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Taz's Mom 03-08-2014 01:29 AM

HI from North Carolina
http:// Everyone,

Just joined, although I have been reading on this site since early Jan. when I got my puppy. His name is Taz he is 15 weeks old weighs 30lbs.
I never thought of owning a GSD until about a year and a half ago I starting dispatching for our county. The K-9 our deputy has is a GSD and she is the sweetest , I fell in love with her. My husband and I both are volunteer firefighters and are on our SAR team in the county. I am really hoping to introduce Taz to this, and use him if we ever need him.
That's a little about us and I just want to say I have read and taken some of your advise before I joined THANKS !!! Sorry just learning pics are from oldest to youngest
8 weeks to now today 15weeks

robk 03-08-2014 07:19 AM

Welcome from Fayetteville!

K9POPPY 03-08-2014 07:37 AM

Hello from Flat Rock! What a beautiful pup! They are so very smart, I am sure he will do well at anything!

Sp00ks 03-08-2014 09:25 AM

Welcome from Harnett Co. Cute pup.

glowingtoadfly 03-08-2014 09:26 AM

Hi from wi. I'm new too!

Taz's Mom 03-08-2014 10:49 PM

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Loneforce 03-08-2014 10:52 PM

Welcome to you and your handsome Taz!

Rottendog 03-09-2014 08:45 PM

Welcome from another newbie in the group. And you have a very handsome young man there. He is beautiful!!

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