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02-23-2014 04:34 PM
KathrynApril So I have been working with Dinozzo daily at the parking lot at Petsmart. I am 15 parking spaces away from the entrance. He will look at other dogs, maintains a loose leash and will look back at me/take treats. Today was great no reactivity many times over till the very end At the end I ran out of treats and he got barky at a pup that was four car lengths away. I messed up that time and should of moved before he got barky.
My question is. Would people recommend I continue at the 15 car length distance for a week before trying to move closer or should I work on it longer than that before trying to move in closer. He has ignored dogs up to 10 parking spaces away and people two car spaces away if not closer.
Thanks. I also stopped going to the puppy class and will be going to a new place in March. Though hopefully by then this issue is resolved. (Wishful thinking?)

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02-13-2014 01:57 PM
KathrynApril I'm going to be doing agility with my sister-in-law at a different facility & therefore will continue on with training through the new facility. Though I learned my lesson and will check them out first. I was hoping to do schutzhund and hence the training on Saturdays with a club.
02-13-2014 09:58 AM
JanaeUlva I have signed up for puppy classes in the past and decided that the instructor's methods were not for me. I pulled the pup out. The money is not worth the damage that can be done. You are learning some good things, mainly you are learning that you know your dog and so you need to do what you think is right for your dog.

However, I think it is hard for you to know what is right in respect to the no fetch, no flirt pole at home, and the statement "don't mix obedience with training" if you don't understand the logic behind that request. I would ask straight out to have that explained to me. That way you can make an informed decision for your dog.

You also will want to know what your end goal is for your pup. Is it AKC competition? Schutzhund? Good pet manners? Agility and fun stuff?

For example, a puppy class that I had Minka in was teaching the stand by luring the dog forward. For Schutzhund and other competition obedience you prefer the dogs butt to pop up into a stand, not to take a step forward to the stand. So I did it my way. Then, they wanted all the handlers to sit in a circle and pass all the puppies around. I don't think that is right. Without going into detail, I can see all kinds of issues stemming from this exercise. I opted out. Yep it was awkward but so what. Then to top it off, during the puppy play the instructor didn't pay attention to how the puppies were interacting, and there was resource guarding going on (water bowls) and dominance behavior to an extreme, so I picked Minka up and said I had an emergency at home and left, never returning.

My current puppy is being trained for Schutzhund also, and I learned from Minka that encouraging dog play for a dog who is already too dog attracted (likes them too much) is not the way to go. I spent a lot of time trying to undo Minka's over-the-top desire to play with other dogs. Thru agility and schutzhund we finally got it across to her that she is working not playing. Same thing with dogs who want to meet and greet every human being they see.

So this time around I used the puppy socialization class to assess Zarek's dog and human attitude. He was aloof but not fearful or aggressive to any of them. He would greet a puppy nicely if he was walked up to one, but had no real interest in interacting with them. He preferred to interact with me. After 3 sessions I pulled him out of the class and enrolled him in a foundation class where the puppies worked around each other and of course the human handlers without any direct interaction. That is what Zarek needs for what I have planned with him. I don't want to encourage dog play or humans feeding my dog and telling him to sit or grabbing him by the collar, etc.

On a final note, if you are tired, or the pup is upset (crate door incident) then feel free to skip training. Just like riding a motorcycle you should only ride / train when your mind is in the moment, you are excited about training, and you and the pup are not upset by anything.

Hope this helps! Good luck!
02-13-2014 08:47 AM
onyx'girl If you aren't happy with the instructor or his methods, then you are wasting your time.
Because of the incident before you went in, I can understand why Dinozzo didn't want his collar held in the way you described the foot touch exercise. I would have opted out of that due to the crate door incident.
If you do go again, do what is best for your dog, and don't let the instructor intimidate you or give you stressful emotions...that goes right down the leash and isn't fair to either you or your dog. I'd also write a note explaining your feelings, it can't hurt and may help the instructor in the future classes(though most are so set in their ways, they don't care what a novice thinks).
02-13-2014 12:44 AM
So today was another bad day at training. Dinozzo didn't want to go in the car/crate which is not like him. When we get to the place, the darn crate door pops off and some how manages to get stuck on his collar. He's squirming & I'm fighting against darkness to figure out how to untangle it. At one point it actually twisted his collar kind of tight. Just as I'm thinking I'm going to have to walk him inside with a crate door for a leash, it comes off.
So my heart is racing as I am sure his is too. I even tell them what happened & that I think we are both a little worked up still. However they are having every one work on getting the puppies accustomed to their feet being touched. They require us to put a hand under the collar to control them. Dinozzo gets mouthy. It didn't hurt at all but they wanted me to pull him back on his collar which just made things worse.
At home I can do his nails fine & he has been good at the vet when being handled. I've worked at a vet so I know the importance of him being used to being handled, but I just felt like it was a step back to try to work on it with what happened outside & in a place that he's usually over excited. I probably should of just said I'm going to skip that.
I did do my own thing after that and even got a thumbs up from one trainer as Dinozzo was heeling, sitting, laying down.
He still is barky at the other dogs but settles at about a distance of 15 feet away or he just settles after some time...but it's around then that they call for everyone to gather up and it starts all over again.
I got asked if I was still using the flirt pole/playing fetch. And I replied honestly, "Not as much." To which he just shook his head. I understand why the instructor acted that way though. I'd probably do the same if someone didn't take my advice either, but still makes for an awkward setting.
When I practice at Petsmart he actually was doing so much better with ignoring other people/dogs so it was disappointing he wasn't the same way during training.
Just two more weeks of this and then I'm going some where else, but after the frustration of tonight I'm debating if it's even worth it to still go. It's unfortunately not something I look forward to now.
Sorry for the rambling & thank you very much in advance if you just read all this!
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02-06-2014 08:39 AM
KathrynApril He knew all commands before going to puppy class & does them well in new settings with some distractions. It's just the puppy class where he gets over excited.
I was told he is over simulated by movement. However he doesn't chase squirrels or cars & is less reactive to people by themselves. It's just dog/puppies on leashes that gets him over excited.
Anyways definitely happy to see progress.

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02-05-2014 11:22 PM
doggiedad when i first start training with a pup i take private lessons.
i like having some control of the pup before joining group classes.
i don't wait for class to train around other dogs. i set up
play/training groups throughout the week.

when it comes to treating sometimes i treat. i always
praise and pet. i slowly phase out the treating.

don't get bummed with training. you have a pup. he doesn't
know anything. don't expect to much from a pup.
02-05-2014 10:49 PM
David Winners
Originally Posted by KathrynApril View Post
Woo hoo! So cheese/hot dogs definitely worked so much better! Only problem was I ran out before we were done training. Lol
He still barked some in between and when the instructor brought out his flirt pole for his pup. Main thing was I saw improvement & will keep working on it.
Thank you all again for your input!!!!!!! I <3 this forum.

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great news! Have fun with your pup!

David Winners
02-05-2014 10:07 PM
KathrynApril Woo hoo! So cheese/hot dogs definitely worked so much better! Only problem was I ran out before we were done training. Lol
He still barked some in between and when the instructor brought out his flirt pole for his pup. Main thing was I saw improvement & will keep working on it.
Thank you all again for your input!!!!!!! I <3 this forum.

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01-30-2014 01:25 PM
blackshep Yeah, I think having the better treats will make a big difference!
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