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02-17-2014 01:37 PM
ODINsFREKI You probably already know this but, don't pull your firearm unless you intend to use it. It's not a noisemaker.

Let your puppy be free and be careful for stupid dogs like you just encountered! You did everything right in that situation. Bird dogs are about as dumb as they get in my opinion. They do their job well but are really stupid at everything else.

Build your dog's confidence with other known dogs who were well trained. He might get put in place a few times by the other dogs but they won't hurt him. At least the dogs I spend time with wont. They learn how a pack works and structure.

The worst thing we can do is allow our dogs to hang out with other stupid, untrained dogs!

Good luck and keep the sucker holstered unless you plan to use it! Trust me! Warning shots have landed me in county jail for a few days when I was younger. I now use my boots.
01-27-2014 12:58 PM
Jmoore728 That might be part of my problem....Maybe I'm not being fun enough....hmmm...

Although, taking the advise pasted, today's walk was much more pleasant....I'll keep working it....A few yard dogs started barking, but I made him keep walking and had him focus on me....

A few yard flags were whipping around due to the wind....I let him check them so he knew it was nothing to be worried about....But in a controlled fashion....I still didn't allow him to stop the pace and had him maintain focus....Not perfect, but much better than allowing him to have his nose glued to the ground and setting the pace....
01-27-2014 10:34 AM
Jmoore728 Thanks for the input everyone.... Great stuff... It's a lot colder today, not near as many distractions will be out.....60 degrees yesterday now 20 degrees with 30 mph wind....That usually keeps the sidewalk traffic down
01-27-2014 08:45 AM
carmspack great suggestions boomer11. The most important early exercises are move with me , come to me . A recall game in the release period can be a recall . When the dog comes praise to the skies, make it physical - then push the dog off telling him okay go--- The pup will be surprised and excited by the game . Give a "here" or "come" call quickly after this release . Keep repeating . The quicker the dog comes in the quicker you are going to release him. It becomes a great incentive to come in to you and teaches the dog that a recall is not a fun ender , sentence , being caught , but the beginning of fun . Good association all round.
01-27-2014 06:17 AM
NancyJ From day one walks were never potty time unless I found a place to pull off -- periods of engagement were shorter as boomer said. I only demand heeling in relatively short segments but still loose leash walking the rest of the time.

Thinking about the other dog. Guage his control of the dog. No need for them to have contact until you have a better read on him. I would have both of you doing some engagement things near each other at a distance where you can both command your own dog's attention.
01-27-2014 01:28 AM
boomer11 for me when i take my dog for a walk i start with a good heel by my side. his attention is on me. his focus is on me. we work on obedience during the walk. after a couple of blocks i'll release him and let him sniff and do whatever he wants. after a couple of blocks i'll have him back to my side and back to his "training" walk. then a few more blocks and i'd release for him to go play. his reward for a good training walk is that he gets released to go play. of course i'm talking about a more mature dog than yours with good obedience. for a pup that you have to have on a leash i'd keep him engaged with you for a while and his "release to go play" would be that he can sniff whatever he wants.

when i walked with my pup i did not stop. my pace was constant. you dont have to yank the dog along. just keep the leash by your side and keep walking. its ok to tug your dog along if he is sitting because he is focused on something else. that is entirely different from a pup that just sits because he is tired and doesnt want to go anymore.
01-27-2014 01:10 AM
carmspack head should be level , if he is on the ground he is in his own world --
you don't need to be rough - just keep on going
no no no , the dog walks at your pace . Of course you are going to be considerate of his age. Instead of a marathon , 10 minutes of "good" , several times a day are better . Keeps the puppies mind crisp . Keeps both of you from starting to day dream.
I see a lot of dogs taking their owners for a walk , they swing left to right sniffing every bush , marking fences , stopping for a sniff of the grass . The owner is just a facilitator going on the dogs walk. You see it bleed into obedience problems down the road.
01-27-2014 01:02 AM
Jmoore728 I probably am babying him to much. I need to get the walking at his pace problem fixed ASAP.....that will be my the first thing I start tomorrow.

At this age, do you allow them have their noses down while walking, or do you want them with their head up ?

I have so much to learn.....Just when I thought I was improving, you guys hit me with some reality on several issues. Thank you much......
01-27-2014 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
hot dogs for your dog I assume?
at that point you can't mark and reward your dog , and the dog has zero interest , and the focus has to be YOU , not the reward or lure or bribe , choose your own definition.
you said "Bane is pretty cautious/observant around other dogs....When walking, and a dog starts barking, a lot of times he will sit and just watch them, trying to sniff them out. Sometimes, he pays no attention and carries on... I try to make him maintain focus on me, but he usually stays locked on the dog"

when walking he is going with you , at your speed , in your direction -- you control the time and length , you control. If you are in control there is no opportunity for the dog to sit and watch the other dog . He is zoning you out . Going to get harder to get his attention.
All your wording shows the dog is in charge . The dog is either focused on you or he is not -- it is not something you try to maintain , you set it up so that it is in his best interest to be so . That the dog is locking his focus on the other dog shows lack of your leadership. Keep on moving . praise -- This from another thread -- amazing handler / pup connection --
your dog is in prime socialization period -- what you allow to happen , give unintentional approval to will form the behaviour you will get from him as an adult . don't baby --- get the behaviour you want from him - you can't control the other dogs or the rest of the world , you can only control your own dog - he needs to trust you , co operate with you -- go with you , not the other way around.
Thanks for the wake up call guys.....Lol.....I have been letting him go at his pace on walks.....I "thought" I would let him check things out....Looks like I might of started a bad habit......

When doing marker training, he has great focus....He doesn't get a reward unless there is focus on me. I'm carefully with timing, my body language and body movement......I need to work on getting more focus when taking him for walks, etc.

When walking and he tries to sit and observe these dogs, should I just give him a quick tug to move him along and keep him up to my pace. I thought it was a bad idea to force him along at this age? I understand what you're saying. Everything you stated makes sense. I'm on vacation all week, so I will have plenty of time to try and get these things worked out or at least head that direction....

As for the hot dogs, I tried giving a few to the bird dog, thinking it might slow his roll....
01-27-2014 12:07 AM
Originally Posted by boomer11 View Post
my opinion might not be popular but it seems like you are babying your dog way too much. your dog is 4 months old, not a 10 week pup. your dog at that age is probably bigger than or just as big as half the dogs he encounters. IF he has good nerves he should be able to recover from anything short of a dog full out attacking him.

gsds are suppose to be tough hard dogs. if your dog seem skittish/fearful then i'd control his interactions with the world. if he's confident and fearless then let him take on the world by himself and only intervene when necessary.
I understand GSD are supposed to be tough, hard dogs, but I wasn't going to let a dog fight break out. If I would of done nothing, I'm confident it would of turned out with a dog full out attacking him... I'll continue to protect my dog. Even we he reaches maturity, I'm not going to let a dog fight break out if I can prevent it. I have exposed Bane to every possible environment i can think of. Always going to new places. He might get skittish sometimes, but not very often.

Everyone is green at one point, I'm green, and I use this forum to help expand my knowledge or ask questions when I don't know... Like I stated, we haven't had many encounters with adult large breed dogs. A few, but not many. It's in the works though.
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