 AM
llombardo Quick question before I can answer this . All of mine hold their own, depending on each situation. I wouldn't really call any of them dominant or submissive, is that possible? Clearly the oldest one is the alpha, but she isn't dominant about it. They don't fight, they take toys from each other and move onto the next toy if theirs gets taken. They are all just very even keeled. I have seen Midnite nose the older golden in an rambunctious way and the golden has corrected him and Midnite walks away and moves on, that has happened maybe twice in a year, does that make Midnite submissive and the golden dominant? I just don't see those couple times determining that. I would lean toward all of them being dominant if I had to choose, is it even possible to have 5 dominant dogs?
02-28-2014 10:35 PM
Kahrg4 1. Ages:
-Finder is 20 months
- Cafall is 15 months

2. Sex:
-Both male

3. Breeds:
-Cafall is a GSD
-Finder is a Siberian Husky

4. Dominant one:
-Cafall, GSD

5. Submissive one:
-Finder, Sibe

6. Any aggression or fear?
Not between them. Finder initially came to me with submissive urination problems but we've gotten him over that. He's a happy boy now.

7. How do you manage them?
Walks, training, off leash play. They each get individualized attention and snuggles. They are fed together but wait for my release to eat. We always have two of everything and that seems to keep the squabbles to a minimum. Love them.
02-28-2014 09:53 PM
Karma6577 I have 5 total so I will list a little different to keep it straight

1 Gizmo- papillon 7 years old intact submissive...micro alarm system

2 Karma- Dogo Argentino 6 1/2 years old spayed female dominant...leader of the pack within the dogs

3 Rommel- Rottie 5 years old neutered male dominant submissive

4 Zen- Dogo Argentino 2 years old neutered male dominant submissive

5 J'Zargo- German Shepherd 4 months intact dominant submissive

So far I've been luck with no fear or aggression

I manage them with work...IPO, weight pulling, dock dogs, running, hiking, bike riding, and a lot of dog events.

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02-28-2014 09:35 PM
KaiserandStella 1. Ages - Kaiser 5 years old - Stella 13 weeks

2. Sex - Male & Female

3. Breed - German Shepherd mix - German Shepherd

4. Dominant one - Male is more dominant.

5. Submissive one - Female pup is not the roll on back and pee submissive type but she submits to my male. She has a strong will power, confidence, and low aggression like my male. They can share toys, water, and eat next to each other without any issues.

6. Any aggression or fear - No

7. How do you manage them - With me Kaiser submits completely. I can take absolutely anything from him without so much as a second thought. He looks to me to handle things. Gives me the most beautiful eye contact I have ever received from a dog. We have the special kind of bond that is more than just general compatibility. With Stella he is extremely patient. He is the kind of dog that is very difficult to get an aggressive response out of. Will avoid conflict. He has extremely low aggression, high restraint, and would not aggressively attack another dog over items he wants but he has a lot of confidence and a strong will power. The kind of dog that can take things from other dogs with just patience, will power, and an assertive approach. However well he does with her I still don't leave them unsupervised though and I handle her when she gets into puppy antics or decides to pester him when he wants to sleep.
02-28-2014 07:55 PM
misslesleedavis1 1. Ages
2. Sex
3. Breed
4. Dominant one
5. Submissive one
6. Any aggression or fear
7. How do you manage them

1) 2.5, 2.5, 4-7

2) 2 males and one female

3) GSD BC GSD mix

4)Shiggies older female

5)Dexter Border Collie

6) Dexter Can be nervous, Tyson can be people fearful which leads to growling, Shiggies Rock solid with people, does not like off the wall dogs

7)Well Dexter has over his people nervousness he got older and we got shiggies and i think he learned from her, no secret that my 2nd or 3rd thread was about ty attacking dexter in the yard that was all my fault and i dont leave them alone together, and shiggies well she is pretty solid except for the food/water thing that we worked out,
02-28-2014 07:53 PM
Sitz&Platz Interesting question, I'm interested to see more answers.

1. Ages Lola 7, Dexter 1.5 (years)

2. Sex Dexter male, Lola female

3. Breed Dexter GSD, Lola Maltese Pekingese mix

4. Dominant one Lola

5. Submissive one Dexter

6. Any aggression or fear Dexter: None Lola: Biggest fear: Thunderstorms, Aggression: Does not like some adult strangers (few, random, and not related to gender, but loves kids). She would usually move away physically, and I can tell that she does not want to be petted by that particular person, so I let them know. She does not like to be bothered by playful GSD puppies at times and I have seen her give Dexter the stare of death at times, which he understands.

7. How do you manage them
Good question. Due to the size difference, I want Lola to be dominant to a certain degree. I feel that they settle their differences pretty well by themselves without me intervening too much. They're always together and never crated, so whatever they/we've been doing works.
02-28-2014 07:35 PM
onyx'girl 1. Ages 8,7,5
2. Sex F, F(both spayed)M(intact)
3. BreedAll GSDs SLx and WL's
4. Dominant oneOnyx
5. Submissive oneKacie
6. Any aggression or fearOnyx is aggressive, not really fear based
7. How do you manage themOnyx keeps a ball in her mouth so she isn't biting Kacie during outdoor play time. Karlo gets the others ramped up and Onyx will redirect onto Kacie so I manage that all the time. As long as Kacie doesn't challenge Onyx, all is well, but now and then the posturing begins and I diffuse it. If I correct one of the females, the other will take that opportunity to show dominance. So I usually use my body, quiet voice and redirect...unless it is major, then I will show my momma bear and stop it then and there.
02-28-2014 07:06 PM
Harry and Lola
What are the dynamics of your pack at home?

For those that have 2 or more dogs, what are the dynamics between them?

1. Ages
2. Sex
3. Breed
4. Dominant one
5. Submissive one
6. Any aggression or fear
7. How do you manage them


1. 5yo & 3yo
2. female & male
3. both GSDs
4. 3yo male
5. 5yo female
6. I'm not sure if I would label this aggression or dominance but 3yo male can stop 5yo female from walking past him with a look and a growl, 5yo female stops, becomes still and bows her head
7. Try and treat each one the same, I don't give the 3yo male anything first because he is the dominant one, sometimes he gets things before her, sometimes she does. They both have the same rules.

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