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MirandaPanda 06-20-2014 11:15 AM

Hello from Texas
Hello, everyone!

I stumbled upon y'all's forum a while back looking up some information about GSDs. Growing up I had a white GSD named Alex, and my parents adopted a GSD named Duke when I was in college. I've always loved their personalities and everything about them. I just bought a house a while back and feel like I finally have the space for a dog.

Last night I got a GSD named Miranda. She's a senior dog (about 10 years), but she is super sweet and is okay with my four cats (I am also a crazy cat lady). I'm taking her to the vet today for a check up. I know she has some arthritis and moves a little slower than a younger dog, but I'm looking forward to caring for her and making her senior years as comfortable and happy as possible. She seems to be adjusting well so far though she has been crying/whining some which is to be expected being in a new home.

LaRen616 06-20-2014 11:32 AM

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Wow, you are a wonderful person for taking in a senior dog! Thank you so much for giving her a loving home and making sure her last years are happy and peaceful! :)

I too am a crazy cat lady with 4 cats.

mosul210 06-20-2014 11:34 AM

Welcome and congratulations on the new addition. Sometimes senior animals make the best pet because they are past their traditional hyper active juvenile years, it all depends on the type of companionship you are looking for. Looking forward to you sharing pictures of Miranda.

Mary Beth 06-20-2014 09:19 PM

:welcome: how wonderful that you adopted senior Miranda who gets along with your 4 cats. I love the seniors - they are so wise and calm. Try looking away and yawning when Miranda whines -it is a calming signal and may help her to settle.

The Packman 06-21-2014 03:24 AM

Welcome aboard !

Romany 06-21-2014 05:01 AM

Hello and Welcome,post a picture of the old girl we would love to see Her.

spiascik 06-22-2014 06:58 PM

Bless you for giving Miranda a good home! I'm sure she realizes how lucky she is. :) Do you have any pictures of her?

Jelpy 06-22-2014 09:27 PM

welcome and thanks! where about it Texas are you?


Msmaria 06-22-2014 09:35 PM

I agree. Thank you for giving this sweet senior a home. Welcome to the forum. Cant wait to see pics.

Kayos and Havoc 06-30-2014 12:30 PM

Welcome to you! Thank you so much for adopting a senior. They are so overlooked and need homes too. I know Miranda will be a happy girl.

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