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06-16-2014 08:15 PM
Lucy&Jax I take Jax over the field behind our house every day and at different times due to work schedules and the last few days there has been a woman over there with a doberman off the lead, now at first I didn't think nothing of it cuz being responsible myself if Jax was violent in anyway he would stay on his lead but this dog comes running over to Jax and nearly takes a bite outta him, luckily I grabbed this dobermans collar and just held him till the owner came over. She then had the nerve to have a go at me for restraining her dog saying that he won't hurt ME but he don't like other dogs.

My response to this moron was that I'd rather her dog bite me then my dog and that she needs to keep him on a lead if he isn't dog friendly... I was fuming and poor Jax was terrified, he refused to go over the field today

I just can't wrap my head around letting her dog off his lead in a well known dog walking location if he hates dogs
06-16-2014 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by A girl and her dog View Post
This kind of sensibility is the very thing I wish more apbt owners had. I'm glad to have read this comment from an owner.
I grew up with one who loved me like I was her puppy. I knew she was a APBT and that people were afraid of them, but I'd only ever seen her attack possums, raccoons, and animals that got after our goats. One day I was in the yard playing basketball when a neighbor's white GSD cut me off from the house and attacked. I called for the APBT as I was going to the ground. All I remember is a brown streak and a lot of blood that wasn't mine. That was the day I came to understand that they should be treated and respected like loaded weapons. We disposed of the GSD in pieces, literally, and never told anyone what happened. My pedi handled my stitches and everything so we didn't have to go the ER and report it. Our ordinance was written in such a way that our APBT could have been pts for protecting me. Not everyone is cut out to own one. I love them but don't feel like I'm in the place in my life to be responsible for one. Loaded weapons and all.
06-16-2014 07:34 PM
selzer If you have two pit bulls attacking and all you have is a knife, well, I give the woman with the knife a badge for courage and strength. It can't be easy to kill two attacking dogs with a knife.
06-16-2014 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by llombardo View Post
I seen this story on Facebook and my first thought was "is it even legal to carry that kind of weapon? " It isn't where I am. My second thought was based on the description witnesses gave that this woman just kept stabbing them and stabbing them, the owner couldn't even get to the dogs because a knife was flying everywhere. I just feel that most situations are one extreme to another and there isn't any in between. If someone wants to protect themselves and their dogs that is fine, but stabbing them over and over and the owner was there almost immediately? That woman had a lot of anger inside her.
Typical blame the victim nonsense. She was protecting herself, her friend, and their dogs from dogs who were attacking them. I'd kill them in the same situation myself, and I grew up with an APBT. I fully understand what they are capable of.

The owner is trying to deflect the blame. The dogs should have been contained better. That's why they are dead.
06-16-2014 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
The comedic part is she's all she didn't have to kill my dogs. It's the very same logic that happens when the parents of some guys who decide to rob an ABC store at gunpoint use when they show up on the news saying oh the clerk didn't have to shoot them. Yeah he did. Maybe next time train your kids/dogs better.
ThIS!!!!! I love it when the family of a criminal says "Why couldnt they just shoot him in the leg" when the guy is charging at the cop with a knife/gun.
As far as this story, did anyone see the video?!?!? Where do they get these people?!?! Wow....
06-12-2014 02:53 PM
Although I do believe a dog's personality depends a lot upon its environment, it also depends on the breed's genetics as a whole. A dog will revert back to its instincts, and APBTs especially have been known to be aggressive. That being said, if a Pit is raised with love and is properly taken care of then the odds of them reverting back to what they were bred for is seriously lessened.

But, all in all, dogs are unpredictable- especially bully breeds such as the APBT.

I've met Pits that are just as sweet as my late Labrador- would never hurt a fly and thrived off of love and affection from humans and other animals. One day, one of those Pits saw a dog she didn't like across the street and went on the offensive and attacked- they had children so unfortunately they had to get rid of her after that even though she had no previous incidents with aggression. Then there was my old friend's pit who (unbeknownst to any of us) had been beat severely on several occasions by her roommate and now has to be kept away from children and strangers in general because she has a lot of fear aggression towards humans.

Anyone who owns an APBT should be cautious of the risks that come with them. Beautiful breed, but not trustworthy to be wandering around unleashed regardless of how well you think it would behave. Then again, I don't believe anyone should allow their dogs to wander off the leash, even if it is a totally harmless little dog. Just my opinion- too much could happen.

Oh, and if another dog had ever attacked my Casey I would have done anything in my power to stop them. Same goes for Maia. My pup is my baby and I would protect her to any length that I would protect any other of my loved ones. It's sad that two dogs had to die so violently, but had the owner been a little more watchful or had a better handle of her TWO Pits, she could have saved their lives instead of watching them get stabbed to death in self defense.
06-04-2014 01:34 AM
A girl and her dog All good points, thanks!

What you said about the types I mentioned saying "It's all in how you raise them" is what I meant about misinforming. True, their circles are pretty closed and not far reaching. And, I do agree that the further-reaching messengers, enthusiasts and such, are the most dangerous. They're just so extreme with their 'big teddy-bear' message that I personally don't give them much credit; and yes, that has a reverse affect for what they're trying to do.

Back to the seedier types- my fear about these folks is that they tend to want the biggest, most aggressive dogs and will breed for those traits effectually 'contaminating' the gene-pool for the average seeker. For that reason, I (IF I ever decide to go with an abpt) will not get one from a local shelter. That goes against most of what I'm about concerning animals. I'd find a reputable, highly-recommended breeder with an excellent track record. I just wouldn't chance the kind of aggression and possible screws loose in what might be found in a shelter.

I could be misguided in my fears though. I really don't know. I've never had one and have zero experience with them.
06-02-2014 02:58 PM
selzer I think that pits are very popular, they are intelligent, loyal companion dogs, that appeal to a lot of people. It is therefore impossible that none would land in the hands of decent, responsible pet owners. In fact, I believe that there are many responsible pit owners. And these are the people who, being loyal to the breed, work hard to try to improve their image.

Some of what they say is kind of dangerous, babysitter-dogs, and "it's all in how you raise them." Frankly, I disagree. I think some of it is genetics too. But in their efforts to fight BSL, they needed to dispel some of the general cautions that really should be considered when you buy any formidable breed of dog, and specific cautions for breeds that were created as a breed to have certain traits. And some of the people out there, truly don't believe their dogs are capable of doing what some of these dogs have done.

So breed-enthusiasts sometimes are working against the breed by trying to improve their image by how they go about it.

I think the ignorant rednecks (whatever those are), and the crack meth-heads, are pretty self-absorbed, and are not hanging around the internet, dog sites, trying to improve the breed. They react when something happens. If a dog chews up a kid, they will generally be shocked, will maybe shoot the dog or have it euthanized, but I just don't think that they know too much about the problems with the breed.

The only evidence I have on this is that they continue to allow the dogs to run loose or otherwise attack children, adults, dogs, chickens, etc. I think you must really have your head in the sand to not have heard of any animosity toward the breed or why, but I think that they just brush it off, "yeah, I know people are scared of them, but..." and maybe they parrot the well-used, "it's all in how you raise them", or "they just have a bad rap."

So I do not believe that it is ignorant red necks or crack-methheads that are spreading misinformation about the dogs. I think that it is probably the responsible pit owners and fanciers that are guilty of that.
06-02-2014 01:53 PM
A girl and her dog While I have never encountered an aggressive pit on the streets, I have encountered a loose dog in my yard that had just sport-killed two of my chickens. When I stepped towards it, it growled at me, in my yard, at my coop! I had no weapons so I just growled back a stared it down. It eventually left. I felt sort of silly, but it was all I had and it worked.

Some chicken keepers get real serious about dogs coming around and have no problem dispatching them for raiding the coop/yard. The motto there is shoot-shovel-shut up. There is absolutely no pity there for loose dogs. And a lot of them own dogs as well. I know that is totally different than this story, the only similarity being the lengths one will go to in order to protect their own.

I'd have had no problem taking aim at that dog in my yard and even AC said we're so close to the city limits that they wouldn't have made a peep about my dispatching the dog. In fact, the guy(s) that came out said that the dog was a danger to me, my child, other animals, etc. and we have every right to protect what's ours.

I think the owner of the pits was irresponsible. The statement she made about the woman stabbing them and that she shouldn't have killed them is riddled with denial. It also sounds as though the knife wielder has had trouble like this before, possibly from these same dogs, and was prepared this time.

All of this business with pits being all lovey-dovey and just big teddy bears is misleading and somewhat dangerous. Not just anyone should own this breed. Around my parts, it is mostly crack/meth heads, ego-driven 'gangsta' wannabes, and ignorant red-necks (the ignorant ones, not all!!)that have pits. And they're the one's going around spreading the redeeming word about pits. Scary.
06-02-2014 01:17 PM
Baillif The comedic part is she's all she didn't have to kill my dogs. It's the very same logic that happens when the parents of some guys who decide to rob an ABC store at gunpoint use when they show up on the news saying oh the clerk didn't have to shoot them. Yeah he did. Maybe next time train your kids/dogs better.
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