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Beau 03-06-2014 05:07 PM

Help Bring BOH Home
For those in North Carolina, especially the Greensboro area.....please be on the lookout for BOH who was taken/stolen from the Lincolnton NC area.

Information can be found in the above links.

TAR HEEL MOM 03-06-2014 06:55 PM

My daughter went to UNCG and has many friends in that area. I shared the link on her page. Fingers crossed!!

Sp00ks 03-06-2014 07:56 PM


Beau 03-06-2014 10:37 PM

Thanks to postings on Facebook, Boh may have been found in Huntersville, NC.

Boh's owners are on their way to confirm it's him.

Will post an update as soon as I have it.

Beau 03-06-2014 10:58 PM

Boh has been found and reunited with his family!

Thanks to anyone who shared via Facebook, it was that effort that found him.

Loneforce 03-06-2014 11:01 PM

:thumbup: Excellent

RubyTuesday 03-18-2014 09:33 PM

Love this kind of happy ending. LOVE it.

Jakesworld 03-18-2014 09:46 PM

No where near NC, but it brings tears to my eyes anyway. So happy for BOH and his family !

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