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02-13-2014 06:41 AM
Nyx And Laurie too.

Well what they offered me in help, and if they are that considerate for a dog they don't know... I think that makes them great folks in general.
02-12-2014 04:13 PM
Lauri & The Gang Gibby,

I have no veterinary or medical background. What I DO have is 15+ years of experience feeding a raw diet to my dogs.

I've fed over 2 TONS (that's 4 THOUSAND POUNDS) of raw meat and bones to my dogs. Dogs that ranged in age from 4 weeks to 15 years.

I've fed pregnant bitches and I have weaned 4 litters of puppies (Chinese Cresteds) directly to raw - never tasted kibble. I just finished raising a foster puppy (Pit bull) - bottle fed from Day 3 and then weaned to raw.

I even fed raw while I was going through Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer. My husband took over the actual handling of the raw meat when my blood count would get too low but otherwise I still handled the dogs every day.

My dogs, nor myself or my husband, have EVER gotten sick from the meats my dogs eat. And I don't always feed "fresh" meats - sometimes something sits out a little too long but I don't care ... nor do the dogs.

So, 15+ years and four THOUSAND pounds of raw meat handled ... if Salmonella was such a great risk we would have encountered it by now (statistically speaking).

Also, I have raised Mauser (5 yr old GSD) and Kaynya (6 yr old Chinese Crested) on raw since 8 weeks of age. Spike, Fuego, Clark, Wasabi and Puppa-T (all Chinese Cresteds) have been raw fed since birth (weaned directly to raw). Winnie, our Corgi mix, was switched to raw when she was about a year old. She's coming up on 16 years now.

Neke, Tessa, Remi, Riggs and Tazer were all switched early in their lives. They all lived into double digits.

Feeding a nutritionally sound raw diet is not difficult. It's no harder than feeding yourself or a child. There's 3 basic food groups - Raw Meaty Bones, Muscle Meat and Organ Meat. Feed a variety of protein sources, throw in a basic dog multi-viatmin if you are really worried and you are done!
02-07-2014 03:40 PM
Nyx Gibby and Panzer,

I have posted to you previously in your other thread.

I understand that you want to do the VERY best for your Panzer and that you have exhausted every treatment option the Vet has given you.

And I know that the Veterinarian and Vet Techs are trained professionals.

But they have no idea what the process for making commercial kibble is. (Does any one truly?)

And I can't say that the commercial kibble is sub standard or processed too much for real dietary needs of canines.

But I can attest to the change in my dog. So can my Vet.

I can tell you what I fed my dog and I can tell you exactly what my dog suffered.

And I can tell you what I tried. And I can tell you what I changed.

And I can tell you how Dante is now.

Even show you a picture, but, not having the past images does not help you.

I can tell you I am not promoting any products, brand name, vet or any supplement.

I just wanted my dog to be healthy and happy.

And Now I want to help any one who has a dog suffering similar symptoms.

GatorBytes, Carmen and Mom helped me so much. I have to give them much gratitude for my Dante, because he has never met them but his health has greatly improved by my knowing them(through this site).
01-12-2014 05:01 PM
rainy5 Yes, thank you I am aware of coconut flour and sugar and we use it when we make homemade gluten free pizza dn bread for my family. Thank god I no longer have trouble. I will look into the book. Thank you carmspack. I love to read and learn anything I can. Always reading and trying to learn new things. We use the higher numbers in the makuna honey. When we use it. It works great for mrsain hospitals. My husband is a medic and he had a patient with it in her bones. They took her to a inner city teaching hospital here in center city Pa. I use the makuna sparely because I don't want a resistance to it if we need it really bad. I don't know if you can get one or not. I am not aware of usnea? I google it. I will read more about it. I love using natural first.

My son is six and has never been on antibiotics and he had his first cold this year. I breast fed him and then he went onto organic veggies for two years then we added organic meat. Not alot just for protein. The exception of his celiacs from my family history. He has been nothing but healthy. The peditrician is amazed. He has never had a kid never on an antibiotic at six. He is a chop peditrician. All my older kids had more than one by his age. I was determined to make a change for the better. It worked.
01-12-2014 08:37 AM
Jax08 RE: manuka honey.

directly from the leading researcher on the affects of manuka honey regarding taking for internal issues...he said the concentration by the time it got to the gut would be so low that it would have no affect to treat internal bacteria.

I think the email is on my work computer and will look for it later.

It will work if it is UMF16 or higher when used topically. The infectious disease specialist recommended it for my daughter for MRSA. She said she has seen it do amazing things that western meds won't touch.
01-12-2014 01:49 AM
carmspack rainy5 you may be interested in a book by Brenda Watson - Gut Solution
coconut flour has several healthful benefits -- anti fungal being one of them

are you aware of Usnea?
01-12-2014 01:11 AM
rainy5 I am new here but I myself and my brother both have celiacs and we had a yeast overgrowth. His was so bad he couldn't have a bowel resection. They had ran out of antibiotics and every time he went off the last one the infection outside his bowel would get to bad to operate. I gave him some local wildflower honey and makuna honey and he took organic garlic chopped up everyday. He started it for three days before he stopped the antibiotic and for two week and made it to a surgery date finally and had it resectioned and is doing fantastic. His doctors at the hospital said they couldn't believe it worked. The garlic kills the yeast overgrowth and the honey is antifugal and antibacterial. I used the honey for my dog when she had coccidia. I didn't give her garlic cause I have read you shouldn't. Here is what I found for our dog that and us that was key gluten free no gmo's. I believe the over use of antibiotics in our foods or in the animals like beef chicken etc. hormones and antibiotics then they are killed and used in the dog food and our food. Once I went gluten free and organic and non gmo after a year. No more yeasts issues. also no milk. Only kefir yogert. I was so sick. Once I went gluten free it stopped. I saw doctors at hup, jefferson, temple. finally I found one that had these ideas and organic and non gmo gluten free is the way to go to get rid of yeast. It is the same for dogs I buy our dog non gmo gluten free food and her yeast with kefir yogert and blueberries etc. A 1/4 teaspoon food grade de for the coccidia and coccidia was gone. yeast took a few month of gluten free gmo free kefir and cranberries power and honey. I had to boost her immune system. Your gut and a dogs gut is your health. They are doing fecal bacteria replacement for some people cause cipro will wipe out all good bacteria and bad from birth. It is bad stuff. Antibitotics are used to much by vets and in animals we use for feed for dogs and us. Basically go as healthy and organic non gmo as you can for you and your dogs. If you need to go gluten free for the dog. It helped ours. I know dogs are different than humans. HtH I agree carmspack is right the other supplement recommendations I didn't know I could use for the dog safely. They do work on adults and be careful of the yeast die off to fast.
01-11-2014 10:52 PM
Stevenzachsmom Apple cider vinegar is supposed to be good for yeast infections and itchy skin. You can put some in a spray bottle. Spray a little on your dog and see if it helps. I don't see where it would hurt. If he has any broken skin, you can mix the ACV with water first.
01-11-2014 10:37 PM
cci058 I went to He!! and back with our furbaby and so called "allergies." l was at my wits end. Lets just say, I agree 100% with GatorBytes and Carmspack. Conventional medicine did NOTHING for our dog, just made her worse. I did my own research, started raw and after 3 patient months, our GSD turned into the vibrant, healthy and happy pup she was meant to be. Raw changed and SAVED her life. BEST decision we EVER made and we will never go back. no issues since we started raw and its been 2 years. The info Moms provided is also VERY helpful and those same articles got me started on my research. I highly recommend then. Healing for your pup is going to have to start from the inside, in the gut. best of Luck to you!!
01-09-2014 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
in addition , Heidi , there are branches of veterinary which are not the traditional or convenitional but are holistic which use biological medicine, treating each as a unique individual , trying to resolve a problem by getting to the root cause , and not just as a symptom or a disease.
Best solution is integrative - using the wisdom of each where appropriate .
Western medicine is unparalleled when it comes to diagnosis and immediate or acute care, surgery .

Alternative medicine --- . Disease prevention is a benefit .

I am quite aware of holistic veterinarians but thanks for pointing it out.

The first so called "holistic vet" I was introduced to almost killed my first GSD with her nonsense. People have to decide what's best for their animals and go from there.

I wish the OP lots of success with whatever she decides to do
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