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Archer_gsd 03-25-2014 10:57 AM

New here - introducing Archer
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My husband and I just adopted Archer from our local German Shepherd Rescue. He is a little over one year old, loves tennis balls more than anything and can destroy a teddy bear in under 5 minutes :)

We love his sweet face and are so glad to have him as part of our family!

Shade 03-25-2014 10:59 AM

:welcome: and congratulations on the new addition to your family! Nice focus, he should be a blast to train with good ball drive like that :)

TigervTeMar 03-25-2014 11:27 AM

every dog deservs a kong air ball :) congrats on getting him

SunCzarina 03-25-2014 11:41 AM

Handsome boy!

CHeck out these balls for him. They're not indestructible if the dog really tries but they last. The medium one is the same size and bounce as a tennisball. They're Otto's favorites, he has one that's about 5 years old.

Msmaria 03-25-2014 11:52 AM

He is a handsome guy. Congratulations to you all on adopting such a cutie. He looks so happy with his ball. Welcome to the forum. Cant wait to see more pics of Archer :D

Lilie 03-25-2014 11:57 AM

Welcome! Very handsome boy! Congrats!

Archer_gsd 03-25-2014 12:01 PM

Thanks all for the warm welcome. And the ball suggestions, we will check them out !

KathrynApril 03-25-2014 12:27 PM

He is a cutie! On a side note, where did you get that awesome shoe rack?

Thewretched 03-25-2014 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by KathrynApril (Post 5265562)
He is a cutie! On a side note, where did you get that awesome shoe rack?

That's wine

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TigervTeMar 03-25-2014 01:18 PM


boy: booze!

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