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TEZPUR1976 06-29-2014 07:14 AM

San_D: Hello all:
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Hello, I am Santanu. I am a first time owner of a male gsd pup born on 20 March 2014 (so he is around 3months 9 days). We call him Duke. Very happy to be a part of this great forum. I am uploading his photo, at 3 months age.:)

dogfaeries 06-29-2014 12:13 PM

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love those puppy ears! :)

HappyFurKid 06-29-2014 01:00 PM

What a cutie! Welcome to the forum!

Mary Beth 06-29-2014 09:10 PM

:welcome: Santanu & Duke!

TEZPUR1976 06-29-2014 11:02 PM

Mary, Happy and Susan. Thank u for the welcome and kind words. I have seceral queries. Does using staircase weaken the pasterns or wrist angulation of a growing 4month gsd pup?

Mary Beth 06-30-2014 08:49 PM

I have not read anything that steps would harm a pup. You may want to post your question in the Puppy Place forum.

lawmarshall 06-30-2014 08:51 PM

cute duke... ^__^

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