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11-15-2012 05:32 PM
selzer Uhg! Milla must be feeling better because I had to put her back into solitary.

Since I was going away on the weekend, to help my dad out, I went around with a hammer and banged each of the gate panels so that they would not be tight. They get this way in a few weeks, particularly when we bang into them or push them farther than they ought to go. It shifts the connectors a bit, which makes the latches tight.

These latches require you to push up from both sides to open them. Or rather, the latch cannot be pushed up crooked or it won't open. So far, I haven't had any problems. But since I loosened them all, and the puppies jump up on the gate on one side while Milla the nutcase jumps on the other side, a few days ago Milla managed to get hers opened, with the help of the juvies on the other side. I got her out of there and no harm done.

I thought it was a fluke. And very unlikely to happen again.

I was wrong.

During the day, Imposter and Ingrid are in an outdoor kennel, while Isabel and their mother are in the Patio-pen, where they can get inside. Milla's pen opens into this pen.

Last night, three dogs came out of the x-pen in the house to be boxed up for the night. And Milla rushed into Bear-Cub. I shoved Isabel in a crate and Milla and Bear were fighting in the other crate, so I grabbed her tail and pulled her out, and slammed the crate so Bear-Cub couldn't continue the argument.

This morning everyone was happy again -- no fence fighting like they hate each other or anything. It was really over before it began, but I take no chances. I just don't want to pay for avoidable vet visits.

So now Milla's kennel is latched and clipped. It's a pain in the winter because clips sometimes need to be warmed up with the bare hand before they will open, but there really isn't any help for it.

I am still waiting and waiting and waiting for my contractor to finish the kennels. That will make things less nuts here.

Right now Jenna is in with Hepzibah. I hate having females share. I was watching them play. They are so careful and gentle with each other. I feel comfortable leaving them together. But want the kennels so I can eventually separate them. And Impostor cannot stay in with his sister indefinitely.

Never a dull moment.
11-14-2012 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by jang View Post
Your posts always crack me up...I can't believe how dang busy your life is....
I agree!!! How do you find time to post let alone deal with your busy day?!?
11-14-2012 11:07 AM
jang Whew!!! Glad you got some time off with your sister...AND..I NEVER know where I am!!!
11-13-2012 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by jang View Post
Your posts always crack me up...I can't believe how dang busy your life is....
Thanks, you have hear of "It's a Wonderful Life." Well if I was starring, it would have been, "It's a Crazy Life" for sure.

The thing is, I had my yearly vacation this weekend. This is a trip my sister takes me on to an indoor water park with her two little girls. The Guatamalan Adoption Club has an event there, so there was about 38 families, and I was gone from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

I had the girls from Thursday morning, took then to the Little Gym in Brecksville or Macedonia (don't tell my sister that I really don't know what city I am in) Thursday evening for Karate, out to Subway for Dinner, back to the Little Gym for Gymnastics, and then over to my parents' house where I put them to bed.

Then out to my place to take care of the critters and sleep, and take care of the critters, and back to Mom's. They watched the Lion King, and then I took them to the park with Cujo. Back to Moms where I fed them lunch and then put on Snow White, while I went back home to take care of the critters again.

I had to have everything set up so that Dad could take care of them on Saturday. He still had a hard time since the puppies like to jump up, and they don't listen all too well. Also, I wasn't sure about how Gretta would take to him. So I got a coupler for walking two dogs at the same time, and a cookie sheet, and hung that up outside her kennel. I had dad just put the food on the cookie sheet and slide it under for her. That way she wouldn't need to be worried about him, and nothing horrible would happen. Her water could be replenished through the gate. And he could pull the cookie sheet back through when she was done. It worked great.

So we went to Sandusky on Friday night. Yay. We had a wonderful time.

Prior I had to put up fence/gate panels to cut two of my kennels in half so that no one was stuck in the house for two days, and Dad would not have to go over a bajillion times to let them out. I would not have had to do this if the Kennels I had my contractor start building six months ago were finished, but they were not, and so I had him over there helping me set up all of that on Wednesday.

And guess who went in heat this weekend??? Yupp, I have ONE male on my property. He is almost six months old, and he is in with his mother. And she goes into heat.

Well, here's hoping he was not capable, or she wasn't ready. So now the puppies are separated from her, and Babs is stuck in my house again. Good thing she likes it in there. I STILL WANT THOSE KENNELS FINISHED!!!

See, first he was finishing up this job, and then that job, and he dug a big hole in my yard, then he went to jail, and then it started raining. It rained and rained and rained and rained, and now the concrete truck will not be able to go over my land until the ground freezes or firms up.

While we were INDOORS at the INDOOR waterpark, it was 70 degrees and BEAUTIFUL (which means it was NOT raining). Within hours of my return here, it was cold and raining, Not just rain, but really wet rain. Yeah, that is redundant. But there is rain where it pours and clears up, and there is rain where it sprinkles, and then there is RAIN. Rain that saturates EVERYTHING and acts like it will stay that way for months. That is what it was.

But it did not stay that way. Not exactly. This morning there was SNOW on my car. Yes if the sky isn't leaking on us, it is dumping on us.

But this was not supposed to be a rant-thread. It was supposed to be how happy I am with my girls -- all of them really. They were good for Dad, all but the puppies who were bad and jumped on him, and made him muddy. And Milla in particular, who for as bad as she was when she was a young'n, is really pretty good now. Though I must say I still won't trust her with a pair of slippers.
11-13-2012 03:32 PM
Bear GSD GREAT girl, Milla!!!
11-13-2012 03:23 PM
jang Your posts always crack me up...I can't believe how dang busy your life is....
11-13-2012 03:18 PM
TimberGSD2 It has nothing to do with the name, it has nothing to do with the name, it has nothing to do with the name.

I'm just thinking I don't know if I can handle 3 year and 3 months more of this.

Sounds like you had a great day with her!
11-13-2012 03:10 PM
Lilie Good Girl, Milla! She can come down to my nut house anytime!
11-13-2012 02:47 PM
Milla making me crazy, but in a good way

Milla has this goober on her eye lid.

I have been putting ointment on it, and giving her pills for about a week now. The pills are 2x/day, the ointment 3x/day. 2x is easy, just do it at meals. 3x is a pain in the backside.

It doesn't help that I am low on kennel space, and the puppies (3 of them) are in the patio. I have to get through them to get to Milla, as her kennel opens into the patio. Yay.

During the feedings, I clean a kennel, put down food for the puppies, then move them. Then I do everyone else. And in the evening, I move the puppies back to the patio, where they can access the house.

Ok, fine. But now I have to get past the puppies to get to Milla for a third time. And Milla does not exactly make it easy either, jumping around and threatening to stab herself with the applicator. She is a 90mph dog: jump, jump, jump, jump.

Anyhow last night, I come into the sun room, and there is a dog in the pen that leads to the patio. Only one dog. It is not a puppy. It is Milla? Milla, what the heck are you doing in there, and what did you do with my puppies???

I get her out of there and shove her in a crate, and the puppies came in. They were enjoying her kennel area too. Ok. So I put gunk on her goober, and leave her crated so I can take her to the vet this morining.

Milla was good last night and this morning, and I put her in the back seat of the Honda to go uptown to the vet to get her re-checked. She was so good. She got weighed, a little skinny at 54 pounds -- she should be about 58-60 pounds.

We get in the exam room, and when the vet came in, he was looking at her eye, and when he came into the room, she leaped up onto the table in there: boing! This table is about 30 inches long and 18 inches wide and about 39 inches high. Having her up there was definitely a bonus to the vet who did not have to stoop over her. So everyone was happy she elevated herself. Good Girl!

She let him take a big furry q-tip and shove it in her eye and play with the goober, which is getting better. Good Girl!

Then on the way out, a rescued GSD bitch was in the area where the techs/receptionists have their behind the counter space -- a big square, with a baby gate right in front of the door I came out of. Milla paid no attention whatsoever to the old bitch. She noticed her, but did not try to get to her, or bark, or anything. Good Girl!

We come around the counter to pay, and she goes right to the door and jumps up on it. I told her "WAIT, you nut." And she sat down with her nose to the door, did not jump up on it, and just sat there, waiting. I took care of the bill, and she was still sitting there waiting. Good Girl!

So I headed to the bank to cash my check. Usually she rides in the Explorer in a crate, but I needed to get the money in the bank so she just had to be in the back seat. In the front seat, was the remains of my KFC last week -- uhg! So I told her to stay in the back! And went in to the bank to cash the check.

I came out and she was in the back seat and had not molested the box of chicken bones. Good Girl!

And back home, back in the crate while I situated everyone else, cleaned the kennels, filled the buckets, and put food down. And then back to her kennel to put more gunk on the goober. Good Girl Milla!

It only took 4 years, and Milla has finally reached Trustee status on the Warden's List.

Dolly and Gretta have taken she and Ninja's places at being the young hoodlums in the establishment.

I was very proud of my little girl today.

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