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roadie985 07-05-2014 07:01 PM

My first German Shepherd Dog, also my first dog
Hello all! New handler/ owner of a German Shepherd Dog.
I Decided against getting a puppy and went for a 2 year old who needed a new home.
Previous owners advised me on a few "problems" that he had, food protection, pulling on the lead (his partner was unable to walk the dog), dog aggression and barking at visitors until they had sat down on the sofa, oh and jumping, lots of jumping.

So far, have had him for less than a week and he's like a different dog.

Keeping him busy keeps me busy. Very happy with what we've done so far to work on his problems.

Audie1 07-05-2014 07:16 PM

Congratulations! I'm sure that your new boy is going to work out just fine :)

Post some pics!

steve-sh 07-05-2014 07:19 PM

congrats :D
show us the little boy

SuperG 07-05-2014 07:20 PM

Sounds like you have a quality plan and new companion.


roadie985 07-05-2014 07:30 PM

So far, he's got a new name which he responds to, Dutch, or Deutsche if he needs to be told quickly, they seem to have nice sounds for training.
He knows "rug", lie on the rug so he's not herding everyone.
"ding dong, doorbell", gets in a crate in the utility room so the door can be answered with no fuss.
He does searching for his toy lolly and brings it back, which is so fun to play.

Zeeva 07-05-2014 07:35 PM

Hi! Congrats on the new pup! Good for you guys for rescuing and training!

Looking forward to pictures ;)

roadie985 07-05-2014 07:38 PM

Searching for where to put photos, going to sign up for photo bucket, in the mean time, I've started sticking some short videos on youtube, bearing in mind that I've had him for less than a week. Just need to know if he looks well and happy.

gsdsar 07-05-2014 07:40 PM

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Congrats on your new dog!!! He sounds wonderful!!!

I would like to forewarn you, it takes most dogs 6-8 weeks to truly settle in and show their true self. So just because he has not shown the problem behaviors yet, does not mean he won't.

Keep up the walks, the training, give him clear rules, and you should be okay.

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Audie1 07-05-2014 07:42 PM

Beautiful GSD, indeed :)

steve-sh 07-05-2014 07:45 PM

great dog, cant wait for my puppy to grow up as sweet and big

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