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02-02-2014 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by Kate_ View Post
I called my family to ask for advice and Dad says to euthanize him. 'Once a dog attacks other dogs it's only a matter of time before he attacks you.' I think that sounds a bit extreme. I love Roscoe. He's never been any trouble before. Today though, fighting with the heeler, nipping the dane, and then mauling the GSD...I'm at a loss.
When I was growing up dogs that attacked, were instantly put down so I know where your dad is coming from. However, times have changed and some dogs can be saved. If you are willing to put the time and the effort and the money into working with a trained expert then please do so. If not then do put him down.
02-02-2014 01:28 PM
Baillif Unless you know what you are doing can see the signs, read your dog, or know hes not posessive the following as you have seen can trigger a fight.

Toys (especially when a dog is using one with you in some sort of play interaction)
A third dog entering the fray when two dogs are already paired up playing especially if it turns into a two dogs chasing one situation.
A dog ignoring the "lets stop" signals during play and contining to harass.
Standing too close to your dog while it is playing with another dog
If a dog your dog is not very familiar with attempts to jump on you or play in a way that might be misconstrued as an attack.
Hotspot competition over water or food bowls or a bed

There are others but thats all i can think of atm
02-02-2014 01:07 PM
e.rigby I guess I'm a few days late to this thread; everyone else has pretty much already summed it up.

1. After an altercation, it's best to just take the dog home and let them chill out. You're likely to get a domino effect if you continue play... as you very well found out through trial and err To have bitten the other dog's nose that bad means your dog was very ramped up. Most altercations leave scraps and puncture wounds... I'm interested to know how he managed to do that much damage... were you pulling the dogs apart as he had ahold of the other dogs muzzle?

2. Euthanasia is not necessary. Training, on the other hand, is... I'd recommend finding a trainer that is fluent in dog body language so he/she can let you know if there are subtle things going on that your dog is trying to communicate.

3. A dog that shows aggression to another dog is not necessarily going to ever show aggression toward a person. They are completely separate types of aggression.

4. A dog that shows aggression to dogs outside its house is not necessarily going to ever show aggression to those dogs inside its house. (I had a shepherd who loved the indoor cat, but if he ever saw a cat outside he'd probably chase it down and kill it! I trusted him 100 percent with the house cat)

How's your dog? How's the other shepherd doing? Any updates??
02-02-2014 08:05 AM
OriginalWacky You've gotten some good advice, and some that seems dodgy, so please don't try to implement EVERYTHING you've read here. Here's the stuff I agree with (in my somewhat limited real life experience and tons of reading-learnings): There is absolutely no need to consider euthanasia at this point in time. Don't allow your two dogs alone together unsupervised at all, and create positive opportunities for them to have some limited interaction. Hand feeding them on opposite sides of your body if they seem to be comfortable with it is a great way to help make the connection that the other dog = good things stick in their heads more solidly. Talk to a trainer who has experience with aggressive dogs, and preferably one who uses more of a positive approach to working with them (and a proactive approach, as in keeping them apart unless supervised etc). Empty softball fields, playgrounds, whatnot are good places in cold weather to get some exercise. With my huskies that could NOT be offleash at all, I had 50 or 100 ft leads so they could get some running in. For this dog, no dog parks at all anymore. In fact, this is a good candidate for a dog that should simply learn to ignore other dogs completely, and doesn't particularly need dog/dog playtimes.

Something else I wondered, are you sure he actually did nip/bite Brutus? Either way, it was probably more due to his stress hormones being ramped up high, and less to do with something you did terribly wrong (we sometimes have to learn things the extra hard way, and I'm sorry you're learning this now). Hopefully you're either splitting the bill or paying outright for the other GSDs injuries, as that would be the ethical thing to do (in my opinion). And hopefully the other dog is okay as well.

One last thing... take it easy on yourself, you might already be blaming yourself like mad and so on, but keep in mind that all too many of us have been through this or something similar. Do something to relax yourself, and then spend a little time just being relaxed and chilling with your dog. Flirt poles kick butt, and wear dogs out.
01-29-2014 03:04 PM
utsavized First -- no, do not even think of euthanizing your dog. Your is right to be concerned, but putting him to sleep is a bit to extreme.

I have recently been in your exact same situation with my 8 mo male pup, Titan. I took him to dog parks due to the lack of space in the city. I let him off leash because he was super friendly with all dogs and humans alike. I chatted away with owners while my dog played with other dogs. All good until one toy-possessive lab bit him over a stick tug. Now, Titan is reactive and goes after every dog he sees. I live in a dense apartment complex laden with off leash ill-mannered dogs that get at Titan's face all the time. It was never an issue, but now, it is a living nightmare. He is going back to his breeder (also a very accomplish working line GSD trainer) to chill of for a few weeks and get his obedience upped so he is more manageable.

Few important lessons I learned very quickly:

- No dog parks. I expect almost no one to be responsible there because responsible owners don't go to dog parks.
- To that end, off-leashing is okay only when you have a 100% recall and there are no other dogs present. Even then, it is a very calculated risk. If something spooks the GSD, most of than not, the first line of defense is attack. That, especially for a smaller dog could be fatal very quickly.
- Your dog really does not need to "play" with other dogs to live a very happy, fulfilled life. He needs to learn to be tolerant and not stressed about them. If he can play, that is great, but it is not a requirement. YOU are his best friend, his playmate, his everything. And the best times he has is when he does everything he loves, with YOU. So make sure you become the person, your dog thinks (wants) you are.
- Structured training is of utmost importance. My pup is 82 lbs (and quite lean) at 8 months. He needs to be in absolute control all the time or it wont end well for other dogs who get at his face, which in turn means misery for him, and me. It is a ticking time bomb without training.

I hope this helps. Good luck!
01-27-2014 06:12 AM
debbiebrown i don't think i would ever play fetch with my dogs with others around. they are to ramped up, i would go somewhere and play where there aren;t any dogs around.
01-26-2014 01:02 AM
middleofnowhere One thing that concerns me is that he attacked the second dog which if I read correctly is a female. It is rare for males to attack females and, to me, this is an indication that the dog may, indeed, be generally dog agressive.

I got the impression that you and the other GSD owner were facing one another talking - this gave me the impression that the dogs were facing one another too. Not comfortable for dogs. Especially given the day...

Anything more I have to say has been said by others.
01-25-2014 08:54 PM
Chip18 Don't know where your at but I would take my guys to industrial parks on the weekends.
01-25-2014 08:45 PM
Originally Posted by Kate_ View Post
So wait... get a trainer or "no training for one month at least"?

I'm willing to do whatever I can to help Roscoe, and I know there will be differences of opinions, but I'm caught here.

Do I go slow and give him a few weeks to have the adrenalin come down or contact a trainer and start working right away?

Any ideas of where you guys exercise your dogs that are free of other pooches would be much appreciated. Like I said our backyard is tiny and not much good for anything other than taking care of business.

Thanks for all the advice so far! Keep it coming
I would read through Davids posting history so you can make an informed decision add to whether you should follow his advice.
01-25-2014 08:12 PM
Chip18 Only thing I don't like here is feeding your guys within striking range of each other! Food aggression is bad news not saying that is an issue but why take the chance?

Just feed them separately is what I would do. Yes give the dog a break for awhile, look for a trainer and no Petco won't get it.

And I would absolutely stay away from dog parks,.,no ,it's empty now,no there are not other dogs around now etc etc. Your dog has already sent another dog to the hospital!! Isn’t that message enough?

That's why I don't take my dogs to a dog park. Your dog should not be around other dogs until something changes! Just don't.
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