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KaseyGirl 03-09-2014 03:55 AM

Newbie in Oregon
Hello everyone,

I've spent years dreaming of getting a GSD and it's finally happened. I got my pup last week and it's been amazing how well she's fit in and adjusted to our family. Kasey is 12 weeks old now, and I think the reason she is so well adjusted is because she had that valuable time with her momma and 10 siblings.

She's had her vaccinations including rabies, but the vet wanted to wait until 16 weeks for bordetella nasal mist.. is this normal? I haven't had a puppy in 11 years. Isn't this going to put her at risk for kennel cough as I'm trying to socialize her, or is it only really risky for actual kennels and mainly for compromised "unhealthy" dogs? The vet didn't seem concerned at all about it..

Another issue I see that may be arising is she's already seeming protective of my children. My brother came over and she kept placing herself between him and my boys, and not in the way of wanting the attention but in the way of pushing against him/child to make distance (she's already 29lbs) no other aggressive behavior like teeth, ears back. Is this something I need to address or is okay to let her be protective of strangers? This was the first time meeting my brother.

I'm also having trouble finding chew toys and treats she likes, I've tried lots of stuff but she's just not interested. I feel terrible putting her in her kennel at night because nothing motivates her but attention :( I've tried Kong with pb, kong cheese, busy bones, weird chew stick things, biscuits. Her favorite things are my sons tshirts, ANYones socks, a large iron man action figure, and a lego cup from Mcds:crazy: all of which are obvious no no's.

As far as diet goes I bought a large bag of Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy, my vet said to feed her this until she's 6 months old. The breeder suggested I feed it until 4 (basically feed her one large bag of food then switch to adult) Regardless, is this a good food choice? What would a good one be for adult? I know raw is a great choice but for me and my family lifestyle it's just not feasible. We tried it with our oldest dog and it was just to stressful. I hope this doesn't get me put on blast:confused:
We feed our 11 and 9 year old labs Kirkland Brand Lamb/Rice and supplement them with glucosamine. My 11 year old lab was hit by a car when he was 2 and now has terrible arthritis and without the supplement can barely get up some days. He also has terrible allergies and it seems to help with that too. Should I give the pup glucosamine this early or wait until she's fully grown?

Blah hate to go on and on I'm just eager to talk to actual other owners and not some of the sketchy people around my area that think I'm mean and crazy for crate training and suggested puppy chow and rawhide bones :thumbsdown:

I'll share a picture as soon as my new phone gets here, go figure my camera breaks 3 days before I got her!

my boy diesel 03-09-2014 12:12 PM

bordetella vaccine isnt even necessary unless you plan to board her or take classes where it is required

5 way puppy vaccines are all that is really necessary then a rabies at 16 weeks or 4mos

as to her getting in between the kids yes you need to stop that
a puppy should not be in a position to even try to guard the kids and mentally if she is already trying to she is going to make bad decisions in the future

that is your job and its your job to let her be a puppy now too and not try to rush growing up although i know you arent trying to, she is trying to

Nigel 03-09-2014 02:14 PM

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new pup! With choosing food, find a good kibble that works for her, lots of choices and opinions out there. This link is helpful weeding through some of them, Dog Food Reviews and Ratings | Dog Food Advisor
Some suggestions, Orijen, Acana, Fromms, Natures variety, etc.. There are a few pre made raw options like Honest Kitchen too. Most of those mentioned are a bit pricey, especially feeding multiple dogs. There are some good middle of the road products out there too, just do some research and figure out which works best for dog and budget.

For chews & toys, mine like bully sticks, raw knuckle bones and they like antlers too, but they are hard on teeth so depending on the dog may not be a good idea. They like a few of the JW products like the larger "crinkle" ball, holee roller. Some others, jolly egg (large), jolly ball, Orbee/world ball, and elite k9 ball on a string- lots of other options with the ball on a string.

For crate training, we've only done this with our male and we just started putting him in it with a frozen treat filled kong for shorter lengths of time and worked our way up. He gets nothing now and goes in without being asked, we just leave it open for him.

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