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01-11-2014 05:30 AM
Bane Vom Vox Find a good trainer. Bane will be 9 months next week and the last two months he has been very difficult.

But with the proper training we've had, training is for the dog and owner, he's matured in a short time. He just needed to know who's boss and what he can't do.

Don't give up on your dog . This breed is so intelligent. And later on down the road you'll see progress and there's no better feeling

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01-08-2014 06:07 AM
loulabelle23 Hes just alot to handle I need to sort it big time

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01-07-2014 10:18 PM
selzer 7 months is often when things get really hairy. This is when a lot of dogs get rehomed because it is a difficult age.

You can make it through this.

First of all, make sure he has appropriate things to chew on. Maybe a special safe toy or chew that he gets only when he is crated. But also have stuff for him to carry around, the house. Be able to reidirect him, whenever he starts to chew on anything inappropriate.

Crate him when you cannot supervise him. Crate him when you vaccuum. Crate him when you need a break. The rest of the time, use a leash on him. Leash him to you. You can type on your computer while he is right there next you. You just need to be aware that he is gnawing on the right kind of thing.

Keep up the exercise. A tired puppy is a good puppy. Usually.

Get into some training classes and train him a little bit every day. Maybe three 5-7 minute sessions a day. Keep the training light and fun. Quit when he still wants more.

The crate is your friend. It is not a place for punishement. It is better than closing him in the kitchen, because that isolates him. Crating him keeps him safe.

You picked an intelligent breed. Intelligence and obedience should go together. Eventually it does. But intelligent youngsters usually just get in more trouble. Instead of reacting to all the bad behavior, act. Show him what you want him to do. Engage him. Use his brains and his brawn.

Good luck.
01-07-2014 08:42 PM
zyppi whoa...

Remember, he's a dog and still a baby.

7 months is like living with a whirlwind but your pup sounds like a very normal, under exercised (yep - a twice daily romp may be too little), and untrained pup.

Training is not about doing it right once, it's repetition, repetition, repetition!

He does not know the difference in his toys and chews and your coats, cabinets etc.. all he knows is that it's fun and it gets your attention.

These dog want to please, but they need to be taught everything.

Consider that your pup probably understands more 'human' words than you'll ever understand dog speak.

Suggest you look for training classes in your area - dog club, not pet store variety.

They do make crates for dogs his size. Many good ones. I personally use one similar to this Midwest LS-1642DD - Double Door Folding Dog Crate For Dogs 71-90 lbs.. My Jack is close to 100 lbs and fits into it just fine.

Good luck, hang in there.
01-07-2014 08:03 PM
Originally Posted by loulabelle23 View Post
Ive walked played kicjed threw the ball up and down the beach for 3 hours weve came home hes destroyed the kitcken drawer because ive closed the kitchen door but I watched few the videos got a couple if tips when do u crate him just when u are not arounf ??

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Crate him any time you can't actively supervise him. All the exercise in the world won't mean much without obedience training, either- I would find an intro class ASAP.
01-07-2014 08:01 PM
loulabelle23 Ive walked played kicjed threw the ball up and down the beach for 3 hours weve came home hes destroyed the kitcken drawer because ive closed the kitchen door but I watched few the videos got a couple if tips when do u crate him just when u are not arounf ??

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01-07-2014 07:37 PM
Originally Posted by LoveEcho View Post

Breathe! You'll be ok . He really, really needs training and exercise. This is their prime age for being "teenagers", so crating is also extremely important. Start small- he has to sit before meals or going out the door. Do obedience work a few times a day with him... it'll not only work his brain and teach him impulse control but it will help him bond with you and be more inclined to listen to you. He can't be obedient if he doesn't know how, and he needs a LOT of exercise. I'm not kidding when I say this breed needs a lot of exercise and a lot of training. Everything you describe, from the destruction to the mouthiness, indicates a bored dog.
And he can't be disobedient if he hasnt been obedient. I would get SO frustrated with my dog with the long down. I'd go to training once a week (not do anything throughout the week, in my own little world) and expect him to stay down with dogs and excitement happening all around. He has a difficult time capping his drives but does it in every other aspect except the long down. It was just too much for him. And I would always say he knows better because he knew what stay meant but I never upped his distraction level, just one day threw him to the wolves and expected perfection. He just couldn't get it and I didnt help at all with giving him a proper understanding. My dog is very biddable and wants to please me so his confusion and our miscommunications were evident. He wasnt being defiant (because he never is) he didnt understand because I failed to show him. I've learned through Mace that dog training takes time, patience, and understanding. I was spoiled with my first GSD that barely took any work. Mace is a good dog, just takes patience.

And like others have said crate him when your not present. Get enrolled in an obedience class, practice often and try not to get too frustrated. I know its hard, but he's also in a teenager phase, he can grow out of it. I would say mental stimulation is an absolute must, as I find my dog is much more exhausted after mental stimulation vs physical stimulation.
01-07-2014 07:34 PM
readaboutdogs My boys liked scoccer balls! I would stand on the patio and kick it for them! Close off rooms you don't want him in if you can, and I usually take guest coats and put them in a bedroom off limits to pets and kids! All the advice above sounds good too!
01-07-2014 07:29 PM
Originally Posted by loulabelle23 View Post
I sound so horrible but I love him to pieces just had enough I teain with him I do the food I do the lie down the sit before he walkd or comes througgh a door he even ate the baby gate to keep out in the garden he eats his shed but to me he does for attention he does it most of time because he doesnt get into the living room or im around but I give him loads of attention he barks ay wheels attacks them attacks hoover the brush the hose he can't evem come up stairs because he wont settle when u tell him off he mouths me

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He needs more exercise and training. If you have had enough because of this then you didn't do your research before you got him. They need a LOT of exercise. Find a PROFESSIONAL trainer. Do a LOT of obedience. Crate him. Practice NILIF, like VTGirl outlined for you. You are going to get the same responses over and over, because everything you describe is a standard under stimulated, underexercised GSD puppy.
01-07-2014 07:19 PM
VTGirlT What treats are you using?
Sometimes you have to take out the big guns even in low distraction situations- to get him to work with you.. Such as real meat, cheese, freeze dried liver meat.

For a crate i suggest a plastic crate, they are not as easy to escape from, some dogs prefer them over wire crates. Since you have such a big dog go for giant or XXL sized crates.. they do make them for huge sized dogs! is a wire cage link:

Before offering attention, food, water, going outside, treats, going out of a bedroom. Ask him to do something for you
such as sit and wait, down, shake, etc. This is helped a bit for my very rude girl

As for exercise, if he has good hips and elbows and can run (what a blessing that is!) Take him out and give him a nice good run with chuck it! Also do walks, as they can be fun for you and him and a bonding time. But if he can RUN, let the guy run to get his energy out that way!

Try incorporating fun tricks and add a new one every week or every 3 weeks, whatever you can do. This is fun for both you. Continue to do the commands he knows now, but do them throughout the day, on walks, before getting up, etc.

Mind games are very important for your dog, just as exercise. There are actually books out there with lots of different mind games you can do with or without your dog, such as this book, which i recommend!
Just some of my thoughts!
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