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Stonevintage 08-26-2014 08:20 PM

New Pup - she's going to be huge! Help
Hi Everyone! I just joined the site after reading hundreds of great posts. I just got my (not so little) girl from some folks out in the country yesterday. Went to the vet today and got some surprising news.

I this is my 3rd GSD. First 2 were males - one lived to be 13.5 the other 14.5. They were on the small side for males (under 65 lbs). I just received news from my vet that my new girl is likely to top out over 85 pounds. Apparently she is JUMBO SIZED. (other female in litter is the runt - my girl weighed in with the 5 boys at 25 lbs @ 10.5 weeks. First breeding with a 70 lb female and 100 lb male.

Yikes! She is 10.5 weeks old and weighs 25 lbs. I have two burning questions. 1- I am concerned about the size she will be re: the hip issue (should I try to keep her super trim always?. 2- I'm a female too and about to turn 60 years old.... My past GSD's have never pulled on the leash (with my training only) - did I just get lucky or is it possible that this "BIG" girl may pull me down the sidewalk with my legs flapping in the breeze?

Any information would be very helpful. I'm afraid I don't have the $ for a professional trainer or the transportation to get to classes (don't drive) but an online training method may work and be needed. THANKS!

Girl_Loves_Hydraulics 08-28-2014 09:57 PM

I'm sure there are people more experienced than I, but the one thing my step mother (she's a dog groomer for a lot of kennels down in MS from my understanding) who used to raise Anatolian Shepherds...She always told me diet and not making sure to over feed are very important. Making sure they are getting the right amount of nutrients and such. IMO any dog that is large is going to be prone to those kind of things, so being proactive is always a good decision. Obviously going to a vet and keeping an eye on these things as she develops is probably a great idea. Welcome to the board and throw in some pictures!

ccosetti 08-29-2014 12:59 AM

I'm just following this thread. Kimber at 6 weeks was 12.36 lbs. So I keep getting told she is going to be huge.

lauren43 08-29-2014 02:29 AM

Best bet is to get her walking skills under control while she's still small.

80 lbs is pretty average around here (or so it seems). Perhaps it is larger for a female though..

MichaelE 08-29-2014 07:13 AM

That's around 10 pounds over standard for a female.

Ace GSD 08-29-2014 08:04 AM

Wow Ace is a male and he was 25 lbs @ 10 weeks too.... just make sure you train her well cause mine is 5.5 mos now he occasionally pull but nothing crazy no lunging or running and will stop when i correct him with the leash. Be consistent on training is all i can tell you.

Girl_Loves_Hydraulics 08-29-2014 11:56 AM

My Lena must be a horse...20 lbs at 8 weeks, 30 lbs at 12 weeks, and 40 lbs at 16 weeks...She's female

selzer 08-29-2014 06:51 PM

Size is not all that indicative of power. Sometimes a large dog is actually laid back and not much of a puller. And sometimes a little drink of water at four months old can drag down a kid.

Start now, get out there every day with the dog, go to classes, and just keep on going to classes, and TEACH the dog how you want her to behave on a lead. She can pull, but you don't need to follow. Dig your heels in and wait for her to realize you are not going her way. Or turn and go the other way. Teach her to pay attention to you, and go your way.

Don't wait until your pup is 18 months old and 110 pounds and pulls you into a jogger to decide whether you should get training, or rehome her, or let the authorities take her and dispose of her the way they would most likely.

SuperG 08-29-2014 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by Stonevintage (Post 5948969)

I this is my 3rd GSD. First 2 were males - one lived to be 13.5 the other 14.5.

I'm envious...nice runs with both of them

(should I try to keep her super trim always?.

I don't know about "super" trim...but fit and trim is the ticket.

My past GSD's have never pulled on the leash (with my training only) -

Then whatever you have done has worked wonderfully and perhaps you are in a position which will allow you to help others who don't have that situation.

Your big female will be what she is genetically predisposed to become and with any luck will be structurally sound with your leadership. I am of the camp which suggests a GSD should be limited to a degree regarding impact and stress on the dog's skeletal structure until their growth plates have matured ( closed ). The age at which this occurs varies and perhaps someone more knowledgeable can define it better.....


JakodaCD OA 08-29-2014 07:53 PM

The biggest gsd I ever had, Kodi the "mutant" was 20lbs at 8 wks and ended up 125lbs and 32 inches at the shoulders as an adult, I kept him VERY lean, he also had a nose you could land a lear jet on:)

My latest puppy at 8 wks, weighed 8lbs,,oh yeah she's a mini aussie:)

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