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I didn't get to read through the whole thread (sorry about to go to work).

But I did want to add. We have a personal protection Mali at training that's only about 54lbs. She's matured at around 23"-24". She's Storm's size. She's from police and KNPV lines.

Awesome little thing! We call her the Pocket Rocket! lol

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Originally Posted by Caja's Mom View Post
Most of the small mali's in flyball all have pretty close pedigrees. It is easily found out by looking up the LDS dogs and the NAFTA data base. I think you have seen Vixen, Jean, she has been to Boomtowne both this and last year.
Okay, then I have seen her. I have to confess to watching the Border Collies more closely than Malinois. I have a little ranking in my mind - your GSDs first, Tervs, BCs, dogs with neat stories or underdogs, and of course your team and Lily's team. After that - like if it's a sighthound dominated team or a team that acts like the kind of dog Liesje is describing (which I can't imagine wanting either - nor would I be able to foster one no matter where it was on the shelter list) where they are picked up out of their crates, carried to the line and run, get picked back up...I lose focus.

Isn't there a Mal on the top team that was at Boomtowne? I know there was a team where I literally couldn't follow them with my eyes, I had to back up, pick a focus point and watch them cross that - it was a lot of fun to watch them.

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My Malinois is from some guy who wanted to breed working dogs. She's a huge girl at 26", yet weights a slight 53 pounds. (That's 2 inches over the female standard.) But she's very capable and can do anything. She really has that "I'm the best at everything!" attitude. LOL! I think it's cute.

Dogs come in below and above standard all the time. Sometimes for no apparent reason. Looks like some people were lucky to find smaller dogs for flyball.

ETA: If I need info fast, I go to wiki. There are always links to standards, if you don't believe what you read on the wiki page.

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My malinois settles in the house just fine and he was never a crazy puppy. I really hate that video that goes around, the only people I ever see post it are people that really don't know the difference between high drive and high energy/bored puppy. A high drive dog is not necessarily one that doesn't settle in the house. A high drive malinois isn't necessarily one that is high energy, and vice versa. Honestly I just tend to avoid these threads sometimes on this forum because of the people who don't have actual mali experience who jump in and talk about how nuts malinois are. I try not to be like the pit bull people who are on edge about every possbily negative pit comment, but sometimes it gets old seeing your favorite breed talked so negatively about by inexperienced people. Most of the time malinois "mixes" that belong to people here are rescue dogs with no known history and people assume it's a mali mix, and reply to threads about malis, but really have no idea if their dog even has mal in it in the first place, you know?

Your orignial question - can they settle in the house - absolutely. They are no different than any other high drive dog. Some of them don't settle, some of them do. A lot of the badly bred ones are skittish and quirky, you've met my Dante enough to know you need to go to a good breeder (I have no doubt you would). All the drive in the world for sport work doesn't mean squat if they can only perform in the backyard or in certain envioronments that they get used to over time.

Settling in the house, he is fine. If I turn him loose in the backyard or even our large kennel (in the backyard) he can be nuts. He's going going going all the time looking for things to bark at, squirrels to chase, things to destroy. If he gets bored, he's a PITA. If he's in the house and has a dog bed and nylabone to chew on, he's pretty happy.

You would do fine with a mali. If you had a well bred one, I think you would be very happy with one. I have always wondered why you haven't gone that route honestly. They would be a perfect fit for the sports you are interested in - good nerves provided.

I would personally be very wary of getting a female with pimg. the videos you've shown of her with others would make me wary depending on how the mali grows up. Female female combos make me very edgy because I've had regular issues with females together (GSD's) and never an issue with any of my males or male fosters.

Malinois are not supposed to be a huge breed, but they aren't supposed to be midgets either. Dante is 57 lbs, sorry not sure on shoulder height, and my DH and I consider him "small" even though he's within standard. However, all we have to compare to are the malis on the dept which are pretty big males. In general, this dept seems to prefer big dogs period - even the GSD's. I have no idea why Dante turned out so small - neither of his parents were small.

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Thanks for your opinion, Rerun- I appreciate it. Funny that you wonder why I haven't considered the mal route before because the reason is the constant remarks of nutso dogs! Ha! I really do think I'd be fine with a working line of any breed. I train near every day, and sometimes twice a day. It's what I like to do... But there are days where I will have to work late, or will want to lay on the couch and do nothing, or sleep in until 10, or whatever. This canNOT be that uncommon amongst WL dog owners, and I can't buy that people would find that a reason to not get a high drive (or high energy) dog. I mean seriously- what do you guys think your dog does when you go to work during the day?? Certainly they are not getting much stimulation for those 8 or 9 or 10 or 14 hours....

Regarding another female with Pimg- I agree. Especially a puppy. The "right" female could work out, but generally speaking, it's not a combo I think would go over well. But since we can't edit things on this board- I always like to state along with that that Pimg has NEVER ONCE bit another dog, even when I had another female living with me. She is very vocal/visual about the fact that she hates the nonstop puppy play/interaction, and she gets very jealous of me, not liking to share. She also gets toy possessive. But she is so FAR from some of the actual same-sex aggression stories on this board. So while I don't think it's a great idea, I do want to be an advocate for my dog and be clear that it's far from unmanageable. But it's probably not something I'd want to tempt.

These small mals wouldn't matter though! The tiny males at only 21-23" high and only 45 pounds or so.... how cool!!

Rerun- have you ever seen Lisa train at Diehl's club? I will admit that her GSDs are pretty awesome!! She might sway my back to a nice small, athletic GSD!

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I haven't. To be honest I haven't been out there in a couple of years. We just don't have the time with our 2 yr old son and another on the way and he's too high energy to take to the schH field for an afternoon of watching.

I do not for a second believe that everyone that has WL dogs is out all the time going going going. Dante is not from well bred lines, but is all mal (I met his parents) and sure, he'd go for a bike run 3 times a day if I took him. Does he need it or require it, no. I can lay around all day and he's fine if he's got something to chew on. None of the WL dogs I actually know and have handled on a regular basis get what most here would consider apprpriate training time and exercise. Many of them were titled early on and then used as breeding dogs, good bloodlines, and they are happy well adjusted pets that get a ball session in the yard once a week maybe if they are lucky.

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That is the dog and team you are thinking about Jean.


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I had a roomate/friend who had a Mal. I lived with him for about 5 months until he was sold as a cadaver/explosives detection dog. He was working lines, his sire was a working Boston K9. He was a great house dog, very well behaved.

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I think the "breed test" for malinois should be ringsport or KNPV. I do not think breeders should breed malinois for flyball or agility only. If an owner feels like doing just flyball with their dog, fine. But that should not be the point of a breeding program- for malinois, anyway.

That "you want a high drive puppy" video could be replaced by this:
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No one liked my idea, I guess?

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