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MrsHowlett 08-26-2014 05:59 PM

New here.
Hi everyone!
Long time lurker here (we're talkin' years). My husband and and I have a 10 month old male GSD we got back in December. He keeps us busy!
I've always had GSDs growing up and absolutely LOVE the breed. They're the best!

I would attach a photo but all I have are too big from my DSLR.

MrsHowlett 08-26-2014 06:06 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Ok I found an iphone photo. Poor quality because I had to save it smaller... I think I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk and he was very intrigued, thus the head tilt.

Ashley_M 08-26-2014 06:14 PM

What a handsome boy; love his dark face!

Shade 08-26-2014 06:22 PM

:welcome: handsome boy :wub:

McWeagle 08-26-2014 06:29 PM

He's a good looking boy! I love the dark face with the eyebrows. :) I always end up using the crappy quality iphone pics too - it's just easier. I have a lot of great pics on a nice camera, but never seem to take the time to transfer them to the computer.

jeepgirl 08-26-2014 08:23 PM

:welcome: Handsome boy!

LoveEcho 08-26-2014 08:50 PM

Welcome! I LOVE his markings!

3dogcrew 08-26-2014 10:15 PM

Welcome ! He is a very handsome boy !!

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