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02-25-2014 02:24 AM
Cassidy's Mom
Originally Posted by charliyewchyn View Post
We are attending an obedience class this week.
Is this first class you've taken with him? Have you done any training on your own in the three months since you've gotten him? Have you trained a dog before?

I understand this is extremely frustrating for you, but I can guarantee that most of our puppies would be acting the same way as yours if we hadn't done preventive training and management from the very beginning. What he's doing is all totally normal puppy behavior!

He's not going to obey commands that he hasn't been taught any more than you'd obey a person speaking to you in a foreign language. That's not being defiant, it's simply not understanding what's expected.

He's going to poop and pee all over the place just like your baby would if you let her loose in the house without a diaper on. You need to learn how to house train him, to watch him like a hawk when he's in the house and to take him outside frequently.

He jumps on people because he hasn't been taught polite greeting behavior, and because he's not kept on a leash to prevent him from jumping while he's learning a more appropriate way to interact with people.

He bites the walls and chews furniture because he's not being confined when you're not able to directly supervise him. Shoes are being chewed because they're left within reach.

He bites you because he's trying to get you to interact with him and he's probably frustrated. As others have mentioned, it's likely that he's not getting enough mental and physical exercise, and I'm guessing you haven't done any work on bite inhibition either.

I'm not saying all this to beat you up, I'm trying to explain that he's acting exactly like a puppy. Puppies bite, they chew, they dig, they bark, they pee and poop when they need to, wherever they are at the moment until they learn they need to potty outdoors. They are not born understanding our language. All of this must be taught, and it takes time, which is a lot to deal with when you also have a baby to take care of.
02-25-2014 01:18 AM
A few more points...

So a lot of great comments so far but I thought I could add a few more points:

1) Right now your priority is housebreaking. I'm sure you don't want this to be a long term problem. Check out this site. It's one hundred-percent on the nose. If you follow the instructions you'll be able to both crate train and housebreak at once.

2) When outside try fun games such as fetch or hide and seek. These are great for building recall and challenging him mentally. IF your pup is getting 30 mins to 1 hr of rigorous outdoor exercise a day (sorry but at his age it's mandatory!) then your puppy's behavior might be because he's over-tired. Once he's used to his crate then you should be able to pop him in there several times a day for nap time. Remember growing pups need 16-20 hrs of sleep daily.

3) As far as Ryker's zoomies and other naughty behavior...I think he's subconsciously seeking more tasks to learn. Start with the basics (sit down stand) and look into teaching calming behaviors. This guy has wonderful videos on eveything you need to get your puppy to pay attention to you and learn a host of useful commands. With plenty of practice I think you'll see remarkable improvement.

Keep researching and asking questions!
02-25-2014 12:48 AM
Mocha Castlemaid has the ticket to your troubles. That pup NEEDS exercise. If you can't give it to him you need to find someone who can. My pup did everything you mentioned, and the minute I upped his exercise it was like I had a completely different dog. You got a high energy, work driven breed who works best with constant stimulation. If he does not get exercise, he will not be a happy pooch, and most likely not a very enjoyable dog (not his fault).

If you can't take him out often he will not learn to go outside. Puppy pads teach him that it is okay to go potty in the house since that is where the pad is. That's why someone mentioned they are counter productive. You'll have to watch him closely and not even allow him the chance to go inside. Take him out the minute you see any signs (circling around, sniffing a lot, etc )

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02-24-2014 10:07 PM
Castlemaid If it's impossible for you to take your pup out to give him exercise, can you hire someone to come by twice a day and take the pup out for walks and play sessions? Maybe a college student, or a dog walker?

A GSD this age really needs to get his exercise, otherwise, as you have discovered, they can be quite the challenge to live with.
02-24-2014 09:30 PM
3dognite I cannot imagine how exhausted you are with a baby and a have my deepest sympathies.

Take heart in knowing though that most likely because he's growing up with a baby, he will do well with kids.

Just know that landshark phase will not last forever! It just feels like it!
02-24-2014 09:25 PM
charliyewchyn A million thanks to all of you guys... I am a bit relieved though for all the advices, I will do my best to be more patient and multitasker. It is really difficult for me. I am exhausted at night after the whole day. But this is what i want. My husband gave this to me and for our baby as a christmas present. And I want Ryker to be a good boy so everybody are happy!!!
02-24-2014 05:30 PM
Harry and Lola It is going to be difficult for you - you have a human baby, a German Shepherd baby and a husband that is away from the house for long periods of time.

I know your baby takes up most of your time, but try and find some time for your puppy a couple of times a day throughout the day and start your training, if you can do this and your puppy begins to understand you then your life will be easier with a baby and a dog.

I know you will be tired and when your baby is sleeping you will want to rest yourself or catch up with the housework etc, but try and find 10 minutes 3 to 4 times a day to train your puppy.
02-24-2014 05:19 PM
charliyewchyn He's turning 5 mos.old on the 9th. When we got him at 2 months old, he is okay with potty in the pad. After a few weeks, he starts pooping and peeing everywhere. That's why we bought him a crate. I can't take him outside when i'm alone with my baby the whole day. I can't take the risk leaving a child while i'm with a dog outside. If the weather is a little better, i tried to take him out with my baby. She's only under 1. My husband comes home very late and works early in the morning.
02-24-2014 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by middleofnowhere View Post
Puppies do eat up crate pads! I bought cheap all cotton bathmatts without any backing because I wanted them to be easy on the puppy and easy on my pocketbook.
My current puppy is the toughest one yet to house train. I think we have finally got it. I put a bell on the door, when she exits the crate, she goes outside (she knows to urinate on command because I named the activity when it happened & praised it like she just selected the winning lottery number), if she doesn't finish everything out there, when she comes inside she is crated again. She is fed in her crate, let out for water, let outside to eliminate. When she plays inside, she goes outside (is taken outside) when that stops. Until this past week or two, if I didn't do that, she found a spot...
Fortunately Ms. Bitey is very food driven. She thinks her kibble is wonderful enough to call it a high value treat. She initially got a treat when she sat (I named the activity and praised it, too). Then I introduced "focus" - she had to look at me after she sat but before she got the treat & praise. She still jumps - not as bad but she still jumps. She mouths my hand, she snaps with a leap. I just need to direct this behavior. She also counter surfs - a new one for me.
Puppies are wonderful but they are also a first rate PIA! I think most of us with puppies have moments when we ask our selves just what the heck we were thinking when we decided to do this.
BTW this is dog # 10, puppy # 5 for me. I feel your pain...
Countersurfing!!! That's new to me too with Odin. How do you break that???
02-24-2014 04:48 PM
Harry and Lola To me, he sounds confused.

1. HE DOESN'T OBEY. Calmly and simply show him what you want, for example if you want him to sit - use a food reward to both entice him and reward him ie using a bit of sausage or chicken or anything yummy show him the treat, let him sniff it but not take and then say 'sit' and move the treat up over his head and he will automatically sit, once sitting quickly reward him with the treat. By you being calm, in control and clear about what you want, he will eventually understand and want to please you
2. POOING/PEEING EVERYWHERE OR ON ONE CERTAIN SPOT. I BOUGHT HIM A CRATE AND PADS BUT HE CHEWED ON ALL THE PADS LAYING AROUND. again use a food reward when he goes toilet on the pads, you will have to spend some time calmly showing him where you want him to go and once he does food reward him, if he goes somewhere else, ignore it and do not reward him. With time and consistency from you and being rewarded with food when he goes on the pads, he will understand that you want him to use the pads and if he does he gets a yummy treat
3.IF YOU SAY NO, HE WONT STOP BARKING AND BIT ME. Dogs are not humans and they generally don't understand the word NO, if he is doing something you don't like, tell him 'leave it' or 'enough' and gently and calmly remove him or distract him. With the barking and biting you when you are saying no, again he could be very confused by you and perhaps you are escalating your voice so he is getting excited and thinks you want to play, puppies bite and bark at each other - it is normal play for them
4.JUMPING ON PEOPLE. leave a collar and short lead on him in the house and when you think he goes to jump on someone, step on the lead so he can't jump and tell him 'enough'
5.BITING/CHEWING WALLS, FURNITURE, SHOES ETC. normal puppy behavour, they need to chew, however you don't want him chewing your house. Keep your shoes in a cupboard or somewhere he can't get to them. If you see him chewing your walls or furniture, tell him to 'leave it' and distract him with something he can chew on like a nylabone
6.HE WILL BITE ME WHILE IM SITTING, OR STANDING, WALKING OR JUST MOVING AROUND. All puppies do this, every single one of us have experienced puppies biting our ankles and hands and it hurts with their needle teeth. With my puppies I put Vicks Vaporub on my hands and ankles to stop them, the smell is very strong and they hate it, once they go in for a nip of your leg and you have the Vicks on, the smell will stop them and they will eventually stop. DO NOT put Vicks on your puppy or make him lick it or eat it. Biting is a normal and essential puppy behaviour, he is trying to learn bite inhibition (something essential as an adult dog that did not learn bite inhibition can do some major damage to a person or other dog) and he does not have his litter mates to help hmi learn so he needs you to teach him.

He needs you to be in control in a calm manner, he sounds a bit confused and I'm wants to please you but doesn't understand you, he probably just hears your high pitched voice and feels your frustration and is reacting.

One of the most rewarding experiences with your puppy is when he understands you, try spending some time with this and you may be surprised at how you feel when he does understand you and do what you want. There will always be times when he doesn't and its important for you to not take it personally, just spend more time showing him by example and enjoy him.
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