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11-30-2012 01:15 AM
carmspack kelina I don't understand you. Here you say you don't need crates - in the therapy thread you say "My pup is a hella puller for the time being, so im correcting this performance with a prong ATM after a months of use and still no improvement, I will throw the therapy dog out of my mind! So no prong use during testing!" and that your dog used to be afraid of everything.

the advice you gave for house training is unecessary negative training .

OP that is one cute dog !!!! Are you able to put up even the smallest little kennel so that your dog is put out unitl he relieves himself . Only then can he come inside.
For people with small yards you can train your dog to use a designated area to potty. You can make a little sandbox , put your pee pad into that and he will get the idea . Easy to clean up after the dog . No problem in accidently stepping into a poo pile .
11-30-2012 12:39 AM
hunterisgreat Let me solve this problem for you. Get a small crate. Probably smaller than you think is appropriate. Small enough that if he choses to soil it, he has to lay in it. Then, feed and water him, in the crate, or at least immediately put him in the crate after. Go away for 30-45 minutes. Then take him outside. He will use the bathroom and receive over the top praise for it. If he doesn't, he goes back in the crate... repeat in 30 minutes. You will, with certainty, win this way. If he uses the bathroom in the house outside of the crate, well thats really you screwing up not him... you failed to teach. Puppies don't get scolded. And dogs don't get scolded for doing something you didn't teach them not to do.

In the off chance he's a pig and doesn't mind his own filth, post back and we'll solve that, but there is a 1% chance he is *that* dog.
11-29-2012 05:27 PM
JakodaCD OA you've gotten lots of great advice, I just wanted to say WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!!
11-29-2012 05:15 PM
Hattiee Thankyou for all the helpful advice! Going to put all (apart from Kelina's) advice into action as this confirms what I thought might work, I'll keep you updated!
11-29-2012 04:00 PM
martinaa As Marc implied, the puppy obviously has control if it can hold it through the walk until it gets back in the house. It 'just' needs retraining on how/when to excercise that control.

We had a somewhat similar issue with our current puppy. Only a few actual accidents in the house (primarily obsessive vigilance but yes, a crate is helpful as well). But he held that bladder until both his eyes and legs were crossed when he was in the approved doggy bathroom zone. All the while gazing longingly at the surrounding lawn. Turns out he had become accustomed to doing his thing on grass when he was at the breeder and our doggy bathroom has bark mulch. I transplanted a small chunk of grass into the middle of his bathroom and suddenly everything was easy.

Solving little canine riddles like that isn't always easy but it can be rewarding and is a lot better then unintentionally teaching him to hide his souvenirs in the closet of your spare bedroom.

Kelina is a fountain of bad advice. Ignore her.
11-29-2012 12:30 PM
The OP's dog, has an issue of ONLY peeing inside, this is INCORRECT behaviour and the root cause of it, is that the OP has inadvertantly taught the dog to only go to the toilet inside,
Good post Marc!
I wanted to add something that may help the OP and others - peeing is actually a "correct" or "normal" behavior for a dog.
Where you want it to pee is the issue.

I find scolding dogs for doing normal things to be pointless and detrimental.
Instead the concentration must be pointed to where you want the animal to do such-and-such or what you want the animal to chew on (for instance).
Both of those things are as normal to puppies and dogs as breathing, and thus, should not be scolded.

Instead, be a teacher to your puppy or dog - gently redirect from the couch to a kong toy, gently redirect from pottying inside to pottying outside.

Dogs are going to do what dogs are going to do - teaching them how and where we want it done is the key.

It's a paradigm shift, perhaps, but one folks must make
11-29-2012 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by kelina View Post
Before I seriously just leave this website for good, Just making a quick statement

-The advice I gave was actually what I taught my first dog, Worked fine. A boxer with total control on behavior, she was great! She listened to everything I said, She walked amazingly, She lived a happy life until forming cancer.. Anyway, I learned to scold at dogs for peeing and it never fired back at me, if it does then, awww thank you for the before-advice. But it hasn't since '97! So, I don't know what type of things people learned in this generation, but I was taught my way and my way only.. Just because you guys said "Oh don't scold" doesn't mean I'm going to listen because I was taught this and it always worked.

I never used a crate, As i said don't need to. Not everybody needs to 'crate' train. I don't even clicker train, oops. I guess i need puppy training because I make my own decisions for my OWN dogs.

My advice was to scold between peeing.. I'm not saying omg hit your dog quick! and you did point out if I did say when you come back home scold, but that was a mistake and i apologize for that.

Its funny how you say, I'm messing up my dogs. Thanks ! When i clearly wrote my dogs are house trained lol. good job with the comeback.

Now a bit advice on HUMAN PERSONALITIES :::: if you want people to agree with your post/statements/opinions please write this in a friendly matter and not try to attack anyone. Just for the future. Because try that in 'REAL LIFE' and you will get told so fast..

I wish i can literally delete my whole entire page but can't.

-Now i am FULLY leaving.

I must say this is a completely negative attitude, both in general and when it comes to dog training.

When we train our dogs, we need to understand why they are doing a certain behaviour, if your dogs are doing the right behaviour, then great, if your dogs are doing the wrong behaviour, find out WHY, and then attack the problem. I imagine it this way; If I have a serious physical problem that I know about (and is treatable), do I simply use pain killers to get rid of the pain? no, I attack the underliying issue regardles of what it is.

The same is true of our dog. The OP's dog, has an issue of ONLY peeing inside, this is INCORRECT behaviour and the root cause of it, is that the OP has inadvertantly taught the dog to only go to the toilet inside, by using pee pads (bad pee pads!!!!). Now, the op needs advice on how to train his dog out of this mode, and not simply scold the dog, for a behaviour that the OP has encouraged.

Before getting so defensive on a subject, try to see that people on this forum are trying to HELP YOU AND YOUR DOG by giving upto date advice and not simply tossing you ideas that "Worked for them". If your dogs are perfectly trained and completely obedient and you see no reason to grace us with your presence on this forum any longer, then I wish you the best in your future. However if you would like to stick around and expand your knowledge for YOUR OWN SAKE and the sake of YOUR DOG, then please try to be a little more respectful of other peoples knowledge and experience. If you dont agree with something, try to offer evidence, rather than saying "Thats what worked for me" because the majority of the time, it wont work for other people.

Now in order to address the issues of the OP, I will simply re-iterate what has already been said by some very knowledgable people on this forum, and explain why it is important.

1. Crate your puppy overnight.
Dogs HATE going to the toilet where they sleep, so if they are confined to a small area, they are more likely to hold it until morning. Once you do this, take your puppy out in the morning and take it straight to the spot where it is suppose to "Go". repeat this EVERY morning.

2. Tether your puppy to you during the day.
If your puppy is tied to you, you can see when it needs to go, and promptly take it outside, or if it goes when you dont realise, you can spot it, and interupt it abruptly. Try not to scare your dog, but make a noise so it thinks "WHAT THE **** WAS THAT?"

3. get rid of the pee pads.
They cause more harm than good and just make your home smell of amonia (to your dog). Make sure to get some odur newtraliser, so as to break down the amonia, from when you dog does go in the house.

4. Dont scold your dog, at all.
The reason NOT to scold, is two fold. Firstly, your dog may not make the association of going to the toilet, with the the scolding (especially if any amount of time has passed, for example a few moments), and secondly, even if he does, he may not realise that your only shouting at him for going inside, he might think that going to the toilet AT ALL is bad, and so will hide it from you (this is the worst case because if you cant find "accidents" and clean them promptly, your house will be covered in germs, which is no good for anyone).

5. (personal suggestion) Try leaving a few urine soaked tissues, in the spot (outside) where you want your dog to go.
This may or may not work, but if your dog smells the amonia from the tissues, he will automatically think that he needs to go. This is the same premise that pee pads use, so may work well for your dog, if he is already used to using pee pads.

6. VERY REGULAR toilet trips outside.
Until your pup realises he is suppose to go outside, you must take him outside VERY freaquently, and especially if you know he really needs to go, do not bring him into the house WAIT and wait, and wait, and wait, until he DOES go outside, until he cant hold it any longer, and when he goes, have treats and hugs and kisses ready. Hopefully this will lead him to believe that toileting outside is not only ok, but is fantastic!!!

I wish you the best of luck in your potty training.
11-29-2012 08:36 AM
Originally Posted by JeanKBBMMMAAN View Post

. One last thing - if you have a friend with a dog, having them come over and mark the yard (whoa, the dog not the friend) while your pup is inside - or if it is a dog friendly dog that your pup would be okay with they can do it together maybe, lots of times they can learn by watching.
Wait....Are you saying that I could bring a friend over and have him potty IN the toilet and that could help train hubby to aim better?

Over thirty years of pounding him with a no avail.
11-28-2012 08:08 PM
JeanKBBMMMAAN Why, you made my day!

Yep, one of the rare times in life that we hope for a peeing contest.
11-28-2012 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by JeanKBBMMMAAN View Post

One last thing - if you have a friend with a dog, having them come over and mark the yard (whoa, the dog not the friend) while your pup is inside - or if it is a dog friendly dog that your pup would be okay with they can do it together maybe, lots of times they can learn by watching.
I never would have thought of that. You are brilliant, Jean!
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