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12-19-2012 08:46 AM
julie87 Oh sorry oops it's the yucca root capsule Attachment 24099

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12-19-2012 07:59 AM
GatorBytes What is it

Photo is deleted, in my e-mail says yucca root - is it suppliment (capsules) or dried root powder?
12-19-2012 04:28 AM
julie87 I just received this in the mail, there are no instructions how to take it, gatorbytes any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
12-06-2012 08:30 AM
NancyJ How about using a motorized scooter to excercise the dog? I got one but it is not so good on hills so I have not done much with it but if you are on a flat area .......

I know bikes can be hard on the knees but for this you just sit.
12-06-2012 08:18 AM
julie87 I hope I am not asking to much but can someone here expalain what my MRI and X-ray mean? The doctors are saying that my case is mild, but why am i in SO MUCH pain?! this is my LEFT knee Tnank you...

The medial meniscus is intact, there is intrameniscal signal indentified within medial meniscus but it doesn't reach articular surface.The lateral meniscus is intact, no evidence of stress edema within the lateral compartment. The anterior and posterior cruciatgge ligaments are intact. The articular cartliga overlying the patella is normal. The trochlear cartilage is normal. There is mild lateral patellar titlt.There is minor edema within the patellar fat pad superiorly. The extensor machanism is intact. There is minimal joint effusion present.There is small popliteal cyst preset.

No evidence of acute meniscal, cruciate or collateral liagament injury. Mild lateral patellar tilt present. No significant patellofemoral chondromalacia seen however. Minor edema within infrapatellar fat pad identified laterally, please correlate for dynamnic patellar tracking abnormalities. Small popliteal cyst.


There is no fracture or dislocation, the articular surfaces are well maintained. There is no joint space narrowing.The findings do not suggesting knee effusion. There is a mild widening of the proixmal metadiaphysis of the left fibula suggesting possible old injury.
12-06-2012 07:59 AM
julie87 With so many options on herbs I don't even know what to start trying first. I do have a bone spur in my right knee (where nerve pain is) and my left knee feels like something is stuck there,they said I have a small cyst... I bought this cream like a year ago and just now started using it just to see


I do agree diet is important I watched in documentary about people in mediterranean region eat a lot of olive oil which is very good at reducing inflamation, has anyone in US tried it and how much of it to eat/drink.? I also took nutrition class and I was just amazed at what processed food can do to our health..anyway At this point I will try anything...
11-30-2012 05:28 PM
Originally Posted by julie87 View Post
I have not even heard of dog treadmill before, I have a treadmill in the house can she use that?Is it safe for them?
I put Piper on a regular treadmill, but she did kind of freak out at first because OMG THE GROUND IS MOVING UNDER ME, but she got used to it. From what I've seen, dog treadmills are similar to regular ones just without all the fancy lights and things. They also have "walls" on the sides to keep the dogs on it, and something to attach the leash to.

I would say to start off slow, and use treats to help her get the idea that she should stay on and keep walking. Also, keep the emergency shut off thing in hand in case she starts slowing down. Wouldn't want her tossed off the back end, lol.

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11-29-2012 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by julie87 View Post
POOR THING!!! I can only imagine how much pain you are in.... I don't know how change of season can trigger pain so much! My husband has bad migranes mostly in winter season...What do you do to help with pain?
It's a mystery lol! Rain makes my knees ache as well.
When they hurt too badly to ignore, i:

Take tylenol/ibuprofen
Alternate an ice pack and heating pad
Put on my knee brace
Walk backwards ( strange but sometimes helps)
Take a warm bath with a few drops of natural oils in the water
Massage the knees gently for half an hour
Do random exercises from PT
Bend then straighten my knee slowly to make sure my kneecap is in the proper place
Put icy hot on it
stand in front of a fire or heater
11-29-2012 10:38 AM
GoSailGo Well this will make me sound like a crazy pill popper, but I have two horrendous knees and could barely walk for a good 2 years. Something broke in the one knee and never healed right so it acted up all the time to the point where I would try to stand up, get a shot of pain up my leg and fall over. There was a lot of bone on bone action where there definitely should not be. I expected to be in bad shape when I got older, but not at 26! Painkillers didn't work for me at all. In the spring I started taking capsules of ground cloves, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, turmeric, glucosamine, MSM, apple cider vinegar and a few other "joint" things as well as lots of fish and avacados. I also took gluten and most sugar out of my diet (though that is really tough to do). Took a few months but I'm amazed how much pain in my body I was living with, now that a lot of it is gone. My knee is feeling pretty great and I can walk and even run around a little without feeling like I always have to protect it by setting my foot down on the ground just right. I can get out of a car, bed or chair without worrying how my leg is bent. Its just an idea. None of this stuff is bad for you, though some of it might upset your tummy for a week or so. So sorry you've got to deal with the pain. You would think by now humans would have developed better knees...and spines!
11-29-2012 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by julie87 View Post
Thank you so much everyone for all your responses, I have done PT for the last 2 years it barely helps, surgery not an option for me, medical marijuana is not an option either. My problem is genetic, both my younger sisters have it as well. I might look into custom orthodics after the holidays I heard they run $400 and up... I tried other inserts I think they made everything worse, I also had plantar fasciatis, thank God it resolved now after like a year and half or so... I also have nerve pain from my foot all the way to my hip especially when it rains. I am so tired of being in pain...

I have not even heard of dog treadmill before, I have a treadmill in the house can she use that?Is it safe for them? I agree that training wears them out even more than physical activity how surprising is that?! Gatorbytes I will try one of the herbs you suggested if assuming they are for pain relief. I come from a small villlage and a lot of people there use natural remedies to fight diseases.
any anti-inflamm herbs will reduce a pain killer look into california poppy - but I think it makes you sleepy too. NOTE: I am NOT suggesting california poppy for dogs - not aware if safe...just an FYI

Wobenyzme is something you take away from food and has been used in millions of people...but not instant and sometimes you have to start with large doses and as you start feeling better taper back - but in acute flair ups you can amp up the dose. I used this for my dog when he first injured himself - I don't use anymore - but did for about a year (the bone stock has been so effective haven't needed) - used the human one - there is a "fido" version but has red dye...anyhow, when he has little flair ups, or overdoes it chasing squirrels and he slows on way home or looks in pain, I will stick a couple down his throat after his eve walk he's good to go.

eating pineapple fresh only (not frozen or canned) is supposed to smooth out boney spurs - 1/2 cup per day

Anti-inflamm diet is hugely important, as well as exercise to strengthen surrounding tissues for support.

You can also do after the fact - castor oil heat packs - l/u online how to do, supposed to be very effective for pain
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