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cristina 05-08-2014 09:43 PM

WL Rescue, first GSD...Introducing, JAEGER!
Hello all! I am not actually new here, but havent posted all that much... that is, until now.

I have finally gotten my first GSD :) I am a first time GSD owner. I'm a 24 year old college grad working part time as a veterinary assistant and also part time in the animal training department of my local aquarium. My life goal is to be an animal trainer/behaviorist of some kind. Right now my plan is to hopefully work with either marine mammals or some sort of zoo/exotics and then move onto dog training once I'm too old to be tangling with wild animals ;)

But now for the more important part of this post... I'd like you all to meet Jaeger :)!

Jaeger is an 11 month old GSD who was surrendered to my local shelter about 2 weeks ago because his former owner did not have the time for him. Within 30 mins of them posting his picture, I was there on my lunch break, begging the shelter owner to not let anyone take him until I could get my mom down there to meet him (I'm currently living at home to save money, and so needed Mom's approval). He was raised with a Boston Terrier and a cat which is why I was adamant about getting him, as I have two cats and a bichon frise living at home.

Jaeger was bred by Joe Macari, who is a local vineyard owner (Macari Vineyards of Long Island, NY) who also breeds GSDs. I'm not positive on this, but I believe he is breeding working line shepherds (Jaeger and all of the other pups I've seen come from the Macari's look like WL to me, all sables, blacks, and bicolors). I actually happen to know the owner of Jaeger's half sister, and they got to meet each other and play at the dog park a few days ago. Here's a pic of them side by side... its like a mirror image haha

Anyways, here's some more pics of my beautiful boy. He's been with me for just about a week now

Thanks for reading/looking! :)

KayDub 05-09-2014 12:46 AM

Congratulations, and what a wonderful and ambitious career goal you have! Sounds like your handsome boy got the perfect home he deserves. I'm a long time animal lover first time GSD owner as well. I hope to see more pictures and stories of this fella!

LaRen616 05-09-2014 08:24 AM

He's gorgeous, congrats on your amazing find! :)

Shade 05-09-2014 08:30 AM

Nice looking boy! :)

onyx'girl 05-09-2014 08:31 AM

Boy did you luck out!! He looks very nice...

K9POPPY 05-09-2014 09:00 AM

Congrats on your new boy, what a beauty, glad you got him, he looks super smart, enjoy him!!!!!! Bob

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