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02-17-2013 01:13 PM
Mikelia My experience. I adopted a 2 year old american pit bull terrier 7 years ago. She had been owned by a guy that owned a smoke shop and was busted for drugs. She had been through 5 foster homes and no one could handle her. She was an animal killer amongst other problems she had. I lived in a one bedroom apartment with four cats, and she definately wanted to (and would have, given opportunity) kill my cats. I was determined. My cats are very dog friendly and one is very very stupid and does not understand that any one could cause harm. He will not move out of a dogs way. Sweetie (she came with the name) spent the first month muzzled, on leash with a pinch collar and tethered to me at ALL times. She slept in the bedroom with us so she got a good 6-8 hours free everyday but otherwise was on a four foot leash. Her kennel was placed in the livingroom and at first I had to cover it with blankets. I made no effort to keep the cats separated from the dog, aside from night time in the bedroom. She responds very well to a squirt bottle (she is terrified of it for whatever reason) and we used it similar to one would use an e collar. She perks her ears at a cat and tenses, she got a squirt in the bum. By the time she looked back at me I would try my best to have hidden the squirt bottle. Once she relaxed she would be praised.
I had my hands full with her as she had many other issues than killing animals so she received a LOT of training, excercise, structure, stimulation and socialization. It was about a month before I could have her in the house without a muzzle, then she progressed to dragging the leash, then eventually no leash but always kept the squirt bottle present. It would stop her in her tracks but I had to step in right away to redirect her or she would go right back at them. I structured her time out with the cats in a way that she did not have a chance to get them into her mouth before I could correct her. If I had not have been so diligent I would be minus a few cats by now. Onceshe got ahold of one of their tails, I don't know how she didn't break it. She had the tip of it with her front teeth and it took me a minute or two to choke her off until she let go.
It took about a year before I could trust her with them and relax with her out with them, no muzzle or lead. I kept a squirt bottle around though for probably 2 years. She is now awesome with the cats and accepts any new cats that come into the house. Cats outside are fair game and I am fine with that (in fact I think every gsd I own would kill stray cats given opportunity, but they understand cats in the house are pack members and respect that) but she is not to lunge or act aggressively. She sleeps with them, they groom her, they sit on her, everyone gets along wonderfully. And she also lives with 3 other dogs I do not however leave her unattended with the cats. If I am not home, she is put in the bedroom. Prey instinct could spike at any time and I would hate myself if she killed one of my cats.
I would keep your hopes up for your dog. 7 months old is quite young still and considering Berlin has picked up a cat and not damaged it and you can do focus training around the cats, I would say these are very hopeful signs. I believe it is how dedicated you are to turning the dog around, and it sounds as if you are dedicated
If a 2 year old, out of control, owned by a drug dealer pit bull can be retrained I would think a busy, pushy, rotten gsd puppy can too Sweetie sends thoughts and strength your way.
02-17-2013 12:23 PM
pets4life hitting an animal to save another animals life or to save another animal from harm like if your mauling another dog is okay IF your dog is not responding to your command.

If you hit your dog for not listening to a command or just in general for being a goof or a bad dog or breaking stuff yeah that is wrong and sick but to protect another animal from harm or death yes you can hit your dog and do anything possible to save that animals life.

There is a huge diff between abuse bad ownership and keeping other animals safe from your dog. If your dog gets upset over it you did a good job dont cuddle him he needs to know how bad he was. Lock him up in his crate after he felt bad about it. Give him something to think about. Don't blame the cats blame him. Gsd's are the smartest dogs they know what they are doing.

As he gets older he will run that house with an iron paw lol
02-17-2013 11:54 AM
DollBaby [/QUOTE]Yes, I feel bad for smacking my dog even though he had the cat in his mouth, because hitting an animal is not okay to me. He wouldnt even look at me afterward, I would NEVER want to do anything to ever ruin our bond. On the other hand, I need to get a handle on this situation and make sure this NEVER happens again. I have been working on his focus on me, and its been improving. He will not be able to "look" for them anymore, he will be strictly focusing on me from now on.[QUOTE]

Don't. You did no less than the momma dog would have done, only with your hand instead of teeth. You won't ruin your bond by being alpha and correcting bad, unacceptable behavior.
02-15-2013 07:55 PM
pets4life A cat does not need keep still or fight a gsd, this is not the same situation if the gsd wants to take a cat out it will take the cat out, i think a lot of posters just dont understand or have seen a gsd that really wants to kill a cat it does not care if the cat fights back or runs it will just go after the cats head and snap and shake it and try to tear it off. If you have not seen it first hand you are in for a suprise.

A cat is not going to fight a serious gsd if the gsd wants to kill it, no cat is going to put a gsd in its place if the gsd has blood on its mind.

Don't know what fantasy world some people live in. The only thing that can help the cat is the dogs owner. You think the cat is doing it. The dog is only listening to the cat because of its respect for YOU.

THe dog doesnt have much respect for you, or the dog is just wayy too cat aggressive you are going to have issues. ALso some gsds are naturally better safer and less aggressive with cats than others.
02-15-2013 05:19 PM
FrankieC My kitten laid the groundwork right from the get go. Poke the bull, you get the horns...err paws

Katie, I know you will get this sorted with Berlin. Just a matter of time. Best of luck!
02-15-2013 02:45 PM
Blanketback I've always had dogs and cats living together for my whole life. With this particular puppy and this particular cat right now, I have to tell them both off, lol. I was only telling the puppy, "Leave it" but after I caught them fooling around without knowing I was watching, I found out that my cat is teasing the bejeezus out of my puppy. So now it's, "Leave the cat alone! Stop teasing the dog!" quite a mouthful, lol. But the cat races around trying to get a game going. I even caught her on the laminate flooring, scratching away with all her paws in one spot, making tons of noise to get the puppy's attention. That was funny!

I have a separate cat room, and I also have a massive cat tree. When I'm not looking, the cat hangs out on the bottom of the tree and lets my puppy poke her and gum her. As soon as she knows I'm there, she hisses and frantically climbs her tree. Same with her room - she can be lying on one of her beds (spoiled, lol) and let the puppy drool all over her, but as soon as I'm within her view, she jumps up hissing and acting like she's being mauled. I wonder if your mom's cats are up to the same tricks?
02-15-2013 11:04 AM
SiegersMom Cats that run are a big trigger. IF they do not run he has little interest in them. I would never worry about cats if I knew they would stay still and greet him but stray cats run...that is what their instinct tells them to do. When around dogs that are cat killers they are better off that way but my dog would never hurt or mess with a cat that just walks up to him. But I know that when the chase/prey drive kicks in even a good dog could hurt or kill a cat...even if by accident.
02-14-2013 06:34 PM
pets4life you seem to soft for the situation, your dog is eating your cats literally has them in his mouth and is chewing them up.

You need to get rid of one or the other or get really hard and tough on your dog but i dont htink you have it in you, if you feel bad for smacking your dog when he was swallowing your cat alive. A gsd can kill a cat in seconds.
02-14-2013 01:20 PM
zivagirl Beth is now beta to our smallest cat's alpha. lol.
02-14-2013 01:19 PM
kiya This is our story
I had a problem with Kiya and our new kitty, she tried to bite him, I don't know about kill but she definately wanted to taste him with her teeth. It took almost 6 months to work it out. I can tell you any time I had her on a leash, used a muzzle or tried to hold her back it made it worse.
You need a lot of patience and time. I would concider the ecollar. Now you know never ever let the kitties get into that kind of situation.
Good luck.
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