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10-21-2014 03:33 PM
workingk9_Ohio She sure is and I am. Thanks!
10-21-2014 01:36 PM
lhczth Sounds like she is doing very well and you are having fun with her.
10-21-2014 12:51 PM
Originally Posted by Emoore View Post
I don't know, are you attractive and single?
Perspective is everything...
10-21-2014 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by Stefan Schaub View Post
would you like that i come over and say how cute you are and than i start to pet you!! you like that??

I don't know, are you attractive and single?
10-21-2014 11:45 AM
4 month update

This dog is *AMAZING*..... we have completed an advanced obedience course (for confidence building & socialization, she already had the skills) and start another class for Rally tomorrow. She goes everywhere with me. She ADORES our family, all the kids, the chihuahuas, the corso, the Ibizan, all of them. She plays and explores but for the most part, she prefers to be by my side. She is very, very athletic-- I take her walking, running, hiking and biking. I never need a leash, you couldn't call her from my side if you tried. I take her on mountain bike trails, river bikeways, etc-- no leash- and she stays right next to me. She responds immediately to all commands, even in the presence of squirrels, lol. She has really blossomed in the last 4 months and I anticipate she will continue to bloom. I have taken her to festivals and through crowds. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is and wants to pet her. There have been several people who just reach out and pet her without asking (with no reaction from Jetta), so I purchased a vest that says "DO NOT PET-- IN TRAINING" so that we can continue our immersion into crowds and such without having to worry about her having her personal space invaded. We got LOTS of compliments at the training facility on how much she had progressed and how impressed they were with her (including several GSD owners).

After living with her for 4 months, it's clear she will *never* be a social butterfly. She is NOT a "nervous" dog-- she doesn't react to wheelchairs, loud noises, umbrellas, cars backfiring, you name it-- it doesn't phase her....she simply does not like strangers to touch her. I'm ok with that. The past week I've had contractors in and out of the house all day doing a remodel on a bathroom....when I first got her, she would have barked, snarled, reacted, she of course barks when they first walk in...I tell her to QUIET and she's fine. She lies quietly next to me unless they try to approach her, at which point she will very clearly state she is not interested. When I'm up and about, she walks around and past them quietly but she absolutely would not seek any type of petting or attention from them. That's ok. It's obvious she's quite stable and happy with HER family and doesn't need fawning over by strange people.....I'm actually GLAD she's that way since my husband travels a lot for work (he's a truck driver).

Though I think we still have progress to be made, I am thrilled with where she is, considering where she came from.

We are proceeding with Rally and in the spring will start tracking classes and I still would like to do IPO if she's evaluated as acceptable for it. There is a regional IPO trial coming up in a few weeks about a mile from my house and we will be going down to watch and have her evaluated.
Bottom line-- I got a solid dog who needed a little help in the area of socialization and I couldn't be happier with her. I NEVER wanted a GSD....I had never lived with one or been around them and I definitely didn't want to deal with ALL.THAT.HAIR. LOL....but now, I honestly wouldn't sell this dog for a million dollars and I can't imagine my life without a GSD from here on out. THE most loyal, intelligent dog I have ever owned bar none.

Carey & Jetta
07-07-2014 02:06 PM
Originally Posted by mego View Post
your vid is private
Actually-- I hadn't published it yet and hadn't realized it. Sorry! It should work now lol

Carey & Jetta
07-07-2014 12:31 PM
mego your vid is private
07-07-2014 12:27 PM

Just an update on my girl....she's been here a little over 2 weeks and she is doing GREAT. She has no issues with the stairs any longer and she sleeps in my room with me. She's pretty much *always* with me, as she prefers to be :-) She's definitely become "my" dog. She's integrated well with our pack, with only a few minor skirmishes. She enjoys her daily long walks, and occasional runs. She transitioned very well and quickly from kennel dog to house dog.

Oh, and I did call and speak with her breeder who was very happy to give me some tips and advise.

Yesterday we went out and did a completely unrehearsed obedience practice. I don't know exactly what she knows yet as I've just concentrated on letting her settle in, but I felt she wanted/needed to do a little work so we did a quick little routine. Mind you, I have *never* worked her before, and only guessed at what she may know--as you can see from the brief video, on our very first try she did a great heel, sit, down, stay, sit-stay, down-stay, recall, & finish and I was very pleased with her focus, considering we've never done a single training session. I'm very impressed and am just dying to get her into obedience classes next month and to start training with a Schutzhund Club soon.

Thanks for all the support and information.

Carey & Jetta
06-27-2014 07:13 AM
lauren43 There is def a difference between a protective reaction and a fear based reaction and I think they are very important to distinguish.

I see many dogs labeled as protective, but then you see them in person and they are simply a jumble of nerves.

My goal in getting a GSD is to have a highly intelligent, easily trainable, active companion for myself. I am not looking for a dog that loves every person they meet, I'm hoping for a dog that will be indifferent to strangers. And will be a solid confident, non-nervous dog. My last dog lived in a state of fear and I never want to see a dog live that way again.

Sent from Free App
06-27-2014 05:51 AM
Originally Posted by Vandal View Post
The biggest problem with the internet is people who don’t take the time to read things completely and then add what they “thought” was written to their question.

The reality is this. GSDs are not dogs for just anyone. Dogs are living beings. GSDs were intended to be protective dogs. They are also dogs who are very connected to their owners. Call it loyalty or call it intuition but they know what we are thinking. If you wander around in public feeling like a nervous wreck because you are AFRAID your dog will bark at a person or a dog, you can be sure your dog will do just that. Unless he is a dull, overly friendly Labrador. We are talking about dogs with protective instincts and no, I don’t mean dogs with poor temperament.

I have some very protective, serious dogs. I can take them into cramped Vet waiting rooms with other people and dogs right next to me and they don’t make a sound. Just sit patiently watching me to see what we are going to do next. The main reason I can do that is my attitude. I behave as if there is nothing my dog needs to be concerned with. They know I have the situation under control and that I don’t need their help. If you want your dog to think before he acts, you need to behave in a way where he CAN think clearly. You should also take a good look at the people you come into contact with. Many behave just like I do when I am trying to bring aggression out of a dog in protection training.

HUGE numbers of people disturb their dogs with their own behavior. This is especially true when their dog has barked at someone or something in the past and the people start to “get ready” for it to happen it does. This is because their behavior is telling their dog “something is wrong” every time a dog or a person approaches. I behave the way these people do when I am working my dog in protection. I play the part of a person who needs their dog’s help. I DON’T behave that way when I take my dog out into the general public. It’s a pretty simple truth but people have a hard time accepting it. If you want to be in control of the dog, you have to be in control of yourself. I don’t blame dogs for wanting to bark at some people. So many are simply un-natural in how they behave. I am constantly reminding people to RELAX ....some of them. I’d like to throw in the blind to work on the HB. As I said, I behave like those people when I really want a dog to be aggressive in SchH protection. It’s just not something you can ignore and expect the dog to not be affected by.

I own a boarding kennel, I see MANY poorly bred GSDs . I’m not talking about those kinds of dogs. I am talking about dogs who were bred to have a higher level of social aggression. When I say “manage” I mean controlling yourself as a handler and communicating with your dog. Not simply leaving all the decisions up to them. It shouldn’t really require much more than a spoken word .
There are dull dogs and there are hair triggers, the GSD was intended to be a medium threshold dog. That means watchful and ready....doesn’t have anything to do with being “reactive” a term that has been completely perverted by the many “dog trainers” now. People should spent a bit more time looking at their own behavior when they handle their dog. All dogs strong and weak, would be so much better off if they did.

Also, there are dogs who are like what Stefan is talking about. Not accepting of strangers but very affectionate dogs with the family, etc. That does not put those dogs in the “poor temperament” or “reactive” category. They have always been in the breed and are necessary. The ignorance and labeling by inexperienced people is the main reason we are seeing less and less of them and why we are seeing so many more “clowns” .

My dogs don’t much care for affection and pets from strangers. Therefore, I don’t allow it. I don’t care how many “dog experts” are out there insisting that they are “so good with dogs” so should be allowed to do something stupid like that. You try to pet my dog and you’ll wish the dog bit you...... instead of dealing with me.
This is such a relief to hear. Thank you for posting.
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