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WaltherPPK 04-02-2014 10:09 AM

New to the board
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Hi all,

We're new to the board and just recently picked up our little furball. We thought we would share some pictures (hopefully they work). Here he is at 8 & 9 weeks old.

We've been reading the forums for some time now and have learned a lot from you all. Looking forward to the future with our GSD.


Shade 04-02-2014 10:13 AM

:welcome: from Ottawa :) Congratulations, he's one cute pup! :wub:

Loneforce 04-02-2014 10:17 AM

Welcome to you, and your ball of energy!

Daisy&Lucky's Mom 04-02-2014 10:33 AM

Welcome to you and your little cutie ! Love his coloring.

Msmaria 04-03-2014 11:17 AM

Welcome and Congratulations. He is just adorable :D Cant wait to see more pics as he grows. Which will be like in a month haha.:wild:

TigervTeMar 04-03-2014 12:44 PM

welcome! very handsome

WaltherPPK 04-30-2014 07:59 AM

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I thought I would give a little update since it's been a while and he's growing like a weed!

Our puppy is doing great! He was house trained in a few days and hasn't had an accident since. We finish puppy classes tonight; he's so quick to pick things up and loves to learn new things. I don't think the breeder could have picked a better match for us, very happy with the little guy! :blush:

Here he is at 10, 11, and 12 weeks!

K9POPPY 04-30-2014 08:58 AM

Welcome, what a beautiful puppy, have fun!!! Bob

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