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04-07-2014 10:08 AM
Lauri & The Gang
Originally Posted by Jack's Dad View Post
The idea that a breeder can pick the "right" puppy for ,say, a litter of eight just seems goofy to me.
As a breeder (Chinese Cresteds) I spend the first 8 weeks of their lives being WITH my puppies. Watching them, working with them, training them. I see how each one reacts in all the different circumstances I put them in. I know which puppy is more outgoing, which one is more reserved (or shy), which one likes other dogs, which one prefers to be with people and so on.

At 7 weeks I have a friend (local GSD breeder) come evaluate my puppies. We do the Volhard puppy test. This information gets added to what I already know about the puppies.

All this information helps me determine which puppy (or puppies) would be the best fit for each potential buyer.

For example, in my last litter I had a person that really wanted the little brown Powder Puff puppy. She works as a groomer and runs a grooming shop. She wanted to be able to bring the dog to work with her, have it meet and greet all the customers and play with the dogs waiting to be groomed. I knew the Black and White puppy I had would be a much better choice - she was not afraid of anything or any dogs (the brown one was timid around large dogs) and LOVED people (the brown one was ok with people once she got to know them). I told her the brown one would not be a good choice and she could purchase the B&W one. If she had said no she would have left with NO puppy. I refuse to put any of my puppies in a situation where they are bound to fail.

The owner is THRILLED with the dog she has - she is everything they wanted and more. When the door of the grooming shop opens the dog rushes up to say hello to the people and their dog. Every dog loves her, she has the BEST dog manners and knows how to react around all types of dogs. She has 110% confidence and it shows! Many people have contacted me about getting a Crested puppy because of meeting her.

The brown puppy stayed with me because she got injured. When she was healed I asked the owner of the B&W puppy if she knew anyone looking for an older puppy. She said the puppy could come stay with her for awhile and she would show her off to people. Needless to say she decided she wanted to keep her.

But - the owner told me I was right about her temperament. She likes people but is nowhere near as outgoing as her sister. The owner told me she would have been disappointed if she had picked her first.

A RESPONSIBLE breeder KNOWS their puppies. They don't just toss food in the pen and clean the messes. They work with each pup - as a group and one-on-one. They take them new places, introduce them to knew things and watch how they react. They put alot of time into their puppies so they CAN pick the correct home.

Yes, there will be times when a litter has several puppies that are the same and could go to any type of home and the breeder will allow the owners to choose.
04-07-2014 09:34 AM
d4mmo To add to my last post. The pup the breeders chose for me was not the one that ran upto me. I must admit I had my heart set on that one.
It was the one playing with a tug by himself away from the pack. The one who was extremely comfortable by himself and didn't hear a peep out of him. I thought he was a odd little boy at the time but the breeders picked the right boy imo

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04-07-2014 09:26 AM
d4mmo I skipped a fair bit of this thread so I hope it's still on track.
My breeders work on a most suited system. Not a first in process.
I told the breeders that I work long hours so but am very out doors when home. So a dog with lots of drive but a good off button who is also independent.
I missed out on 4 litters but all I can say is it was well worth the wait.
The pup I got is perfectly suited.
I am away from 8-6 so only have 4 hours to spend with the boy and somehow he is perfect with that.

My breeders have had over 60 litters over 40 years of breeding so to think that I'd chooser a better fitted pup will be silly!

They also had 2 meetings with me prior and had me fill out a detailed form asking about my work, family, use for dog, sex, prior pet history etc.

If you don't trust your breeder to pick you a pup the I think you should find another breeder.

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04-07-2014 08:44 AM
Breeder picks puppy?

Who gets the bold one and who gets the shy one? Are you told "yours is the shy one".

A GSD puppy should never be "Shy" that would be in my opinion a "Nerve Bag" all pups should be friendly and outgoing.

I agree with WhiteShepherds, "Good breeders often have waiting lists so they aren't trying to match up 8 dogs with 8 people, they're trying to find 8 homes with 14 owners to choose from."

I have a list with 11 people on it for my next litter, we will see who makes the cut!
04-07-2014 04:43 AM
gsdsar I have only picked one puppy before. And it was not really picking a puppy, it was evaluating a young adult. I liked her and bought her.

All my other pups were picked for me. All with wonderful results. If you trust the breeder, and are very honest with what is REALLY important to you, then you should be fine.

When I bought my last puppy, I spent hours on the phone with the breeder, no exaggeration. I explained my hopes for the dog, what I wanted to do, but it in the end it came down to me saying that " no matter what the dog accomplishes training wise, if he makes it as a USAR dog, or as an IPO dog or not, he will forever be my pet. I take my dogs everywhere, I need a dog that I can do that with." That was me being honest. I want to do IPO, but it's not my life. I want to do USAR, but I already have a certified dog, so again, not a deal breaker. If my situation was different, my needs would be different. Be honest, don't ask for more than you can handle, and be honest about what you can handle, and trust the breeder to make the right match.

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04-03-2014 08:52 AM
onyxena Yes Jane I do agree. It just comes down to not having done this before. Picking our own dog ourselves has worked out very well for us, both hubby and I have chosen dogs in our lives and were very happy with our choices. All three we have now we selected. Two from shelters and one from BYB as a pup. We have a pretty good feel for the temp we prefer and how it will fit with our existing dogs.
I have no doubt that this pup will be wonderful! I cant let go of the thought that if one seems to be "the one" to me, I will be sad if he is selected for the "show home" She always waits til 7 weeks to make official decisions on placement, but said she usually has a pretty good idea by 5 weeks. She has been doing this for a long time and is one of the top breeders for the Shiloh.
I have gotten to know her pretty well over last couple years, including visiting previous litters at her home so I am fairly certain she wants me to be very happy with our dude. So I guess, I just have difficulty not being in control! But I haven't done this before, so I am wiling to try since I have had so many excellent recommendations.
04-03-2014 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by my boy diesel View Post
the implication is that a good breeder knows his or her puppies basic temperaments and gives them to families based on those temperaments

a poor or bad breeder doesn't care who gets what regarding temperament as long as they get their money

personally i would anticipate and welcome input regarding which puppy i should get depending on what i wanted to do with it
04-03-2014 08:46 AM
cliffson1 MaggieRoseLee you have hit it out of park....I like you post
04-02-2014 11:42 PM
Blitzkrieg1 I have other types of animals for years even a couple of dogs..

1) There are those that contact you and know what they want. They clearly have experience and as such expectations.
I invite those people over and they pick the one they like.

2) There are those that dont know much but want to learn. I find out what they are looking for then make a recommendation on what they should pick. They almost always agree.

3) Then there are the time wasters. They usually dont know anything but like to pretend they do. They want a million pictures, ask a million pointless questions, and in the end don't buy from you OR if they do want to buy from you are so clearly stupid and clueless that no amount of explanations or education will make them a good fit for the animal.

These I ignore. It takes only a few interactions to figure out who is who.

When I was buying a puppy I contacted various breeders, told them what I wanted and what I was doing with the dog. The breeder I purchased from was willing to let me pick but I told him to do it for me.
He also knew I would be returning the dog if there were nerve or temperment issues that inhibited performance or workability. No excuses.

BYBs will always exist because ignorance and or willful blindness is a common human condition. Connecting them to puppy selection by breeder as opposed to the buyer is stupid.
04-02-2014 11:07 PM
Originally Posted by Jack's Dad View Post
I want the puppy that is the most bold, most curious and goes willingly where angels fear to tread. You think I'll get that one if it's going to be "just" a family companion.
I picked that one, he can be a PITA but he is just my active companion. He was one of two puppies the breeder thought would be a good match but I met most of his litter, did the same things with them and was allowed to pick which one I wanted.

She didn't tell me which one to take, just which two she recommended. I had the first deposit on the litter but got second pick. First pick was going to K9 training - he was back with the mother when I got there, never saw him other than pictures.

Venus was picked for me based on what I wanted. I got exactly what I asked for. She has a nearly identical sister with a little more edge to her eyes. I still keep up with 4/5th of her litter through FB. They were 7 weeks before the breeder decided which one was Venus and which was going to just as active a home but with no other dog and no children.
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