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sarahp 06-09-2014 04:12 PM

Hello from Atlanta!
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Hey everybody! I just thought I would go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I'm a college student in GA. I'm 3 weeks out from picking up my first GSD and I am so excited. There are three dark sable boys I can pick from but it's so hard to choose! I think I uploaded a picture or two but I'm not sure! lol I haven't raised a puppy since we got my 14 year old cocker spaniel so this is going to be a crazy adventure for me!
I decided on the breed because of how loyal they are and I fell in love with one that belongs to a friend of mine. I have spent the last 6 months researching and preparing for a high drive puppy but I still feel like I am SO unprepared! I've spent about a month checking out just about every board and post here in the forums just to be prepared for what I'm about to get myself in to. I've heard great things about how they are incredibly adaptive especially for a large breed which I'm hoping will work great for an apartment. He will have a medium sized mutt and a 8 month old cat to help shape him and hopefully be good influences.
I had been making a list of puppy names since I decided to commit to the addition but because of a recent loss of a family member, the list went out the window and he will be named in her honor. His name will be August!
Based on recommendations I've seen, I have already scheduled all my vet visits as well as obedience puppy classes and have checked out the agility scene in my area.
I just wanted to go ahead and introduce myself and make a few friends and connections so I'm prepared for the little tornado that's about to be in my life!
Also, if you have advice on traveling 7 hours home with a new puppy, that would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, sarah!

Ace GSD 06-09-2014 04:19 PM

Hey im also from atlanta and there are some breeders here . If you interested let me know so you dont have to drive 7 hours !!
What type of puppies are you looking for and budget ?

Twyla 06-09-2014 07:46 PM

Welcome from another Georgian :)

msstone 06-09-2014 08:05 PM

You need to bring a crate, extra water and a bowl. A blanket and a ticking alarm clock or a ticking clock. Needs to be ticking so it reminds them of their litter mate's hearts beating. I hope you are not going alone. Bringing someone with you would be a great thing. I am sure you have thought of a collar and a lease or maybe a harness. PAPER TOWELS. You may want to get water at the breeders house because changing water can sometimes cause upset stomachs. Distilled water is good. I am sure you would drive straight through but if something happens you may want to make a list of pet friendly motels on your route home. Do not feed him unless you bring a lot of paper towels. That is so far to pick up a puppy. Get the breeder to give you something that the puppies played with or ask her to stick a towel or something in with the puppies the night before so he will have a scent to travel with that is familiar and a lot less frightening. You are embarking :) on a life time adventure that will change your life for the better. Best wishes

sarahp 06-10-2014 12:38 AM

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Originally Posted by msstone (Post 5622041)
You may want to get water at the breeders house because changing water can sometimes cause upset stomachs. Distilled water is good.

I didn't think of this but it absolutely makes sense! We do this for our horses when we go out of state. I already have a collar, leash and tag ready to go. I am taking two good friends with me to help share the drive as well as puppy duty. I was originally planning for a litter only an hour or so away but it fell through so I found these guys and fell in love. I don't mind the drive at all, we're going to make it into a fun road trip.
I already have towels and a crate set up at home but I was trying to figure out the best crating method for the ride home because his permanent kennel at the house is too big for my car. When we brought my last puppy home she fit into a cat carrier and something tells me that will not work for this one! Haha! I had heard of people using a shallow laundry basket with towels but that seems more fitting for a short ride.
It's a little more than 6 and a half hours but we're going straight through. I have heard different opinions as to potty breaks but I'm not sure which is best. Some recommend stopping but only where dogs aren't usually let out such as rest stops, to avoid bacteria. But some say not to stop at all.
Thank you for the input! It's very appreciated. I will have to remember to ask her for a "travel towel" with everybody's smell on it. I have a clock but I have also heard good things about the puppy heartbeat warming stuffed animals that go in their kennel. So many things to get and do! I'm so ready for puppy life! :)

K9POPPY 06-10-2014 08:20 AM

Welcome, glad to hear you have chosen to be a person owned by a GSD! This is an amazing site to pick up info on just about anything GSD. hope you will post some picks when you get your new pup!!!! Bob

Shade 06-10-2014 08:23 AM

:welcome: Can't wait to see more photos :) Enjoy your sleep while you can ;) lol

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