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03-30-2014 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by Anubis_Star View Post
Yes, the officer could of stayed in the car and called animal control. But we don't know the full story, what if animal control was not available?
This is a poor, rural area. There is no animal control. The police department answers animal related calls.

As a follow up to the whole story, a police department a couple of hours away was tasked with investigating the incident and the officer involved was "cleared".
Nampa police clear Filer officer in controversial dog shooting | Nampa, Caldwell |
03-30-2014 04:19 PM
e.rigby Did anyone else pick up on the fact that this guy's dog was shot and NEVER ONCE did he plead with the officer to take the injured dog to the vet. If the dog was killed, he's surely not showing any distress...

Then again, what more could you expect from someone who just lets their dogs run rampant around the neighborhood... :/
03-30-2014 03:55 PM
sechattin Same here, I think the blame falls almost entirely on the owner. There may have been a couple things the officer could have done differently, but in that situation with a previous experience being severely injured by an aggressive dog, I can understand why he would be more apt to shoot than normal. Besides, the entire situation could have been avoided if the owner just properly contained his dogs, or at least came to check when he heard them barking. I check my dogs at the slightest bark just to make sure everything is fine. Prolonged, excited barking like that? I'd be out of my house in an instant, seeing what was going on. I do wish officers had more training in the basics of animal behavior because I don't think the dog would have actually bitten, it looked more scared and stressed, but the safety of dogs has to fall on the owner first.
03-30-2014 09:01 AM
Anubis_Star We can all sit here with the luxury of rewind and pause and slow motion video playback to decipher every little thing in the video. I watched it ONCE, because that's what the officer saw. Once, in real time. The dog charged numerous times, the dog issued warning snaps, the dog growled, was low to the ground, hackles raised. 2 of them, darting in and out. Would they of bitten? Who really knows. I would of been concerned about that dog biting me in that situation. That's what I got out of the ONE time I saw the video, and I feel very comfortable in reading dog body language. I work with dogs for a living and I train with dogs for a hobby. My life revolves around training dogs and not getting bit when I shove things like thermometers up their butt. I'm sure I could go back and rewatch and decipher the video much differently.

Yes, the officer could of stayed in the car and called animal control. But we don't know the full story, what if animal control was not available?

Let's look at it another way - these dogs are running all over the neighborhood. Charging at least one known person in a very aggressive manner. What if, while the officer is sitting in the car waiting for animal control, the next door neighbor's kid comes running out to play in the rain and the dog charges him and actually bites? Even kills? What if the dog charges and the kid runs away, runs into the street, and gets hit by a car?? Then it would be the officers fault for sitting in his car too scared to come out!

Shoulda Coulda Woulda. He shot a dog that charges aggressively at him numerous times. And he only "kicked" the dog (I saw no contact actually made) after the dog charged him numerous times, to get the dog away from him.

The owner was an idiot, and the blame is his alone. Even while the officer is lecturing him that he shot his dog and his dogs can't be roaming, his OTHER dog is running around the yard?!?

The officer was sorry he shot the dog. You could tell. I don't blame him. Maybe he could of handled it differently, but I don't think he necessarily handled it "wrong" given the situation. You can't just leave potentially aggressive animals running around in public.

Yes, he's scared of dogs. Because he's been bit. That's a common and just fear. Yes he was amped up. I would be too after TWO dogs aggressively charge me repeatedly in the street. He spoke harsh. He calmed down when the owner went to get his license, you could tell he was trying to calm down and be professional. I would probably lose my **** too if I had to shoot your dog because you're an idiot and it "attacked" me.
02-14-2014 10:48 AM
Oisin's Aoire
Originally Posted by Bequavious View Post
Yeah I heard a pop, but I figured a pistol would be louder than that. Looking back the yellow could have been reflection from the headlights though
After Sandy Hook , we actually did training for people who worked in the school as they were unfamiliar to what gun fire really sounds like. It is not uncommon for people to look around and not react at first because they are not sure what they are hearing. Outdoors it is more of a "crack" . Indoors it is more of a "boom" though it sounds nothing like gun fire depicted on TV and in Hollywood.
02-12-2014 11:51 PM
Colie CVT Since I used to actually live near there, and worked for a dairy owner in that area, it really and truly is a very rural kind of community. Mostly farms with a few acreage, and honestly when I used to drive up and down those roads, you had to be more cautious about loose dogs than anything else. The guy I worked for had two Pyrs who would just hang out in his front property. There were many times I had to be careful when I drove in there at 3 am to avoid hitting one of them if they were out.

And I get that it doesn't make it right that they were loose, but it is a common practice with dogs in that area. Any actual neighborhoods were very rare that I had seen. Mostly just in the area around the main street through the town.

Sadly officers in this state as a whole don't seem to have as much information as they should have. We have had many dogs getting shot in the last few years by officers, and many of them were claimed not to have been actually going for the officer. We even had a man who was out with his two dogs shoot someone's GSD that was out in its driveway, claiming it had been charging at them. Met that GSD and she was truly one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. A friend's roommate's husky was shot a few week's ago too because it was loose near where a man had his chickens in the front yard.

So this state is kind of... >>; Yeah. I feel for the dog the most, but I feel more for the officer than the owner. He's the one who is getting the most flack for things. It is true he should have used better judgment, but it is always easier to say what someone should do rather than know what they were thinking in that moment or what other things they potentially had to deal with. I dunno. These are always just sad situations and no one ever seems to come out on top.
02-12-2014 11:13 PM
David Winners
Originally Posted by sit,stay View Post
This took place about 2.5 hours east of me and has been all over the news here. There are a couple of points to make that might help clarify the situation.

There is no animal control there. It is predominately a farming community, and fairly poor. They don't have the resources. The population is less than 3,000. It has been mentioned that he should have called for back-up and just waited for help to arrive. He was on duty with one other officer, who was unavailable. There was no back up available. Although it would be nice to outfit every LE car with a catch pole, there just isn't the money to do it.

There had been a history of problems with these dogs, running at large and threatening neighbors. It is being reported here that they have confirmed ten separate complaints about these dogs, and the owner had been spoken to previously and nothing changed about the way he kept his dogs.

The cop could have handled it better. No doubt about that. But we should never lose sight of the fact that the owner was well aware of a problem that had been negatively impacting his neighbors for a while and made absolutely no effort to make changes to how he housed the dogs. The responsibility is on him. Not his neighborhood, and not LE. He dropped the ball regarding the containment of his dogs and one of them paid with it's life.

There has been a lot of chatter about this dog being a service animal. Not true. When asked by a reporter what service the dog provided and where could he get another one that could provide that service (because some well meaning souls were offering to purchase him another service dog), he stated that the dog had no particular training and provided no service other than keeping him company when he didn't feel up to being active. This was a case of a pet that had the label "service dog" applied incorrectly.

It is a shame that the dog was killed. But the responsibility for that death is squarely on the shoulders of the owner. If he hadn't allowed his dogs to run loose and bother the neighborhood, over and over and over again, the dog would still be alive. That is on him.
Thanks for the inside information.

I agree that animal behavior training is not feasible for most departments.

I agree that the owner is ultimately 100% responsible for the situation.

I have had to shoot dogs in Afghanistan because they were charging my working dog. I have had to shoot dogs in Iraq because I was attacked. I get it. The officer has to protect himself. Where he made the mistake was getting out of the car in the first place. It is his responsibility to make smart decisions in stressful situations.

What you never do is sacrifice the time it takes to make a good decision due to unnecessary stress. If the dogs charge you, get back in the car, calm down because you are safe, and think before you act. If you are taking fire, you get cover, take a minute, and make a decision. You don't just run head long into danger, unless that is the best decision.

I expect just such problem solving skills from professionals. They owe it to those they protect, serve and defend.

David Winners
02-12-2014 09:43 PM
Originally Posted by David Winners View Post
There is a gunshot on the video.

David Winners
Yeah I heard a pop, but I figured a pistol would be louder than that. Looking back the yellow could have been reflection from the headlights though
02-12-2014 09:39 PM
Originally Posted by selzer View Post
Animal complaints are on animal owners. If owners think the cops are going to come and shoot their dogs if they are running around loose, maybe they will keep their **** dogs contained.
I was just thinking how horrible it could have been to be a child walking though that neighborhood. Big barking dogs are scary, and most people don't know how to distinguish fearful aggression from a dog that will actually come after you.
02-12-2014 09:38 PM
David Winners There is a gunshot on the video.

David Winners
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