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SuperGSJude 05-19-2014 10:20 PM

New rescue German Shepherd
Almost two weeks ago, I rescued a German Shepherd from our local pound. She is my second shepherd (the first was a lab/shepherd mix who looked like GS only--he lived to age 14, passing away just after Christmas 2013). My new girl is an adult, about 3 years old, unspayed and heartworm positive although she is not showing any clinical signs of the disease. We have a long road ahead, but she has seemed so calm, walks so well on leash, and has gotten along with my two other dogs (Jack Russell Terrier & a pit/lab mix) very well. She also seemed to take no note of my cats until I left her alone with my feline/canine pack to go to a wedding. When I returned, I found one of my cats hiding in the closet with breathing difficulty--broken ribs, punctured lung and despite taking her to the ER vet, I had to have her put down (she was 17). I responsible, but am wondering if I will ever be able to get Jude to adjust to and tolerate cats, or if I will always have to separate her when I am not here. I have also discovered that she is able to jump a baby gate with surprising ease, and combined with the walking close to my leg on the left side on leash, and stopping me near steps, I'm wondering if she may have been trained as a service dog. Please help me with the cat issue--I love this dog, but I also love my cats!

katieliz 05-19-2014 10:46 PM

you only got her two weeks ago...not nearly enough time to acclimate and adjust to other animals. not nearly enough time.

high price to pay for the mistake. you never totally know about acceptance of other animals with a shelter dog...and it takes a long time to be comfortable that all will get along. you need to crate (or confine to a room without the other animals), when you're not home, and supervise closely even when you are...until all have acclimated. i would never be comfortable with her exposed to the cats when i wasn't home, if i were you.

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