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alienwarrior56 04-22-2014 03:40 PM

Hey fellow dog lovers, meet Lumpy!
Hey everybody, B-E-A-UTIFUL forums you have here! It's so wonderful to find like minded dog lovers all in one place, it's like a dream come true!

Anyway, a little about myself.

Proud @Founder of Rupert (R.I.P)
Proud Ex Co-Owner of Codi (R.I.P)
Currently proud Owner of Lumpy

Anyway, enough about myself and more about Lumpy! He's a feisty little fellow, likes to bite me sometimes but I'm big and I can handle I just give him a little bit of a slap until he stops haha!

Here's some pictures of the big boy (3 years old)

muh averages 04-22-2014 03:42 PM


SuperG 04-22-2014 03:43 PM

Lumpy looks pretty sedate and happy in those pics.....and to think he can get a bit feisty.....:D

Welcome to the forum.


alienwarrior56 04-22-2014 04:09 PM

Thanks for the welcome, hopefully I can get some more! Didn't realise these forums were so inactive!

@muh_averages he is called Lumpy because when I adopted him he had a lump on his head as his previous owner used to beat him daily. obviously since I own him that has toned down. also what does your username mean bro?

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